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  1. Hey everyone, I'm RogueState.

    I've been RPing on and offline for a few years now and looking at new options for where to do it. I want to focus more on PbP for a while to hone my writing skills, character development and all that good stuff.

    Preferred genres are fantasy, sci-fi and horror.
    Favourite tabletop games are Eclipse Phase, Legend of Five Rings and Better Angels.
    Favourite books include Discworld, Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrel, the first 70% of basically anything China Mieville writes and the poetry of T.S Eliot.

    Hit me up if you're looking for some writing fun.
  2. Welcome to the site, RogueState! :D Nice to meet you! I'm a fan of those three genres of roleplay, and if you wish to find likeminded people, head to either the "General Partner Requests" to see if anyone wanting to do a one on one roleplay suits your needs, or maybe look at the various Group Roleplays in the Group Roleplays section, organised under all the different genres! Of course, if that doesn't excite you too much, Iwaku has Art and Writing Showcases in the Showcases section, and a place known as the Roleplay Institute to teach you valuable roleplaying skills, as well as the Art Requests forum if you're ever in need of a character to be drawn or to draw one for others, or even get a roleplay banner made for or by someone!

    Hope you have an amazing time on the site, make many great friends and many great roleplays!
  3. Hi Rogue!

    Did you hear they've started a television series about Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell in the UK?? Not sure where you're from, but I just heard about it and I'm so excited to pirate it! I mean, uh.. Buy it legally in several months to watch it :D

    Hope to see you around! Enjoy!
  4. @Arcadia Lumina Thanks, I'll have a look around there to see what's going on.

    @Everly Yes, I'm actually UK-based and it's definitely pretty good stuff. It does change a lot of the structure to make things more.. energetic and exciting. (I love the book but I'll admit that not a lot of stuff "happens" so the first episode covers ~250 pages.) It's interesting to examine as an example of adaptation and.. I'm getting ahead of myself.
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  5. Welcome! I'm new here too, but I've been saying hi to all the others when I can! So... Hi! Lol

    Honestly, I have no idea what most of that stuff is, but that's ok, because now I have something to look up! Hahaha <<<<<biiiiig on researching things... Anything really :)

    I'm sure you can find what you are looking for here! There are lots of fun and helpful people! And personalities galore! So eventually you should click with someone (if you haven't already ^>^)

    Sounds like the others pretty much summed everything up already though, so I'm not gonna take up too much more! Hope you have fun!
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