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  1. Gabriel had been at this help it for three weeks brand new to it really . Gabriel eyes looking at the others around him his invisible wings shine around his back only seen if it thunder and lightning around. He saw some older dude picking on some girl, she looked terrified.

    "HEY leave the girl alone" Gabriel snapped walking over and punched the guy to the floor. The male growled and a large fight started and the human was sent away whimpering in pain with bloody nose. Gabriel snorted slightly and looked at the girl once more.

    "Are you alright your not hurt are you?" The handsome golden haired male with sharp golden eyes asked. He was smiling loving and concerned.
  2. Scarlett sat in her corner, just like every day. Her knees were drawn up to her chest with her uniform shirt covering them. The distraction for the day was a torn fingernail, left hand, ring finger. It was very close to the nail, and right before she could rip it off, a shadow covered her space.

    Looking up, she noticed it was Curtis. Curtis was one of the older patients who was entered for his police track record. 4 counts of battery and 6 of domestic abuse. He was later diagnosed with anger issues and PTD. "Why don't you come hang with me Crazy?" She cringed as he started to talk. This had become an every day thing - or at least till the nurses stopped him. Shaking her head, the girl started to shift her head down into her neckline, much like a turtle. "Oh I forgot." He bent down till he was towering over her. "Your just a wuss. Not gonna do anything are you. You never do." If only she could.

    "Hey!" Scarlett heard a shout from across the room. A man much smaller than Curtis was walking this way. Even with his small stature, he held his head high. "Leave the girl alone!" Curtis growled before walking to the man. The girl took the opportunity to shove herself back into the corner more.

    After a short fist fight, the winner was a shock. "Are you alright? You're not hurt are you?" He smiled down at her with a soft smile. She shook as she tried to gather the courage. No. She wouldn't talk. He probably didn't even want to hear her talk. It was weird he even helped her. Nodding her head, she played with her sleeves, trying not to look in those beautiful golden eyes.
  3. Gabriel smiles "come on you can talk to me I'm not like other people of this place and don't judge and nothing like that. You seem friendly, here I will start" sticks out his hand smiling "hi my name is Gabriel" he said his voice was loving and sweet. His eyes shine in the light.
  4. Scarlett eyed the hand warily. Was this just another trick? Did he really want to talk to her? "I...I'm S-Scarlett," she stuttered out quietly. Lifting her arm up slightly from her spot on the cold ground, her fingertips lightly grasped his from under her sleeve before she pulled it back down. That was too much contact, anyway.
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