Gods of Blood: Volume One

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    Character List (Green-Alive, Purple-Kurogari Saint, Red-Dead)
    Jhuton- Arisu Van Leore, Daremo Inai, Amara Yuma
    Mikan Nikoru- Creux Lee
    Ruko- Shiko
    StarryNight- Jack De Angelo, Alodia Nightingale, Ascherilt,
    Posting Owl- Korinna Remei Asariel
    Zloglasniot Fasada- Sora Tasmania, Styxx Guardios
    Danger- Akio
    Temm- Abel Firth/Leon Firth, Miles Eleren
    Roxshie- Tsuji Himura
    Riopop- Teth Marino
    Witchchild- Killian Gaiman, Sal Kravos
    Slamadeiru- Aliax

    The Church of Inti was growing. They had slowly snaked their way into the very heart of London, then all of England, then the world. Already they had dethroned many kings, presidents and prime ministers. Quite simply, they would soon be running the world. People all over began putting their faith in Inti and blindly following the church. They created murals and shrines, went to church on Sundays and prayer sessions on Saturdays. The Church of Inti now had followers spanning 80% of the human population. They were slowly but surely becoming the rulers of the world. But there still exists persons who strongly believe the church is corrupt and evil. These people are destined to be targeted by the Kurogari Saints. They are destined to die. Or so most of them would have been. Some humans took to fragmenting their very souls and creating Oculi. And then there were the 'blessed'. The divine energy left back from Inti's conatact with the Earth had 'blessed' several persons with extraordinary powers. Some decided to become agents of the church, while some decided to stand up to the church. One thing is certain, bringing the church of Inti to it's knees will not be easy, if possible at all.....

    (Three years before start of main plot)
    Pit, pat, pit, pat. Soft feat landed heavily on the floor as the girl ran along the dark, narrow corridor. On either sides she could see small torches mounted on the walls, the only sources of light. She glanced back to the edge of the corridor and saw nothing, but she wasn't a fool, she knew he was there. She turned her head back around and saw a door at the end of the corridor. She wasted no time. Extending her hands and opening her palms, she unleashed a large blast of faint blue energy and the door split into pieces on contact. She ran through and looked around, realizing she was now on the outside. A large terrace to be exact. It was very spacious and provided a perfect view of Leicester City. The girl looked urgently over the edge of the stone rails and realized she was 5 feet off the ground. A sharp pain shot through her arm and she turned sharply to see the cloaked figure of Daremo Inai, a Kurogari Saint. There was a slender needle lodged in her forearm. She made a move to pull it out but it dissolved.....into blood. She gritted her teeth and looked up at the Kurogari. "I won't be just another one of your coldblooded murders, monster!!!!" She exclaimed. A barrage of needles came flying at her and though she she succeeded in blasting many of them, she was still stabbed repeatedly all over her body. She screamed angrily and fired a large ripple of energy at Daremo, who responded by launching himself into the air. He held his hand back and blood burst out of his shoulder, wrapping itself around his entire hand and then going off into the air, creating a blood centipede. He swished his hand forward and the sharp pincers of the centipede extended and rapidly lunged toward her. It pierced her body, pushing her over the rail in one final blood choked scream.

    Arisu was running toward the castle happily. She might not have been an official in the Church of Inti, but she was still a part of the royal family. Her guards had long since been outrun. She couldn't wait to get into Castle Inti. Her sister had told her she would be doing 'something special' at the castle and asked her to keep it a secret. But she had asked her father if she could visit the castle anyway, 'because it was fun'. If her sister was up to something, she wanted to know what. She ran straight across the large moat and was about to knock on the door when someone screamed. She stepped back, surprised, and was shocked when her sister's bloody, falling form appeared in front of her. Their eyes met for a moment, and Arisu could see the fear and pain in her sister's wide open eyes, just before she hit the ground, her blood splattering all over the thirteen year old princess.
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  2. (Present Day)​
    Rin leaned against one of the rough stone walls of the church, watching the closed door across the hall. She could hear the raised voices even through the heavy oak slab that separated her from the heated conversation within.
    She yawned, lifting one slim hand to cover her mouth before standing up straight and yanking her arms back down to her sides as the door opened and her father stepped out.
    "Korinna," he addressed her with a dip of his head. She replied in kind, before looking at him expectantly. "No assignments today, though there may be a problem that needs to be... taken care of coming up within the month."

    Korinna slumped back against the wall. "But there's nothing to do..." she complained, wincing as her head hit a particularly rough area on the stones behind her. Then catching her father's stern look, she straightened up and muttered, "Sorry Father," before dipping her head again and turning around to walk stiffly back to her room.

    Once she reached the rather drab bedroom, she threw herself down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. "On my tombstone it's going to read 'Korinna Remei Asariel, died from muscle atrophy and a mushy brain. At least while dead she will have something to do, until she has decomposed completely.'" With a wave of her hand a small ball of light appeared above her, and she began making shadow puppets dance along her ceiling.
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  3. Teth hid in the shadows of alley ways as he saw the church scum walk by. "I hate them so much" Teth whispered.
    He ran to the other side of the street trying to be sneaky about it. He went to an old building that seemed run down and went through a small corridor that led to his "shelter", he sat down and looked ouT of a broken window
    and saw more church scum walk by. He put a curtain over the window so they wouldn't see him and he laid down.
    He thought about revenge of his mother, but he knew he was weak and couldn't do anything to get his revenge.
    He looked up to the ceiling and started to cry. He whispered to himself that he would save his mother. He got back up and walked back down the corridor. He stayed in the shadows so he wouldn't get caught and got to a old shop. He walked in side and went to the counter. He said to the man there, "you got the usual?" But the man said no. Teth went out of the shop and went back to the shadows. He saw a stray cat and picked it up. "Where is your family?" He set down the cat and gave it all the food he had left.
    He ran back to his "shelter" and walked down the corridor again. When he got back he laid down and fell asleep.
    He dreamt of him and his mother still alive and safe and started to cry in his sleep. When he woke up his eyes where all tired and he couldn't open them. For a while he just laid there with his eyes partly open. When Teth could open them all the way he got up and changed his clothes. He drunk some of his water that he had left and went down the corridor. When he got to the exit he saw an old man selling some food. Teth walked up to the counter while the man wasn't looking and grabbed some of the bread and water that was on the table and stuffed it in his pockets. He then started to run hearing the man yelling at him and turned a wrong corner. When he got to the end of the corner he saw that he was in front of the church. He didn't know what to do so he just stood there.
  4. Shiko looked out of the window. It was a huge sheet of glass, spanning an entire wall from floor to ceiling, and with many pale colours daubed across it. It was a beautiful day. A low fog hung over the city, muffling the screams of the world and painting the landscape grey. Higher up, she imagined it would mix with the smoke of the industrial buildings and create a thick black smog, but she expected that to happen more towards the afternoon. It was still early, but people were already moving around. They were all dressed in a monotonous uniform of faith, as they marched blindly towards their buildings of faith where they would go about attempting to prevent themselves from being the target of her or one of her colleagues for the next week. She sighed as the last of the guttural drowning noises was lost onto the air. She turned, and walked towards the man. He was lying on his bed, and had been in such a position for a couple of hours now. She had cut his ligaments first, preventing him from moving anything beyond his head. She had left him to bleed for a bit, before creating a small hole in his windpipe and cutting a gruesome smile into his stomach. She hadn't expected him to survive for so long, which had tried her patience a little as she had things she wanted to do that day.

    With the man now dead and resting in a pool of his own blood, already beginning to cake to his clothes and bedsheets, he would be proving no further threat to her employers. It's funny. Neither you nor I worship this Church of Inti's deity, and yet look how different our positions in life ended up. Me, one of the most reputed assassins in the country. You, a withered politician, dead at the hands of the Church. In truth, she had no idea whether her employers knew that she didn't believe in the Inti fellow, but given that they knew everything else about her, it wouldn't have surprised her if they did. She suspected that she was kept around because she was useful, and apparently had no intention of dismantling the organisation. She cleaned the blood off her sword using one of the curtains of the bed, before sheathing the finely crafted blade and returning to the window once more. From here she could see the central cathedral of the Church. But then, it was so monstrously huge in comparison with the rest of the city that you could probably see it from anywhere. She closed the curtain, then opened the bedroom door and slipped out into the subdued morning fog.
  5. A man whom nobody has ever set their gaze upon now crawls through alleyways adjacent to the Cathedral. He gasps for breath as he quickly scans his surroundings. In the pitch black of night one thing shines with a faint glow.
    Like a moth to a flame, he reaches out for the object; not entirely sure what it is. Now firmly grasped in his hands the man examines what he picked up. The object appears to be a tome bound in fine leather, the golden markings dance across it's surface emanating with a soft and comforting light. Binding the book is a chain engraved with unknown arcane symbols, the chains look as pristine as the tome itself. He gently caresses the chains as they miraculously fall apart to his touch.
    Holding this tome the man feels a deep desire to see it's now unlocked contents. Upon opening the tome each page flashes by at almost an instant, each page burns it's arcane symbols into his mind. As fast as the knowledge was thrust into his mind
    it went away, leaving him unconscious amid the unknown.

    He slowly opens his eyes to a completely different world from before, the sun showing the new world which he has been thrown into. The book was still in his hands, he opens the book one more time to check it's contents, the book contains one word, etched into the inside of the front cover. Aliax. Completely foreign yet comfortingly familiar the word seemed to resonate with his thoughts. The book has vastly changed over the last few hours, it now glows with a sinister yet familiar light and upon closing simply fades into dust. He stands, confident yet uncertain, as the unknown beckons him towards the Cathedral.
  6. The rain slick streets gleamed in the light of the rising sun. The little London town was just beginning to wake with blinds being pushed aside and doors thrown open accompanied with the small plumes of smoke that rose from the smoke stacks above. The sun had just peaked over the distant mountains and the peaceful bustling of the small community was underway. This was one of those moments where Jack De Angelo wondered how it would be to settle down in a village out in the countryside and living each day...uneventful, monotonous, and repetitive. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he shook his head, leaning against the wooden sides of the wagon. He knew that wasn't the life for him. Then again who knows? One must try before passing judgement and Jack, who never stays in one place for more than month, certainly hasn't. There had been that one time where he had spent a week or two helping an elderly couple with some farm work as he was passing in out of villages. He had admittedly considered staying there for good as the two insisted but no amount of hard work or mind numbing labor could keep...

    One of the wagon's wooden wheels fell against the small dip of a pothole causing the wagon to teeter gently to the side. Jack reflexively extended a foot out to stop a crate of potatoes from toppling over and kicking a crate of apples back into place before it fell out the broken wagon doors. Part of the reason why he was able to hitch a free ride was that fact that he had volunteered to keep the food in check after stopping and alerting the wagon's driver of the three pounds of vegetables that littered the dusty road behind him. It wasn't just the food he was watching however. A small sigh escaped his lips as he felt Sora's head gently fall against his shoulder. Jack had traveled with others before but they didn't tend to stick around after discovering his little...handicap. Sora was an exception. For months they've traveled together and she knew more of his secrets than Jack would care to admit. He had tried going separate ways with her on the fourth month when he had...lost more than his mind. To his great surprise she had refused. Ever since then he had tried to convince Sora to leave him but she could be more stubborn than Jack had anticipated.

    He glanced at her from the corner of his eye noticing a strand of her long purple hair strewn across her cheek like usual. Jack reached over and softly placed it back behind her ear. Like usual. Barely two seconds passed however and already two more strands fell forward. Like usual. A smile tugged at the corner of Jack's lips as he wondered when he had gained the ability to predict the future. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt the wagon come to a slightly jittery stop, signaling the end of their ride. Releasing a deep breath, Jack leaned over and closed what little distance was in between them.

    "Sora, its time to wake up," He whispered.
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  7. Teth backed up and ran to the other side of the street. He kept running until he was back at the corridor to his "shelter" and went inside. He sat down and took out some of the bread. That was a close one Teth thought. He emptied his pockets and laid down. He was tired from all the running he had to do today.
    He sat back up and peeked through the curtain covering the window. He saw the old man running around trying to get his food back from me. Teth laughed a little but started to caugh. He put one of his hands on his right eye, and started to bite down on his lip. "Dammit, I hate this fucking curse!" Teth was feeling intense pain in his right eye and he could barely could move. The pain went away after a few minutes, but the pain keeps getting worse.
    Ha drank some water and laid back down. He looked up to the cealing and closed his eyes. He started dreaming about what would happen if his curse would get even more worse. He fell asleep and was deep in a dream about why the church people cursed him anyway. He couldn't understand anything about it. When Teth woke up he didn't feel well. He open his eyes and was shocked. "What the hell is this I'm seeing!" He started to puke and couldn't stop. Soon after awhile the weird illusion stopped and also did the pule.
    (What Teth saw):
  8. It was a grey, mist covered morning. The colorless and mindless inhabitants going about their monotonous lives was the usual scenery of the big, industrial cities. The young elven fairy walked among the masses with the same eerie silence and a shabby cloak draped over his shoulders and head. He preferred to keep his features hidden for being the only remnants of his long extinct race earned unwanted attention. Especially among a crowd of paranoid Inti worshipers who consider anything 'unknown' as a danger. In fact it wasn't the first time he had been chased off a religious village who was sure that his red eyes was the mark of the demons. Ascheriit could not blame them for their ignorance though as one could not tell the difference between two creatures that they have never seen before. There were some who recognized and knew of his origins from centuries old literature and ancient paintings or murals found in the towering cathedrals. Those who knew considered him blessed by Inti who prevented his untimely death during the 'Lunar purge' as his race's annihilation was called. Then there were some who thought that he had wrongfully escaped the Inti's judgement and should have died a thousand years ago. Whether his existence was a blasphemy or a miracle, Ascheriit could honestly care less.

    Though even among those who thought he was the living the proof of 'the mercy of their god' and was respected he still felt...detached. There's always been a constant fissure between himself and humanity that he felt grow and widen through the centuries. Being treated differently, whether good or bad, prevented any close bonds to form. He felt perpetually alone in the world. Though he supposed it was a punishment he so rightfully deserved. With his mind wandering and senses dulled from the days of restless travel, Ascheriit failed to see a figure approaching his general direction until it was too late. He successfully managed to swerve his body to the side to avoid full collision but the fast, sudden movement had caused his cloak to ripple back along with the hood which fell limp against his shoulders. A chorus of hushed whispers dispersed through the crowd at the sight of his pointed ears and red eyes. Before he could even recover an old, hysterical women suddenly came bursting from the crowd and pointed a crooked finger his way.

    "DEMON!!," She screeched, spit flying into the open air, "A DEMON WALKS AMONG US!! CALL UPON THE SAINTS AND LET THEM PURGE THIS DEMON WHERE HE STANDS!!!"

    A ripple of panic spread across the crowd at the ancient crones words and with it came hostility, confusion, and the need for whatever that was causing it to disappear. Within minutes Ascheriit was surrounded by hostile yet hesitant men with fists raised in the air to attack him. Though he could easily defeat such weak and untrained men this was not the time to cause more damage than he already had.

    "I am not a demon," He stated in a calm and even tone yet his words were lost in the shouts and yelling of the masses. If this went on any longer he would be forced to fight.
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  9. Shiko stepped out and greeted the morning with her usual valour. Her usual valour of course being standing there in her near emotionless state, observing the petty squabbles that consumed the regular folk. This particular morning however, she was slightly more optimistic. While she wouldn't openly admit to believing in fortune, she had read hers today and it had said she would find something thought lost to the ages. She had an interest in history, so she couldn't help to feel a little happy about it. It looked as if the factories had started their day's work, as the first puffs of charcoal rose into the air from black stained chimney pots. Turning her attention to the people once more, she noticed that a crowd of them had stopped in the middle of the street, even though they most likely had places to be. While she wouldn't usually interfere with the dealings of the commoners, she noticed that today their target was unusual.

    She stared at the creature for a short time, after which she reached the conclusion that it was female, and a female of a race she had not encountered before, on top of that. She walked over to the group, which seemed to be split into two sections. On one side, the strangely intimidating girl with the pointy ears, and on the other, a horde of unruly peasants with a prejudice against anything that didn't drink 4 meads a night with them. She stepped silently between the two parties, facing the men. They acted somewhat shocked for a short time. They were all too aware of the legend of the black knight that carried out justice on the church's behalf. She was infamous for making some of the most high profile kills and turning each target into a fear tactic. But, of course, being prejudiced drunkard commoners, they didn't believe for more than a second that a woman could ever be the villain they secretly admired. When she saw them clench their fists, she drew her swords, one after the other, making sure to put emphasis on the movements. She had no intention to kill them, as it had not been planned out, but she wanted to learn more about this specimen, and she'd prefer if the red-eyed maiden remained unharmed before that time.
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  10. Finally Rin could take it no longer. The ball of light shattered into a million little flecks of gold, dissipating as they touched her grey bedspread. The turtle that had been dancing across the ceiling vanished, and Rin untangled her fingers and slowly sat up. Judging by the position of the sun outside her window, she had been lying on her bed for almost an hour.

    She had just inflated her cheeks like a fish when a sharp knock sounded on the door. Composing herself quickly, Rin stood up, feeling the usual burst of energy as she walked through the shaft of sunlight illuminating a patch of the wooden floor. "Yes?" she asked, opening the door a crack, then throwing it open all the way when she saw her older brother standing there holding a small scroll of parchment in his hand. Judging by the fact that he was in full uniform, with the mark of the saints on his tunic in blood-red, he had just come back from a mission. But even more telling than the uniform was the splattering of blood across his boots and pants.
    "Korinna, Father sent me to deliver this to you," Cailean said, stifling a yawn.

    Rin raised an eyebrow. "Another night mission?" she asked, trying to sound nonchalant but envy clearly bled through her words. "You look terrible."

    He snorted, all but stuffing the scroll into her hands. "Not as terrible as the other guy, I assure you," he replied with a smirk. "I'm going to go sleep for a month. Tell everyone that if I am disturbed I will cook them alive and feed them to their immediate family." He turned around and stalked away down the hallway, trying to appear intimidating, though Rin knew better. Cailean may have been a ruthless assassin, but he had a soft spot for the other members and servants of the church. Their younger sister may have made good on such a threat, but Cailean never would.

    Unrolling the scroll in her hands eagerly, Rin scanned the words then sighed. It wasn't an assassination like she had hoped for, it was a simple intel-gathering. The words 'incognito' and 'infiltration' jumped out at her and throwing down the scroll angrily on her bed she marched over to her large wooden wardrobe and began shuffling through the mix of ballgowns and dark tunics. Finally finding the simple dark green blouse she used for this kind of mission, she also grabbed her favorite boots (well, her second favorite, the first ones had been ruined by a very inconsiderate torture victim), and a pair of dark pants.

    Rin kicked her door shut, taking out the rest of her anger before taking a calming breath and beginning to dress. Once she had pulled on her boots over a pair of thick socks, she loosely braided her hair and attached a small stone to the end of it, just in case she needed an extra weapon and was disarmed.

    The last thing she did was throw a black cloak over her shoulders and slip out the door, reading the parchment again as she did so. A small smile crossed her face. Finally, she had something to do.
  11. Despite the further provocations of the surrounding citizens, Ascheriit made no move to initiate the bloodshed that they all but craved. He would fight but not in the way they would expect. Though tired from his endless journey he was still fully capable of dodging every one of their attacks until they would tire and give up the pointless fight. Some would view that as cowardice but living for thousands of years in a world embroiled in death, its easy to become sick with the constant sight of blood. One could only see so much lives lost. Already a full minute had passed and neither side had attempted to attack the other. The men still had their fists raised and were shaking with adrenaline and the relentless shouts of the crowd while Ascheriit remained as still and watchful as he did before. Perhaps they had the decency to not strike an unarmed opponent first (though he did have a sword hidden away in his cloak) or that they were cowards and hypocrites who do not act despite their preachings. The crowd was beginning to grow restless and even more enraged at the apparent deadlock that was taking place. If nothing were to transpire soon their anger might turn to each other and Ascheriit would be faced with a whole mass of senseless fighting.

    With eyes closed and a deep, tired breath, Ascheritt discreetly reached under his cloak until his hand gripped the hilt of a sword. If it was a fight they wanted then so be it. Just as he was about to unsheathe his weapon it seemed as though Inti's good graces had fell upon him again. Out of the corner of his peripheral vision, he sensed the crowd part slightly before a women came forward and took a stance in front of the surprised men. Their shock was further heightened when she proceeded to unsheathe two, intimidating large swords. Another ripple of whispers crossed the crowd but this time it was that of uncertainty and hesitation. Doubt seemed to creep into the eyes of the once battle hungry men. An air of intimidation and dark energy exuded from the mysterious stranger causing the crowd to take an unconscious step back. Ascheriit, however, was used to such energy for his race had once thrived on it as well as the calming light of the moon. He had almost taken an unconscious step forward.

    One of the more daring citizens stepped forward from the crowd.

    "What is your business with the demon wench?," He asked, a scowl revealing crooked and blackened teeth.
  12. "Oh you peasants amuse me so frequently with your ignorance. If this were a demon, you would all be lying in pools of your own blood by now." She cocked her head slightly, and raised one of her swords, pointing it at the man who had stepped forwards. He was middle aged, and probably worked in a factory given the dirt on his clothes. "It's a pity you caused a fuss, otherwise I would probably have left you alone. And I'm the closest thing to a demon you'll see in your short lifetime." With that, she leapt forwards, swinging the unraised sword upwards. She then sheathed the swords, and turned around to look at the man she had just moved past. She wasn't great with surprise attacks, but she was pleased to see that the man's arm was now attached by half as much flesh as it was several seconds earlier. "Does anyone else wish to cause problems, or do you all have to common sense to return to your daily business and pray that interfering in the Church's business doesn't get you killed?"
  13. Senka Pulsot, red

    Sora was actually comfortable enough with Jack now that she fell asleep against him without even intending to. Her body seemed to have a mind of its own though, betraying her to sleep during a blissful day dream. Now she was in the middle of one of her usual nightmares. It was pitch black, not a sound could be heard. She was running but her feet kept getting stuck in something wet and heavy. Suddenly there was red eyes everywhere and a thunderous evil laugh booms all around her. Before the worst part could emerge through she was awoken by Jack. Still in a semi-sleep state Sora gasps and jerks upright crashing heads with Jack.

    Grimacing she rubs her forehead kicking her feet slightly as she grouses "Etta.....You hard headed...." She grumbles, this wasnt the first collision of heads between them. After a few moments Sora straightens up a medium sized red spot in the middle of her forehead now. Yawning softly she stretches her limbs, the black blindfold was starting to slip from her eyes so she reties it in the back making sure to cover them. "I guess I fell asleep, sorry Jack. We're here?" Her voice is soft and soothing, like a gently cascading waterfall, her tone apologetic and curious. The business of her nightmare and headbutting almost completely forgotten. Sora was just that way

    Living Inferno, blue

    "Come back here you ruffian! Thief! Thief!" A shrill feminine voice echoed through the streets as a sky blue haired before dashed and twisted through the crowds. A couple of soldiers tried to block his escape but he just grinned before biting into the loaf of bread and keeping it there in his maw. Just as Styxx approaches the mini blockade consisting of 2 armed soldiers he leaps high into the air, his long strong legs giving him the boost her needs to clear the gap between the ground and the rooftop beside him. Grabbing onto the edge he hoists himself up with a light grunt, the shouts and curses of the guards and vendor he just pilfered the bread from sounding up at him quite angrily.

    Pulling the bread out of his mouth he laughs lightly before sprinting across the rooftops 'Operation lunch, success.' Pulling the hood to his black cloak over his head covering most of his features he jumps into a small ally a couple meters away from the soldiers searching for him. Making sure to keep his face and the bread hidden he casually walks out of the ally and into a small crowd that seemed rather riled up about something in front of it. Curious of what all the ruckus was about he slips through the mixture of fear filled and enraged pedestrians until he could spot the source of it all.

    It seemed a frigid looking girl just cut part of a mans arm off with an elf-like man-woman? It was a bit hard to tell from within the crowd, beside her. Styxx caught the last bit of the girls icy words "...or do you all have to common sense to return to your daily business and pray that interfering in the Church's business doesn't get you killed?" His azure eyes narrow at the mention of the infamous Church. 'Another Church pawn huh? Or maybe a "Saint"?' He sarcastically thought, the idea of the Church having anything related to a Saint was enough to make him sick.

    'What to do....' He lightly taps his chin before an idea comes to mind. 'Well here goes all or nothing....I'm such a bloody idioc' Before he could change his mind, or rather get it back. Styxx steps out in front of the crowd so he was between the pedestrians, the ice queen, and the elf-like creature. Turning his back to the 2 he faces the crowd before tossing back his hood to reveal his memorable hair and piercing eyes. "Now good townspeople, dont let the passings of the unknown ruin your day. Or the rest of your life in this poor lads case." He gestures to the bleeding man on the ground beside him. His voice was strong and deep, a bit husky. His tone confident and sure, he had a thick Irish accent.

    "Lets all return to our business and let these 2 be on their way, bringing trouble will only lead to more strife." With that Styxx kneels down and in one swift motion picks up the injured man tossing him over his shoulder with ease. Walking into the crowd he hands the man over to a couple of the men that seemed to be his buddies. "You should take him to a medic before he looses anymore blood." Suddenly theres shouts from the edge of the crowd "There! Stop him! Freeze thief!" A sheepish look comes to his face as he gives a salute to the crowd and the other 2 before donning his hood once more and disappearing amongst the people. Ducking in another ally

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  14. Rin nodded at the front guards as she passed them, allowing one to pull open the heavy wooden door for her to slip through. The air hit her like a blast, fresher than the stuffy atmosphere of the church, but riddled with the scent of smoke. Taking a deep breath, Rin pulled the cowl of her cloak over her face and then began to walk quickly down the street.

    She strode with a purpose, her cape billowing out behind her and her face cloaked in shadow. The townspeople automatically moved out of her way, which made it much easier to traverse the narrow roads.

    The sound of raised voices began to slowly come into earshot, and Rin began to run towards it. Maybe it's a fight! she thought, a small smile crossing her usually stoic face. When she turned the corner Rin frowned at the sight of the large mob, and the two strangers who were obviously the target of it. She sighed, and began to walk away, then froze as she heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed and then a hoarse cry of pain.

    She spun around, her boots skidding slightly on the loose gravel of the road, then strode back towards the fight, drawing her dagger from it's sheath as she did so. It wouldn't be much use against the instigator if they were skilled with their blades, but Rin wasn't eager to use her magic in public.

    She shoved the now panicking and furious townspeople out of her way, stopping a few yards from the two she would need to... deal with. One appeared to be some sort of demon with red eyes and pointed ears, and the other was a female with a strong death aura. Or something akin to death.

    "You have harmed a innocent citizen of this realm. You have accosted a worshiper of the church of Inti," Rin said calmly, reciting the proper words she had been taught. "How do you respond?"
  15. Shiko had sheathed her swords when the man had emerged, and his words had seemed to quell the crowd. For a short time, anyway. She straightened and turned when she heard a half-familiar voice. "Ah. Korrina, was it? Sorry, I'm not great with names." Her voice was cold and emotionless as usual, fluctuating by only a few tones. "Do you not remember your greatest Kurogari? Well, it's excusable. I rarely show myself in the Cathedral. Though, I do not doubt that the title Midnight Wrath is not lost on your ears." She turned to point at the injured man. "Anyway, moving on. This man was not innocent in the least. His little group here tried to attack Red-eyes, and as a representative of the group, he was the one that suffered the consequences. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get going. I need to speak the the 'demon'."
  16. Rin's eyes widened beneath her cloak. The Midnight Wrath? She took a deep, calming breath and squashed down the sudden burst of fear she felt. This was her duty. "Cutting off a hand or an arm is punishment for a thief, not for a few foolish words," she replied, trying to keep her voice calm. A shaft of sunlight burst through the clouds and she threw back her hood, allowing the warmth to seep into her skin and give her a tiny burst of energy. Rin continued, now emboldened by the light shining down on her. "And it is no longer your place to decide and carry out punishments, Midnight Wrath."

    Underneath her cloak she held her dagger loosely, preparing for the coming blow.
  17. "Our views on justice appear to differ. While it is true that we both work for the Church, I'd rather we had a controlled society than a rabid one. However, this is not something we should be discussing in front of peasants. If you wish to continue this conversation, I suggest we take it back to the Cathedral. You'll have to wait a bit for that though, I intend to speak with this girl first." With that, she turned to Ascheriit, who she assumed was female given the hair. She knew that no one in the vicinity would be able to defeat her in one on one combat, except for the faerie, which she wasn't sure about as of yet, and she knew that Korrina probably wouldn't attack unless Shiko drew her weapons, and even then, she would probably be more than an even match. "So, red-eyed maiden. Care to accompany me? I have not seen any of your kind around here before, or rather, anywhere before, and I'd like to know why. It's not like you'd go unnoticed by me if one of you did walk past."
  18. Looking through the windows, a purple headed young man watched as the morning fog appeared. Being here at the Cathedral wasn't bad. Since he had nothing to do, he roamed the church as he marveled at the beauty of it. Stained glass murals lined the walls and giant scrolls hung against the walls, retelling of the church's past. Seeing this reminded him of his purpose. A thin smile played on his lips. The young man had longed for a mission. He didn't choose to go on the last mission simply because his colleagues were out on missions. Tsuji's turn would come eventually, or the opportunity would present itself. He decided he would go out for a walk to quiet his stormy mind.

    Glancing at the crowds of people, some were talking about how the weather is affecting everyone's mood; others were negotiating the prices of various vegetables and clothing. He smiled in amusement as a shopkeeper shouted, "Come back here, you ruffian!" A tall man with ice-blue hair ran past him, clutching a piece of bread. He turned to see where he was headed. Tsuji decided to follow him to catch the bread thief. The tall man ran until he stopped and found a crowd of people. They were yelling about a demon with red eyes and how the Kuragari should execute him.

    Surprised to see his colleague standing between the creature with pointed ears and the crowd. What is Shiko doing here? She must've heard the commotion from the crowd and came to investigate. Tsuji heard her say something and then swiftly moved, aiming her swords at a man's arm. Yelling loudly, the man cried out, his arm falling to the ground. He chuckled seeing her action. He wasn't too concerned about Midnight Wrath. What surprised him was the appearance of his other colleague. He decided to go and talk her by not drawing attention to himself. "How are you doing this fine morning? Everything going well?" He asked politely, looking at Korinna. Tsuji might attract attention if he got in the mood to do something...crazy.
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  19. Weary, tired and more or less annoyed, none could be done to ease her storming aura. It was almost as menacing as the fiery darkness itself, a bitter taste on your tongue when you find yourself lingering too close to the swordsman's liking. Arms hidden within the draping fabric, eyes narrowed slits and a permanent scowl adorning her face. Wooden slippers were silent against the soft ground of soil, and you could only hear the light sound of clanking from her sheathed blade. The straw hat, hid her eyes and nose, so that getting a proper image of Creux would become more of a challenge; it helps in stealth. She has heard of many rumours that the 'holier-than-thou' believers resided in this gloomy yet lively town. The busy chatter brought a sense of calm despite her dislike of noise. It symbolised life, wholesome humans who are either oblivious of the draught brought by the newfound religion, or to those who had witnessed its bloody outcome, desire to burn it down to ashes.

    It was quite poetic, the way one should see it.

    The structures weren't too shabby nor lavish, mediocre at most. Silent, resembling a mime, she placed a small stack of few gold coins and held up four fingers, which alarmed and baffled the receptionist. A sigh escaped her lips, and her voice was more or less a whisper.

    "Four weeks, an average-room, and utmost privacy."

    "Y-Yes ma'am!"

    ". . ."

    Thankfully, it was on the fourth floor, enough for a view of at least half of the town. Giving the man a curt nod, she locked her door and unwrapped the sash that kept her precious sword intact. Carefully placing it on the mattress, she had untied the bun that kept such heavy raven locks up, and removed the outer layer of her 'uniform'. There was a bustling crowd, shouting, and guards chasing down a blurred figure. Her nose was almost pressed against the glass, and squinting, she could make up a flurry of colours.

    "It seems I'll have quite a bit of fun."

    And how right Creux was.
  20. With eyes wide with apprehension, Ascheriit looked upon the severely injured man twitching in shock on the ground. Though the punishment was rightfully deserved the elven faerie did not condone the way it had been enacted. Respect and preservation of life had been an ancient law among his race and though they had long been lost through the passages of time, Ascheriit still remembered each and every one. That was why he could not abandon a living being, no matter how foul or wretched, to die. Especially if he was the cause. His mind was made up to help the poor man when he felt a peculiar presence among the crowd just as a stranger burst forth from the herd of people and began casually speaking out, all the while with a loaf of bread in his hand. He narrowed his eyes slightly though at how the injured man had been tossed into the surrounding audience like a rag doll. There was no time to voice his apprehensiveness, however, for the blue haired stranger had disappeared back into the crowd.

    This, however, was not the end of the 'introductions' for another individual had come to apprehend the women who had instigated the attack. Through their words Ascheriit learned of their identity and apparent affiliation with the Church of Inti. Though this was vital information his interests were trained more on the now barely conscious man and the puddle of blood that was forming beneath the stump where his arm once had been. Ascheriit barely took a step forward when he stopped mid-step and blinked twice as he heard the one who called herself the Midnight Wrath refer to himself as a 'maiden'. He did not seem to be the least bit offended by the distinction for faeries did not believe in genders as humans did. Their men often grew their hair the same length as the women without any consequence. Though even Ascheriit's own brethren had mistaken him for a bud (faerie's often refer to their 'females' as a [flower] bud when unsullied and a flower when they have...married ;p) on several occasions. It has been quite sometime since he had last acquainted himself with a human and had forgotten about his...deceiving appearance.

    Ascheriit nodded his head in agreement to the woman's words for it was far better to be in the company of a Saint for at least the citizens would not react in such a way again. First however he needed to take care of the neglected man whose pulse he could barely resonate with now.

    "Just a moment, I have business to take care of"

    With that vague explanation he approached the crowd who drew back as if he was the reincarnation of a plague itself. He was steps away from the man when another individual from the crowd stepped forward and blocked his path.

    "You stay back if you know whats good for ya," He threatened.

    "If you do not let me pass he will die," Ascheriit replied, staring the man straight in the eyes. The faerie could see that he was struggling to make a decision. He must have been a friend of the injured man for Ascheriit sensed the grief and sense of loss coming from him in waves. A look of defeat seemed to flicker across the man's face for just a second but that was all the faerie needed. Ascheriit slowly brushed past him and considered his silence and the lack of attempt to stop him as confirmation. He knelt beside the injured man and examined the bleeding but fairly even cut stump of his bicep. Due to the recent moonless night Ascheriit did not have the proper amount of magi to fully heal such a wound nor the experience. What he could do however was stop the bleeding and reduce the overall pain of the injury. In one swift move he tore a portion of his cloak and wrapped it around the stump before securing it with a tight knot. Then with all the curious glances or hostile glares trained his way, Ascheriit placed a hand on the blood soaked cloth and began muttering a language now lost among the centuries with eyes closed in concentration. A soft and silvery light seemed to shine from his open palms and enveloping the covered wound. The injured man's contorted face seemed to relax as well as his tense muscles.

    A tension hung in the air, broken only when the faerie stood once again upon his feet. Without a single word he walked back to the women who he had spoken too earlier and nodded his head as if saying that his business had been taken care of.
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