Gold-Embossed Signatures

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  1. Rant:

    So I'm looking at the venue for the Indiana ComicCon and I see that Maisie Williams is slotted to be the guest celebrity. "SWEET!," I think, because I loves me some Game of Thrones and Arya Stark is one of my favorite characters. Scrolling down a bit further on the page, I notice that FUCKING AUTOGRAPHS are priced at $30. The steam that blew from both ears upon reading this would set a smoke alarm off.

    Let me get this straight...

    ....not only are your MILLIONS of dollars from the GoT-franchise not enough to suffice, but people have to pay for you to lower yourself enough to sign my shit?

    Fuck you, Arya. Fuck. You. May Lannister's banner wave forever!
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  2. Don't blame innocent Arya! Blame the person who decides the autograph price (some mangery directory person). Fuck them instead!
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  3. Yeah, chances are she had nothing to do with selecting the price. :c In most cases actors, writers, and anyone else we know about isn't actually responsible for 99% of what happens with the franchise.