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    The Alizarin are known in all lands of the world. The red clothes they wear inspire fear that the red blades they wield do much to enforce. A legion of the best of the best- highly trained, immaculately practiced, incredibly skilled warriors, mages, assassins, and archers who feared no one and nothing.
    The Godslayers, they were called, for their one true purpose was to destroy all Immortals. Abominations, they claimed. No living thing had the right to not fear death. So the Alizarin became death. The red blades they wield pay no attention to any divine or magical properties; they cut immortal flesh as easily as anything. Already five of the thirteen Immortal children of the Earth Goddess have fallen to their wrath, and the other eight have gone into hiding, along with nearly every other immortal in the world.
    That is no reason for them to slow, much the less stop. Their mission is too great to grow complacent and weak. No, now is the time to recruit, to swell their ranks so that when the other immortals reveal themselves, they will be ready...

    • You may play as an Alizar (Alizarin member) only if you first PM me and get permission.
    • Ditto for an immortal. You'll need some background info and I want to screen these characters.
    • You do not need any sort of prior go-ahead to join as a non-Alizar, non-immortal, non-stupid character.
    • While obviously a character form is not required, I would greatly appreciate if you would post a small one one for quick reference.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO STOLEN ART. If you don't link credit, expect me to throw a minor fit. If you can't credit it, don't use it. ART THEFT IS UNACCEPTABLE.
    • All typical, non-immortal fantasy races are permitted in this world. Elves, Dwarves, Drow... as long as it isn't immortal, it's cool.
    • Time period is medievalish/renaissance-y with the beginnings of an industrial revolution bringing a few steampunk elements. No gunpowder, no electricity, no cars, no jeans, or similar glaring cultural/technological anachronisms, but this isn't strictly period so don't sweat the little things. ^^
    • Unless your OOC applies to everyone, don't post it here. PM me with questions- I don't bite.
    Hey look, an art credit! Thanks for the picture goes to http://gusrg.deviantart.com
    See, aren't art credits easy? All you need to do is link to the artist's page. No biggie!


    The streaming banners fluttered in the breeze, rustling softly against the tent. The sun peeked over the horizon, shy as a maiden on her wedding day, but already a small crowd had gathered. For three days the advertisements had gone far and wide. Bards had sung about it in bars. Whores had whispered it in brothels. Children laughed about it at play and farmers wondered at it when they got together to trade crops.
    The Alizarin were recruiting, right at Darren's Ford! That everyone knew- what Alraz was surprised by was what they did not know. Some of the fools barely would have qualified as squires, in his mind. Some were too old, some were too young, some could have been his children. Fat ones and skinny ones alike made a show.
    He had four scrolls, sealed with red wax and a white ribbon. Four scrolls that promised entry into the training program. Four scrolls, not one more or one less. Most of these fools would be quite disappointed... but he wouldn't.
    Watching them fail was half the fun.

    "Attention!" He snapped, his voice like a whip. He doubted most of them would be at all decent at taking orders... all the better. He didn't volunteer to recruit because he found it inspiring, he volunteered because he found it hysterical.
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  2. Name: Shane Nightstealer
    Age: Around 24 in elf years... give or take
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Apearance: Long black hair, intertwined with small braids, amber eyes. He has a thin angular face and pale skin. He's tall, but very agile and flexible. Wears a green tunic and pants, black cloak and boots.
    Weapons: Two swords, a dagger in his boot, a bow and quiver.
    Occupation: Assassin/outlaw


    Shane flicked his hair back behind his shoulder in an unconsious, nervous gesture. He was not used to this, the sun beating down on his raven black hair was making him hot and he though he could feel the stares of the other men around him burning through him. His pointed ears felt cold in the slight whispering breeze that twined around him. He missed his hood, without it he felt naked, exposed.The Alizarin man snapped something and Shane felt his eyesbrows draw together ever so slightly. His first impressions of the man he was suposed to be here to impress were not looking very promising. Perhaps it had been a mistake to come here...
    He clicked his heels together and straightened as he felt the man's gaze coming towards him. Regardless of his inner apprehensions he would not allow his doubts to show on his face or color his actions. He had come here to see if he could manage to join the Alizarin and perhaps find a way to put his talents to decent use. Anything beyond that would remain to be seen. Still, Shane couldn't help a small, sharp intake of breath as the thought of working with such people as the Alizarin sent a quick and sudden chill down his spine.
  3. at the sound of "attention" axel stood from the ground and rested aginst a tree he then lowered his right hand to the dagger where it rested. he looked up at the person and waited. not knowing what was going to happen. he was all to familiar with these recruitment meetings. ONce a group attacked the recruits from all sides. only axel and a few f them made it out alive they then took all of their supplies and left them for dead. Was this one real axel thought it seem so by the looks but looks can be deciving. the wind blew hair blew to the right following the current. with his free hand he adjusted the mask over his mouth and nose.
  4. One of the recruits seemed to at least have an inkling of what he was doing. The smart click of bootheels touching was music to Alraz's ears, though the man looked... nervous? No, not quite. Apprehensive, a bit, but more than that. He did not have cocky confidence, which was good, but if he was intimidated now the Sirdar doubted he'd last a week.
    Then his eyes found a second recruit, also an elf, this one blonde and apparently filled with all the arrogance Alraz had been looking for. He disliked non-humans as a rule, and this one was much of the reason why. With a snurl of his lip, the Alizar headed over to the recruit, his displeasure showing as much in his gait as his face. With his right hand he pulled the scimiar from its sheath, pointing it at Axel from about six feet away. "Get your hand off that dagger, boy," He ordered, his tone brooking no nonsense. "I don't remember asking you to touch your weapons. While you're at it, get that damn mask off your face. This isn't the royal ball, your highness, and I see your face at all times or you can count yourself as disqualified."

    Threat done, he spun the scimitar twice in the air before sheathing it again and striding up to where he had started in frot of the tent, surveying the recruits. A miserable enough looking lot, but perhaps there was some promise in a few of them. Not many, but a few.
  5. Axel smiled under the mask as the man approached "I don't recall you asking me to not touch my weapon either" Axel moves his mask down from his nose to his chin . Still grinning alittle. "My arm is a little tired" he left his hand rested on his dagger. He knew that this was the place for him he follows the guy as he walked back to his previous position.
  6. Alraz paused, gritting his teeth. If this little fool thought that he was going to get his way around a full-fledged Sirdar, he had another thing coming. "I don't issue suggestions you whoreson," He barked, his tone authoritative. "You've just lost your right to carry that dagger in my presence. Hand it over or you can see yourself out."
  7. "Don't you think you are doing more then needed I am sitting here waiting for you to start and you demand I remove my arm from its resting place under thought of suspicion or personal hate for some reason." Axels tone never left the friendly State it was in to begin with. But the grin was now gone "but I can tell you that only 1quater of the people are worthy of being recruited by you and are disbanding one of those candidates off of assumption. "Axel turns
  8. "If the Mushir told me to take my blade and drive it through my own heart, I would do it without hesitation," Alraz replied, his tone even. "This is not an assumption. This is a test. If you can't take orders, you aren't worth wasting my time on. I will not explain myself to you again. Daggers, or begone."
  9. "Test, I was always bad at them" he slides the dagger out of its sheath and flips it so the blade lands in his own hand he swings around and hands over his dagger
  10. He took it, running his thumb over the blade gently. Sharp, but not as sharp as he kept his own blades. Not as sharp as the Alizarin required. He would learn, if he made it in, that a blade and a mind cannot possibly be too sharp, not when the success or failure of the mission may rely on it. "I don't give a damn what was or what were. The time is now, not then," He replied simply. The Alizarin took on murderers and thieves, princes and priestesses... they did not care about a recruit's past, only their future.

    "Now, before we get started, I will take a few questions, so long as they aren't stupid," He allowed once he reached his place by the tent. "You will address me as Sir or Sirdar and you will be polite with them."
  11. Axel approached "sir I have just three questions how does the alizarin assign missions are they in groups solo or does a full squadron under one commander go as a unit.? Why do the alizarin fight? And (a slight grin appears on his face ) when do I get my dagger back sir"
  12. He frowned as the youth approached. "I don't recall dropping the command of attention," Alraz observed coldly. The first two were good questions, though, and best off addressed. As for the dagger, he would make no promises. The boy would earn it back, or leave with it.

    "Missions are assigned by your direct commander. They will determine the number of Alizarin needed for the mission and the group leader, sometimes the entire group. We do not have squadrons or other units. Every Alizar is in the same brotherhood, the same family, undivided except for rank," He spoke, addressing the entire crowd. "We fight together, from the greenest newblood to the Mushir himself. Why do we fight? We fight because death watches us all. There are those who believe that they are above death, that it is a trivial thing us mortal must experience. We Alizar tend to disagree. The first tenent of the Alizarin is this: A'Lazar mish Ulor chamel. We are become death to those who have none. We fight to kill every immortal, because the greatest sin of anyone who walks this earth is to walk it impunely. Even gods must die when their time comes. We are their time. We fight and we die so that no living creature can escape the divine cycle of death and reincarnation that is holy and pure. This Earth is filthy, and we sinners become filthier by walking on it. Without being purified through death, how can a soul escape its own sins?"

    He shrugged. "Not all of us believe. But we all must fight to kill every Immortal. We also fight for glory, for wealth... for any cause that the Mushir allows us to. We fight for truth and justice, or for revolutions and highwaymen. We fight where we think it shall help our goals. We fight because we want to, because we are commanded to."
  13. Axel held his young not wanting to make things worse . As he listened to the speech he didn't really believe in their reason for fighting but he hated the immortals and even more so his clan for revoking that right from him.. he knew he would never be immortal again but he was content with it. Fighting for the alizarin would give him something to do for a while till he figured out how he could destroy his clan. He even thought they could possibly be then stopped his thoughts and paid attention soaking up the information.
  14. Erek walked slowly and thoughtfully through the city streets, his staff clinking upon the cobblestone as he made his way down the streets of Darren's Ford, passing pubs, markets, and residences, the hood of his traveller's cloak obscuring the near entirety of his face. He had travelled for some time, seeking some unknown goal, a new direction to follow. Erek's time with the ascetics only gave Erek more questions, instead of answering them. This was why he wandered, to better find the Path besides the teachings of the Elders. He knew that they would approve of his wanderings; they would look upon them as another leg of his existential journey, rather than objectiveless dallying, as many would believe. Erek noticed a thick crowd in the city square, the majority of which consisted of mercenaries and soldiers, with sparse amounts of average townsfolk and non-combatants. This must be the recruitment for the Alizarin, Erek noted.

    He blended into the crowd, just another hooded figure, observing the process of recruitment out of nothing more than a healthy sense of curiosity. The leader, a dusky, scarred, harsh-looking Sirdar, bedecked in armor and outfitted with weaponry, was 'breaking in' the newer recruits, elven and human alike. He had a hard countenance, his voice unyielding regarding the more proud recruits, looking to destroy their sense of individuality for the sake of the whole. Erek was no soldier; he sought peace of mind and understanding of the Qin, instead of consistent wages and chances at combat with an immortal enemy. Yet, he couldn't help but remove his hood, and look upon the instruction, wondering if he was maybe a soldier in a previous life. Perhaps the Alizarin had need of healers, instead of just men to fill the ranks. He would be able to travel, earn enough for subsistence, and continue to strive to better follow the doctrine of the Middle Way, that is, if they accepted him. It was by that reason that he took a chance, and made his presence known.

    He stepped forward, separating himself from the crowd, yet remaining outside of the formation that the recruits were currently in. He looked intently upon the Sirdar, no emotion betraying his face; it was clear that Erek had little to no knowledge of military doctrine. He did know how to obey orders, however. He knew all too well. He took a moment, then spoke up, picking his words carefully.

    "I seek the leadership of an ambitious man. You have the look of one... sir." Erek added, tasting the word 'sir' upon his tongue. It tasted bitter, the aftertones of indentured servitude palpable.
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  15. At the sound of another voice axel's head slowly grazed. Against the wind as it turned to where the voice came from . 'A monk' I. Thought to myself 'a big monk' iwathed sirdar to see how he interacted with him to see what test would be thrown his way.
  16. Shane allowed the faintest trace of an amused smile to tug at his lips as he watched the exchange between the Alizarin man and the recruit next to him. It did not seem like a wise move to pick a fight with such a short temered man as the Alizarin seemed to be, especially when he was the one in charge. Shane was greatful to the blond, for it gave him a chance to watch their might be leader in action... and allow him to decide how to react should that temper be turned on him.
    For now though it seemed best not to draw attention to himself. He kept his hands at his sides and his body still, but his eyes flew around the space taking in every person and everything that could be useful should he have to escape. You could never be too careful.
    The little speech about fighting was interesting. Shane shifted his weight to his toes and his eyes flashed as he thought about his own reasons for fighting. Yes, he would fit in well here he thought. Previded this Mushir didn't command him to do anything stupid.
  17. He watched the newest arrival with curiosity. His name was Relthar, and he had been a farmer his whole life, a meager 18 years. This left him fit and and tan, but his white hair made him stick out even more.

    He wanted to join the Alizarin to see what things the world had to offer. So he came to Darren's Ford, with only the clothes on his back, the shoes on his feet, and his spear by his side.
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