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  1. Introduction

    Hello and welcome to all you blood lusters out there. Go ahead and step into the dark creation of my mind. This r.p is a dark fantasy and I dreamed the plot up recently. I decided that it was a fun concept so I would flesh the plot out and make it into an r.p. Below is all the info you will need to take part in the r.p'ing goodness that is Gods of Blood. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING SO THERE IS NO CONFUSION IN THE R.P.

    Main Plot

    The r.p takes place during the 18th century (or there about) in England. (I don't actually know anywhere in England so some of the places might just be made up). Centuries before the start of the main plot, the world was overrun with dark and evil creatures, somewhat like demons. The king, who was the main authority in the land, could do nothing to remedy this problem. But then, one day a glorious entity shined its power down from the heavens, dispersing the energies of these creatures and locking them away from earth. A religion was founded around the worship of this god, who was named Inti. The church of Inti's power and influence quickly increased and soon became even more powerful than the king himself. They were able to make laws or overrule the decisions made by the king, who's title had become nothing more than that, a title. But through the course of their growth, the Church of Inti had become dark and corrupt. They began to develop a hidden, evil agenda (Which will be revealed throughout the course of the r.p)
    Main Antagonists
    Everyone knows that a good r.p is nothing without a proper antagonist. Our bad guys are a group of persons known as the Kuragari Saints. On the surface the Kuragari only serve the purpose of law enforcement officers and promoters of the church. But their true purpose is much more corrupt. They kill anyone who speaks out against the church, are trying to expose the church or are disruptive within the church, all in cold blood. They site the reasons for these murders as blasphemy or treason. Each of the Kuragari take their orders from the high priest of the church himself and they wear the mark of the Kuragari below.

    So you're wondering how you fit into all of this. Well there are several choices of characters.

    1. You can choose to fill one of the four available Kuragari spots available and be an assassin for the church

    2. You can choose to be a supporter of the church, going on your own crusades 'enlightening' persons and doing your own personal killings in the name of Inti. Of course, the kurogari might target you for damaging the church's character.

    3. You can choose to be a traveler, looking for evidence to prove your suspicions that the church is corrupt and trying to expose them

    4. You can be on a quest for revenge against the kurogari for killing a friend or family member

    5. You can be a simple traveler who gets caught up in the violence

    Please keep your number of characters to one for now. A few persons have indicated interest so I don't want a glut of characters from one person.


    In this world of ours there are a few persons who are extraordinarily gifted. These persons have beautiful and amazing powers, ranging from making ribbons of energy to making flowers of fire to blades of water to weapons of flesh, etc. They all have a technique known as 2nd Nature, which is when they alter their bodies to a more powerful and dangerous form. Their final and most powerful technique is known as Final Construct, which is when they use raw power to create large creatures of immense powers.
    You can also create a human character, who can be incredibly gifted in the usage of swords, knives, guns(yes, there are guns) and/or the fragment ability, which is when someone takes a piece of their soul to create an unbreakable and powerful weapon that can only be touched by its owner. Fragment is only available to human characters and it can cause severe health problems and deterioration of the body.
    There are two more dangerous abilities which will cause deterioration and eventual death. These are power focusing and the Oculus. Power focusing is when someone concentrates all their power into their flesh or blood. This increases their abilities. The Oculus is an improvement of the power focusing ability and is when persons concentrate energy into their eyeballs. Persons who do this will be able to use their powers without moving a muscle simply by sight, but it causes severe health complications and early death is assured.

    1.No godmoding (duh)

    2.Do not submit a C.S if you don't intend to join

    3.Please make every effort to be dedicated to this R.P

    4.Type slaughter into your C.S to prove you read this

    5.Try to make at least two/three posts a week

    6.Indicate if you won't be able to post for a while

    7.Use proper grammar and write in the third person, past tense

    8.No killing other people's characters without there permission

    9.Please abide by the rules of the plot

    10.No soul weapons unless you're human

    11.Blood spill is allowed, obviously, but don't overdo it. It cheapens the beauty

    12.Obey the mod, he is the god of the O.O.C

    13.If you create too many problems you will be destroyed!!!!
    Character Sheet



    Appearance (pic or description):

    2nd Nature (pic or description):

    Final Construct (picture or description):


    Fragment (humans only):

    Personality (just a few adjectives):

    Short bio (most of your bio will be r.p'ed):
    There will be more volumes in the r.p so try not to be too powerful from the start. 2nd natures and final constructs will not be accessed until the next volume, when characters have grown in power. If there are any questions I'd be glad to answer them, you can post them here or p.m me. And you guys don't need to worry, I won't be a dictator.
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  2. Name: Arisu Van-Liore

    Age: 16

    Title: Lady Dark Elf, Kurogari Saint


    2nd Nature:

    Final Construct (picture or description):[​IMG]

    Powers: She creates ribbons of transparent energy with red outlines

    Fragment (humans only): None

    Personality (just a few adjectives): Sad, hateful, murderous

    Short bio (most of your bio will be r.p'ed): Arisu is the only living daughter of the king. She decided to join the Kurogari as a means of exacting revenge on the persons who killed her sister and she is personal guard to the high priest of the Church of Inti.
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      • Name: Creux Lee
      • Gender: Female
      • Nicknames: Creux, Cunt (as called by her mother), Lee-Lee, CreuL (as teased by Lenux)
      • Age: 19
      • Body Type: Plain, a tad slender.
      • Height: 5"11
      • Weight: 69 kilograms
      • Complexion: Pale, though with a hint of peach (it was thanks to summer that she actually gained some colour to her ivory flesh)
      • Hair: Black.
      • Eyes: Greyish-black.
      • Handedness: Ambidextrous.
      • Scars: One on the nape of her neck.
      • Title: Unknown Traveller.

        Second Nature (picture or description)
        : Until now, she has not totally utilised the ability to wield energy from her body; but Creux is often found using her sword; though it is a back blade (meaning the front is all but dull, and the back of it would be the only sharp part). Though she, herself knows she can summon a rather ominous energy, she prefers to live a peaceful life as a nomad, right until decades ago did the plague of Kuragari did destroy the little happiness she had with her family. It led to her outburst which almost destroyed their town. The 'king's' influences were not enough and the church had scoured the country to preach. She is able to form a destructive weapon out of nowhere; the young female swordsman may also utilise her opponent's life energy or any type of energy-based attack, using it as her own as well as amplifying it. Therefore she has no specific category. This however, leads to loss of memory as well as constant pains. Though not a human herself, the agony of this ability, is in fact, something no one would like to have.
      • Physical Manifestations or Effects of this Ability; Much like the serpent's scales will her flesh be replaced and be doused with this lustrous coating. Mostly on her back and a bit on her arms and shoulders. Her spine would be beyond flexible and she could actually slither on the ground. Though this behaviour is too animal-like, she prevents herself from coming to this point unless forced to, by circumstances.

        Final Construct (picture or description):
        During her outburst did the raven-scaled serpent appear in all its glory; its roar paralysed anyone, its dark flames leaving anyone and anything to ashes.

        Manipulation of Energy.
      • Relationship Status: Perhaps single forever.
      • Personality: Indifferent, cold, introvert, inquisitive, curious, quiet, considerate, timid, irritable yet patient mostly, blunt, thoughtful, VIOLENT.
      • Mannerisms: Clawing at edges (from tables, to chairs); attempting to murder people for the sheer joy of it, or for a good reason that one may or may not understand.
      • Likes: Silence, insects, reading under tables, tables, forks for stabbing others with, writing, annoying chosen people; weird things, blood.
      • Dislikes: Liars, arrogance, unnecessary noise, corny jokes (she has some of her own but they rarely come out unless she’s bored and death is close), puns that make no sense (not sure if there are puns that make sense int he first place), too much romance, other humans, the colours' pink, yellow and orange.
    • Biography
      Antoine Lee and Robert Lee.
    • Sibling/s: Lenux Lee. (Double L, or LexLee)
    • Social Status: Middle class. (But now it doesn’t matter because everyone’s dead.)

      Blood Type: AB

      Hobbies: Just ask her. And you can get your eyes gouged out manually.
    Traumas: She almost drowned because her brother pushed her off to the not-so shallow stream; (she fears large bodies of water); reason for her "I like keeping to myself" attitude: The result of excessive negative attention and early neglecting of a child-parent relationship. Although she has no estranged relationship with her brother, the two are both foes and the best of friends (most of the time).

    Her Birthday: February 14 (She despises that date.)

    Antoine's Birthday: March 19

    Robert's Birthday: May 6

    Lenux's Birthday: March 14

    Random Trivia: Physical contact upsets her greatly; it doesn't make her feel violated but it does make her cringe and even growl if one pushes her too far. She will warm up but has only hugged Lenux most of her life. Now that her brother is gone, and she is surrounded by the complexity of manmade items, Creux may or may not attempt to crush someone’s cranium with her axe as of this moment. This is all too much to take in and she has: Anger issues.


    { Credit of the picture goes to the owner. }

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  3. Name: Shiko

    Age: 22

    Title: The Midnight Wrath

    Appearance (pic or description):

    2nd Nature (pic or description):
    To fully comprehend The Midnight Wrath's 2nd Nature, one must first understand that The Midnight Wrath is not a human. The Midnight Wrath is a devastatingly powerful shadow spirit from the very deepest oblivion, bound to a humanoid form to prevent it's power from destroying reality. The human form's armour is the binding agent, and acts to subdue the endless power the Midnight Wrath would otherwise wield. While bound, it can access only one percent of it's total power, enough to put it on a level equal to a master necromancer. In Second Nature form, the mortal form is shed completely, and 5% of it's total power is accessed. It's 2nd Nature usually chooses to materialise as a sort of shadowy beast, 3 stories tall and built entirely of darkness. It also has a nice aesthetic red glow effect on the eyes.

    Final Construct (picture or description):
    (to be continued)

    Fragment (humans only):

    Personality (just a few adjectives):

    Short bio (most of your bio will be r.p'ed):
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  4. @Mikan Nikoru thou hast deviated from the C.S outline, but please describe the physical effects of the 2nd Nature on your character's body more clearly, Eg: If she gets a tail or an extra head. Do that and your, accepted!!!!!

    @Ruko I would prefer if the characters are not demons. They aren't humans but they aren't demons either. Also, the final constructs are very large, but keep the 2nd natures humanoid/ not giant.
  5. She's not a demon, she's an abyssal horror. Much less powerful. I'll tone down her 2nd form when I next get the chance then. If you want, I can make her a spirit rather than a horror.
  6. I just don't want her too otherwordly or too powerful this early on. You can keep the horror title, but go ahead and edit the 2nd nature
  7. Uwaaah! Sorry! > , <'' I did deviate. ; ^ ; And, well, I guess I should add some "more visual" effects on her o , o
  8. Thank you kind sir. Also, you can mention this R.p to anyone you know so we can get moving soon.
  9. You called me a dude! /rolls happily/ I SHALL GROW A WEENIE AND BECOME A REAL MAN.


    And I have edited thy bio, plus I don't know anyone here. . . I'am new and I don't have too many 'friends' o n o;; I can advertise it?
  10. Sure, if you want to kind mistress (and I'll be your first friend *smiles welcomingly*)
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  11. Too formal! Gimme a nickname and everything will be swell~! { /grins and flails arms in a rather extravagant manner/ I do hope we can get along well then~! }
  13. Your welx Mik. I had to fight the temptation to go with Miknik. Or mayb Miki
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  14. You can go with whatever you'd like. I'am not choosey. o w o
  15. Miki it is then. (We should probly take this to p.m so we dnt clutter the thread)
  16. Hmmm to go evil or to stay good....that is the ever bugging question....Lol
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  17. Sora Tasmania

    Shes blind

    Age: 18

    Title: Senka Pulsot (Shadow pulse in Macedonian)

    2nd Nature (pic or description): N/A

    Final Construct (picture or description): N/A

    Powers: Power Focus - Enhanced speed and agility.

    Fragment (humans only): Fallen Echo

    Personality (just a few adjectives): Calm, compassionate, smart, stubborn.

    Short bio (most of your bio will be r.p'ed): Can I rp?

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