Gods and Monsters-Brand new, no word count, modern fantasy rp



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Welcome to Cary View, an original modern fantasy rpg which has borrowed elements from many mediums in hopes to create a fun filled, relaxed rp environment. Free form and created for member driven plots.

Imagine a world just like ours, the only difference, our dreams and nightmares can come true. A world where werewolves and shape-shifters exist, where gods walk through our dreams and nightmares and where the creatures of our imagination can be created just by a single nightmare. Deamons hunt humans for their souls to keep their bodies alive, succubi feed on your fears and emotions and all the time, a select few risk their lives to keep a world, oblivious of the horrors, safe.

As more and more Daemons gather, creating small armies to better gather souls for their consumption the Gods have engaged in a political war, some wishing equal control to police the daemons, others wishing to order their demi children as warriors for the cause and while others simply do not care, It is known the Greeks wish to have full control over policing the Daemon's, not wishing to share the "glory" with anyone else.

Cary View-A typical small English town in the heart of Somerset which just happens to sit upon a small rift in the fabric of our realm, creating beacon for supernatural beings and gods to gather. Some humans are oblivious, others turn a blind eye, while a select few aid those who protect the town from the darkness that gathers.