Golden Sun Dark Dawn

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Ike Sapphire

Original poster
Simple what do you think so far of the game, was it good, great, or just plain bad? Where are you at in the game, have you gotten all the Jinn, what about status *just levels*? Please explain in some detail why it was good or bad

Well I think that the game is great, nothing too bad about it just that I don’t really understand some of the story right now. Oh and I have just beat the game and don't understand the story at all right now.

Anyway continuing on I don’t have all the Djinn at all but I do have 15 Venus, 11 Mercury, 16 Mars, and 14 Jupiter.
My stats are
Matthew: LV 44
Tyrell: LV 43
Amiti: LV 43
Sveta: LV 43
Himi: LV 38
Eoleo: LV 39
Rief: LV 37
Karis: LV 38