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  1. This jump-in roleplay is to help me build the character from her bio to get more in tune with her. Any who joins is welcome. Please read my CS first before joining so you have an idea of what will be going on. This and the Main RP linked below is 18+ (Yes the CS is there and my blog)
    EverGlades of Ushevu: The Vishkanya Maidens
    I am also looking for feedback on this rate or PM with your feedback even if you are not joining. This is mostly my work allowing people to join giving me a boost. Thanks!

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    In 321 B.C., India declared that King Maurya has been lawfully married to a mysterious maiden under the name of Yve Prysala who had little information of where she came from. During this time they have spent many days and nights together happily but King Maurya still had much to learn about this woman even if she was polite. Yve sat on the throne next to her beloved quietly as King Maurya ran India rightfully and proudly. Unfortunately as rightfully his ways were many citizens were still displeased as they demanded for more. Yve worried about what might become of things trying to comfort her love the best she could as she would seduce him nightly. Eventually King Maurya was tired of the citizens below, turning to his Queen he told her, "You seem like a strong woman. You try to run things for a change." She was shocked as it was not common for a woman to be seen with any power at all above the King's. Agreeing, she took the stand and began to try to please the peasants or lower class people working her way up the chain.

    During her change of things, many people began to talk of how this was outrageous as she should be brought down from her throne. Word around the city quickly reached Yve as her guards would come to her with the news. But Yve did not want to cause much trouble and asked the guards to let them be, even if the King thought otherwise as no man should talk down on his wife. During a romantic evening between the two, King Maurya brought up how he was even more tired of watching his wife being looked down upon as he asked her to do something about it before he did. Yve not wanting to cause such a fuss, she has calmly replied with;

    "My love, I understand how you are feeling. Since I do care about you greatly I will make a decision by tomorrow morning."

    They both ended their night happily with great compassion in their own bed heading into the morning sun.
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  2. The next morning Yve knew that she had to come with a solution to please her husband before he grew upset. She dresses in something unusual as she put on a long Hindu gown made of ruby reds, venomous greens and browning golds for her day of conflict as she debated on what to do. If she was unable to do anything, her husband would surely cause an uproar along with the chance of starting a fight between the people and upper class. Today was the day Yve had to make a decision to show the people who powers and that she is making no room for mistakes as she has finally decided what to do. When the sun stuck high, she was announced to appear in front of the palace to make a speech on the situation.

    The palace guards all stood around formally awaiting for Yve to arrive. The captain of the guards approached the front letting all who attended know that no criticism will be tolerated, that all should be respectful no matter their opinion they had about Queen Yve. A few moments after the captain's speech was given, Yve walked out of the palace to the front gracefully in return the attendees got to the ground and bowed as a prayer was heard. The Queen raised her right hand to her shoulder allowing the attendees stand. Yve than began her speech:

    "My people, I know the words you have spoken about me are not light and I have been rather hurt by this. But not only have you hurt me but your King as well for we are as one. He has told me he was hurt the most to see me not take a stand and to let these things pass by me as if it were nothing. I, Queen Yve Prysala, have agreed with my husband your King to take a stand. Therefore my actions are this; Those of your daughters that I see to be some of the most beautiful of the land will be taken away never to be heard from again."

    As she spoke loudly and strongly of her decision, people begun to talk some angrily. Yve knew this would happen but she knew she had to go on with her speech. Anything to please her beloved, anything to make him happy. She raised her hand to signal for silence but when people refused the respect to do so, guards stepped in with their pikes aimed at people forcing them to silence themselves. Yve continued but suddenly a change was felt deep down. She began to feel hungry for power.

    "I know this is hard but I will no longer sit around as you disrespect me and my husband. From here on out, all who speak poorly of us will suffer, your tongues will be removed! I have tried my best to please you in the Kings place but you have showed no respect in return. That will be all for today."

    When she spoke of consequences the people were now frightened over upset as even the guards turned a few heads to each other. Yve dismissed the attendees, but as the crowds dissembled there were a few who stayed. A man stepped forward screaming, "Who do you think you are? Down with you!" But Yve just gazed at him, guards rushed in putting him down to his knees as they held his shoulders. One guard grabbed the mans head and tilted it back as another grabbed for his tongue taking his dagger to it. The red, bloody tongue fell to the ground like fish out of water and blood filled the mans mouth pouring out like the red sea. Yve turned her back returning to the palace where her husband waited for her happily.
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  3. She wore her colorful flats today for the occasion as she stepped up to King Maurya quietly like an angel. He greeted Yve with a smile and wide open arms pleased with her speech about her decision. "Ah, Darling, you have done a beautiful job. You are like a strong, beautiful Goddess. The most beautiful of all the land." King Maurya kissed her on the forehead as she wrapped her arms around him with a smile. If her beloved was happy, she was happy and she will make sure things will stay that way. The power hunger she felt before now was turning into something more, like a "willpower" to do whatever it takes to keep him happy, anything. After they enjoyed the moment together, one of the guards rushed in announcing that some of the previous attendees have started a riot but the King was having none of it as he wanted to spend the evening with his Queen as he ordered the guards to take care of it themselves.

    Yve's decision of selecting some of the most beautiful young daughters of the peasants began tomorrow morning as she already decided how it will be handled. Evening came quickly but never ended too fast, the King and Queen enjoyed a feast of Bihar, Kerala, and Uttarakhand. Kerala was Yve's favorite for it was spicy dried fish with coconut flavoring, rice with vegetables, and many of seasonings. King Maurya thought it was odd for a woman like her to enjoy such a spicy taste in things, but never questioned her about the things she liked. The dinner was ate in silence even if neither of them seemed upset or sad. But there will be change to almost everything, India will soon see a new era in the upcoming year of 320 B.C.
  4. As the morning sun greeted Yve's beautiful tan face, her eyes opened to reveal gem like emerald irises. She slept with the King every night but oddly she realized he did not sleep in the same bed all throughout the night. Yve quickly got up from her royal quilted bed looking around, when there was no signs of her love she called for her serving Mie.

    "Mei where is my beloved!?"

    A scrawny older woman appears from the hallway with a sagged look. Mei gave a reassuring smile before answering. "My lady Yve, he has woken before the sun and commanded the guards to search each home for every young daughter of the people and bring them back to be chosen by you. He seemed excited." Yve sighed in relief as she nodded thanking Mei. Mei bowed and pulled out the Queen's outfit for today. The outfit she brought out was green with gold charms on the ends which was one of Yve's favorites. Mei left Yve to get dressed, when she finished she walked out her bedroom door where two of her personal guards awaited to escort her to the throne. When they walked towards the throne room, the taller and bulkier guard who wore silver plates explained the situation. "We searched every house for beautiful young woman like you wished. They are waiting in the throne room lined up. Your husband awaits you." The rest of the walk was done in silence. Upon reaching the throne room, Yve noticed there could of been hundreds of women here and in all sizes. She walked up and greeted her husband with a kiss then sat down on the right side of him.

    Throughout the day, Yve struggled picking girls because there were so many that appealed to her but King Maurya thought the event was humorous. But in the end there were seven girls she personally picked, all from the ages of 9-15 years. By the time the unchosen girls left the palace,Yve instructed the girls to line up side by side as she walked up and down examining them.

    "Congratulations ladies. I see some of you looked scared but fear not. You are part of royalty now..." Her voice was calm and soothing. "You will be staying here learning, training, doing as I say and all you remember you must forget for you have a new life now. The only family you have is each other. I warn you, you may not live long here."

    The girls whispered among each other as the were escorted away. When Yve sat back down a man rushed up to them immediately getting on his knees in respect not looking at them. "Word from the streets your Highness. Families are poisoning their daughters and killing them to prevent Queen Yve from taking them." With such news, Yve was appauled and knew she had to do something. The new year was three days away, if nothing was done soon things could get out of hand.
  5. Yve looked at her husband worried of what to do, she never expected something like this to happen. She just wanted to please King Maurya as well as showing the citizens of her power and that she was jot fooling around. Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan thus Yve should have known. With little time to figure something out her husband grabbed her hand, "Dear, we have your chosen heavily protected for now. No need to worry." But King Maurya received only a look of sorrow.

    "That may be but I had no intentions for people to kill their own daughters. If anything they could have seen it as a blessing."

    Without another word, Yve walked off to a
    private sanctuary to not be disturbed. In Yve's private sanctuary there were three statues that sat near each other, on the far left was a statue of Shiva the God of Transformation, in the middle sat Vishnu the God of Protection and on the far right was Shakti the Goddess of Feminine power. All three statues were decorated with weapons and floral objects as Shiva had the noose, trident and lilies as Vishnu had a lotus and mace. Yve walked quietly up to the tall statues that stated down at her, once she reached the mat she got on her knees and bowed to the Gods as she prayed.

    "My beautiful Gods who watch over I, please guide me into a right direction. Chaos has reached my streets all because of a judgment I have made to please my husband."

    As she prayed chimes that were hung near by chimmed in a melodic rhythm. To Hindu followers it was believed that placing chimes in a sanctuary would give the Gods a way to communicate. Thus they did. Yve focused hard as she put herself in a trance through meditation, when she was far from reality she saw light that nearly blinded her. For a moment she saw figures standing high above her looking down but she was unable to make out who the were. Voices spoke all at once to her in a way that sounded like echoes.
    [Rainbow] Fight Poison with Poison, You are a Start of Something Grand, One of Us [/Rainbow]
    In her vision she quickly felt a force push her down through a cloud-like substance and she was immediately back in her sanctuary. Yve had an idea of what to do all thanks to the Gods. Quickly she rushed out to the hall looking for the King. Guards tried to stop seeing what was wrong but she left them behind. Once she reached the throne room, she found the King being entertained while he sat in his throne. Some lower class were doing a sort of comedy show for their Highness. Yve rushed up to her King, when King Maurya saw he run up he stood and halted the show. Putting her hands on his.

    "Darling, I know what to do to fight this. We have to use poison with poison. The Gods told me!"

    The room turned into dead silence, her only love gave her a look of insanity and worry. But he had nothing to say to her as he held Yve kissing her gently. Moments passed as she dismissed herself and looked for her chefs. They were rather a slacking bunch when no eyes were on them but have yet to confront them about it. She was lucky as the Master Chef was in the kitchen making lunch already. When he noticed Yve he stopped and bowed. "Lady Yve, what can I do for you today?"

    "Gordo, I have a favor to ask of you and only you. No other man will know. I want you to inject small amounts of poison into the Chosen Girls foods and drinks every night."

    There was a long silence but Gordo would do what ever it takes to please his Lady as he nodded and turned back to his business. Yve turned back heading out the door.
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  6. Calmly as if nothing happened Yve returned to her throne watching the entertainment with her husband throughout the day. Everything seemed normal and with only 48 hours till the new year, things were noisy as the streets were full of life. For those next 48 hours, the Chosen Girls have been around the throne room enjoying lightly poisoned dinners and snack as well as enjoying entertainment. Yve never once told her husband of what she was doing to the Girls, but deep down Yve felt like it was the right thing to protect them so now scum from the streets could like them without sneaking in poisons. A lot of them were also being trained to defend themselves so if they wanted to enjoy some time out of the Palace they could. One night one of the girls fell in love with a stranger on the street but unfortunately this stranger had other plans than love. She was being targeted. But things didn't go as planned to the assassin. The both of them got comfortable and made their way to somewhere nice to "show" their love for each other but when the assassin enjoyed his free pleasure, he immediately died without cause as if he had an heart attack. News shortly reported back to Yve of this as they discovered that it was from an overdose on poison. Going over the scene of what happened that night she learned that the girl's body was almost made of poison yet she was still alive. Then after getting all the girls tested, each and everyone of them had the same thing. Yve was so fond of this she begun to do the same thing not only to protect herself but to feel powerful.

    320 B.C.

    Couple days have passed since the new year, Yve had been experiencing building dreams each night of something different and amazing. This reoccurring dream has made her summon every girl into the throne room with her husband. She was so proud of this she wanted her husband to witness this.

    "Thank you for showing up today my beautiful girls. As we all have recently learned, your bodies are made of poison and yet you survive from this. Like all devi-goddesses. I am so proud of you. I been having dreams lately and you are now a powerful group that can have whatever they desire. I have never been so proud..."

    Yve's husband places his hand on her's giving her a great smile that shined. Yve stared down at the girls realizing she could have created something of a great thing. [rainbow] "Start of Something Grand" [/rainbow] That was it. The God's have spoken to her before about this, this was it! This was the start of something grand. One of the girls raised her hand half-way grabbing Yve's attention from her thoughts. Successfully, the girl asked, "If we are something so great, what are we called? What will we be known as?" This threw Yve off slightly. The girl was right, they needed a name something they could be feared by.

    [rainbow] Vish... [/rainbow] Was the echo that traveled through Yve's head, the same echo she heard in her private sanctuary. Standing up she gave a smile.

    "You all will be known as Vishakanya! The Poison Maidens."

    An applause was heard throughout the throne room from those who were there as entertainers, guards and all. This fed Yve's ego greatly. There was a feast held for the Vishakanya but Yve did not take part as the King had other plans for her. "My Dear, just me and you tonight. I want the best for us, but all these girls her make me eager." Yve looked at him in surprise. No time till now did he ever want a child of his own, but hearing this has made her very happy and full of life. They took of together to spend their time alone for a special occasion. The heat was high like the depths of a volcano, the passion has never been greater. But the last thing Yve heard from him that night was, "I love you, for you are the most beautiful of all the la-" Then and there the King has suffered from her mistakes. She forgot the she has begun to intake small amounts of poisons as well. She screamed as loud as any woman could but she was left unheard since the feast for the Maidens were full of music and entertainment. Yve was left to her own misery with her naked husband. All she ever wanted was to please him the best she could, but now she has committed a crime she will never live without. Across the room there were viles of heavy poisons that she had for Gordo to use as a next step for the Maidens, instead she drank them all one by one. Three whole viles. Sobbing she cried, "I never meant for any of this please....Let me be with you." But the poison have done nothing other make her feel faint. Yve ran off to her private sanctuary, as she rushed up to the gods. She prayed repeatedly to be taken away from this nightmare. Then she looked over to the Noose that Shiva held. It looked as if Shiva was handing her the noose in her eyes. Yve hesitantly grabbed it staring up at Shiva. Not a word was spoken.

    One of the Guards was making his rounds for the evening making sure everything was secure, upon their Royal Bedroom he noticed that the door was wide open. There he found the King laying there alone. "King Maurya?" When there was no response a panic flooded the Palace. Guards left in right began to sweep the Palace as the Maidens were sent away to be locked in their rooms. When a group of guards reached Yve's private Sanctuary, the heavy doors were cracked. One peeked through seeing Yve's body floating. They all rushed in, but immediately stopped. Yve's slim neck was grasped by a noose hung by the very hand of Shiva. 320 B.C was marked they year of the Death By Poison.
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  7. Yve's eyes fluttered open being struck by a bright light. She couldn't feel anything physical as nothing seemed real, her focus turned to a man-like figure standing beside her. Somehow she was able to shift herself to stand facing this person. When she tried to ask who he was, nothing came out. Like a mute. The hand of this person was raised as an echo flowed past her. Like his voice could be seen. [rainbow] "My Love, The Most Beautiful of them all." [/rainbow] It was King Maurya. Yve tried to reach out to him going forward but has she managed to grab his hand she was quickly thrown down like a force pulling. Yve tried to scream but could not, as she fell, she realized she was coming from the Heavens above as clouds began to fly past her. Above she could see her once beloved stand above watching her, she noticed he was saying something as well but could not make it out. Behind him were the three Hindu Gods Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti all in clear view. [rainbow] You are one of us. [/rainbow] Everything blacked out once the echo faded. It seemed like forever before Yve made a move and opened her eyes once more. Once her eyes opened she examined the area she no longer was in India. Somewhere green, full of life. Yve explored the area trying to find out where she was but could not figure it out, as she walked past a river, fish jumped catching her attention. She stopped to watch them but looking closer she saw her new self for the first time. Her hair was a short red almost feather like, and she looked younger. Beside her another image began to shape, it was her husband once again. The image of him showed him placing his hand on her shoulder then faded. Yve began to tear of this falling to her knees. Why did she have to be reborn? [rainbow] Goddess Elf of Elderly Poison [/rainbow] Elf? Yve took another look at herself, her ears were longer! This was something strange that she could not explain, she didn't even know what year it was. Then she spotted a village near by. Upon reaching this village a woman ran up to her in praise, "Goddess has Shown!" Then and there, things came together piece by piece.

    Hundreds years past in almost a repeat cycle for Yve. She learned that she was now a Goddess transformed by Shiva, granted the rebirth every 100 or so years by Vishnu and her ever lasting young beauty by Shakti. Within those hundred years the Vishakanya was remade, a new generation every hundred years. Those who ever cross their path and threatened to harm them were killed by the Maidens. Around the 8th generation the Vishakanya era was ended by a fallout through an advancement of mankind destroying forests and villages. This caused Yve to retreat never being heard of again. Mankind has proved to be an ultimate power but even they eventually had a falling out when their own government proved to be cruel to their own people.

    Across seas was an undiscovered island by humans, the island was full of a mysterious era as it was full of life untouched by any sort of an advancement made by humans. Only the green earth remained undisturbed but there was more, species of imagination. Deep within the forest stood a shrine decorated by floral and statues of a woman. Within the shrine stood a crystallized emerald statue, of the same woman statued outside. One day a odd bull galloped into the Shrine unseen, decorated by beads and cloth it kneeled down before the statue of the emerald woman.

    "I am Nandi, the Bull Gate Keeper of Shiva and his Wife Parvati. I have come before you Goddess Yve to have you awaken from your four-thousand year slumber as it is safe for you to return."

    Nandi rised from his kneeled state and walked up to the statue of the Goddess Elf of Elderly Poison, Yve. It's decorated horns touched the statue, in result the statue glowed vibrant green and began to crack. Nandi faded away as the statue now began to take life, it's legs stretched then stepped to the ground from it's mount. As it touched the ground the emerald statue busted releasing a gust that could be felt all throughout the land revealing a young beautiful woman. Her legs were smooth and tanned, her body was covered in a top of ivy and a skirt of weaved vines, her hair was a long ruby read that resembled much like feathers covering her eyes, her ears were oddly shaped with two on each side of her head. Yve has been born once again with a new look as her hands were now poisonous thorns. Looking around Yve realized that the area was rather dusty and on more of the lifeless side. She put her hands out to the sides and created her own resting place. She was back and more powerful than ever. The power even flowed out of her with an aura of a green.

    Throughout the Island of Giât I Isod the creatures that lived there sensed the strange power flowing all around. Even the trees were moving almost as if it were alive. This was new era and it was well noted.
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  8. For background or general informations, please view the character sheet for this character.

    A fascinating phenomena has recently been discovered at the entrance of a cave, a cave that brought death upon every person that attempted to enter. As a result the area was locked down and stood under military observation.
    Scientists have been argueing about an explanation ever since then, some claim it is a extremly high degree of radiation, other claim the cave is extremly poisenous.... and then there are those that say "God does not want us to enter this cave".
    The only thing that they could discover is that within this cave rests a big heat signature.

    What they would not know is that this heat signature is a creature far beyond everything they could have expected.

    Within this cave, rests Syralth. A dragon... and a girl, a dragonmoprh, capable of switching between beeing a dragon and beeing a girl as she pleases.
    Dragons are immortal and Syralth has been resting within this cave for a long long time. The last memories of humans within her were of the crusades, the ottonmark empire, the holy roman empire and of the Ming dynasty on the far other end of the continent.

    Ever since she has been sleeping... as a dragon in a big cave with a small entrance. Just to be left alone she has been spreading her influence all around the cave, bringing death to whoever may want to gain entry to the cave.
    This would soon change, as she would be awoken by three women, three women that would not fall prey to her aura.
    Intrigued and bored she would accompany them, as a small girl. She would not ask for who those three women were, people may claim that she would not actually care, how could mere mortals be a threat for a dragon afterall?
    She would not ask about the half naked human corpses they would find as they passed through the military checkpoints, but an amused grin could be seen on her face if you paid attention to her.

    The thing that she found most curious are the clothes humans are wearing now. They aren't like the ones she remembers. Looking at their weaponry she could see that it is no longer swords and bows anymore, now the weaponry is mechanical while the armor developed into some sort of thick fabric.
    (To be continued with "Edit" later)
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  9. Throughout Giât I Isod a few months past since Yve's rebirth and she had already had given birth to the Vishkanyas while she claimed the separate island linked to Giât I Isod where her temple was as the EverGlades of Ushevu. This was were she made a home for all those who joined her as a Vishkanya and was blessed by her giving them the power of a poison that suited them. But the tribe was still small and she wanted it to be bigger. Eventually creating more than just a tribe but a family, something better. Though Yve had a number of people by her side, she was not protected on her own even if she could handle herself. Thus she instructed to her people that she requires the best of the best to stay by her side while people still held a strong barrier from enemies. Sparring commenced to try to please the Goddess but sparring was not what she had in mind. She watched her people fight endlessly, but un-entertained.

    Yve was joined recently by two of her highly respected Vishkanya who were actually Elder's who have requested to disband to live a marry life before their death, as she accepted their request she asked them for one last favor. There has been rumors by some of the Fae that they heard of a Dragon that slept in a cave killing everything that enters without even moving. A small Fae approached her explaining all she knew about this Dragon who killed so easily; "My Lady, this is no everyday dragon. It sends out like an poisonous aura and it is actually not a pure breed dragon... It's a young dragon morph." Intrigued she have given her two respected Vishkanya their last mission, to find this dragonmorph. Down in the EverGlades of Ushevu, her and her two respected Vishkanya prepared themselves for an intriguing adventure but she knew it would not be easy since this dragon did not rest on their island of Giât I Isod but somewhere in the Europeans. Since very little creatures even know about other continents, she explained to the respected Vishkanya that they will be taking a leap through another Realm. Only Yve knew exactly where she was going being originated in India. The three of them reached the Eastern Sea or the Atlantic Sea known by humans, Yve summoned for Curuke the Sea Dragon who was also known as Loch Ness by humans due to his careless nature. Curuke has traveled all the sea combines and carelessly made his appearance known by humans though has not been caught close up making him only a fable by many. The Dragon bowed for Yve as she was respected not only by the Vishkanya but most creatures as the three woman stepped on to it's built, armored head and grabbed hold of it's many spikes. The Dragon took of mostly under the Sea leaving the woman above so they could breath as they held tightly to him. It took days even weeks to reach Europe but this Dragon's Lair was not hard to fine as it was popular in many newspapers and various of countries.

    Finding the cave was easy and getting to the entrance was even easier as men bowed to their knees as in the men's eyes they were ordinary seductive men. One by one the men were taken down in the most releasing way possible but some of them were harder than others as they caught on to their co-workers dying shortly after their release. But Yve was determined to not be stopped, She murdered them by twirling her vines into them bursting their groins. Approached the cave, she could smell the aura that haunted the cave and with excitement she entered with her two that accompanied her. It did not take them long to each the dragon that rested before them, it was clear that it's skin was thik and hard covered in deep green, hard scales. A Vishkanya approached cautiously commanding it to awake before them. It's green eyes quickly opened almost angrily as they glowed in the dark brightly, but to a shock of them all it did not stay as a dragon, but morphed into a young girl. She was quiet as she examined all three of them almost surprised. "You are alive? But how?" The Vishkanya that awoken her eased her by raised her hand half way respectfully.
    "Please do not fear young one. We mean no harm. We are only alive because we are like you, poisonous. Will you join us for something that may interest you?"

    Yve stood tall as she looked down upon the girl as the accompanied Vishkanya spoke. This dragon-morph interested her greatly and the scent of her poison was spine tingling. Though without a fight the young girl agreed to join them as they walked outside into the light. It was clear that it has been very long since this girl had seen light clearly because of her long rest. Bodies covered the ground as they were partially naked from the waist down, their skin was slowly changing into a green like pigment and others were covered in blood. As all four of them walked out towards a body of water not far off Yve glanced back to the girl as her feathered red hair covered her eyes, all that was revealed was a impish smile that showed a sense of playfulness. They reached the body of water without being disturbed luckily, as another dragon rose from the depths of the water before them bowing it's head. "My Goddess, I see you have retrieved the one of your interest?" Curuke spoke. [rainbow]Indeed [/rainbow] was all the response given by the feathered hair woman as they all began to climb on to the dragon.
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  10. Ever since she was woken she felt that her service was needed, that it was her destiny to be awoken land to follow those women.

    A Desire to compete rose in Syralth as everybody, including herself, began to step onto the other dragon.
    She would hear now that one of the women is a goddess. Not the first time she encountered one beeing considered to be a god.

    A little bit of fear flew into her upon departing. She actually can't swim in girl form, while beeing a dragon her instinct would make it possible, but as a little girl there was no instinct and swimming with claws and wings is different from swimming with arms and hands.

    They would eventually arrive at their destination: An island full of myths and fables.

    Syralth would follow the one that was called a Goddess until they would speak.
    The words that were spoken between would only be known to them alone.
  11. Curuke the dragon let out a roar before he submerged into the water leaving the women above the surface to breath. The dragon swam with great speed as of a blade ripping through the waters. It took a little longer to get back to Giat I Isod due to a few ships coasting. Curuke could not reveal himself this time with the woman on back, instead Yve did something she could possibly regret. The boats were far enough that they could not be seen, Yve summoned her thorn vines into the waters with fierce control. She attacked the ships from a far as her vines went through the ships as the brought them down to the sea. Fire and chaos was all that could be seen from afar as her vines swarmed about attacking the ships. From that day on forth, that attack was written as the violent Giant Squid who roamed the sea along with Loch Ness by humans who may have survived by luck, or those who had habits of watching the sea from land. The sketches made by humans even drew Yve's vines as tentacles of a squid or octopus. After the ships sunk fully the vines began to shrink back down to the water heading back to Yve. Once they returned Yve signaled Curuke that the coast was clear. The rest of the way to the island was filled with dark laughter and silence.

    Upon reaching the island Curuke lowered his head on the Eastern Coast allowing the woman to get off. The three of the woman got off, but Yve looked back to see the dragon morph rather in a bit of shock. She realizes the girl must still be trying to process the situation, Yve summons her vines once more though they had no thorns on them unlike the last time when they sank the ships. She gently picked up the girl from Curuke's head and placed her on the ground. Yve smiled at the girl and raised her hand half-way.
    [Rainbow]"My Child, I will explain everything when we get to my throne. Until then, I recommend [/Rainbow][Rainbow]keeping your ears open and your eyes sharp. We won't be able to protect you from[/rainbow][rainbow] everything."[/rainbow]
    The girl grinned and nodded almost enthused of the matter, then they all began to walk towards what was known as Southern Paradise.
    The Eastern Coast was quiet in respects to Yve. The creatures that resided in the Eastern Coast was well aware of the Goddess's appearance and few took the chance to see her from afar. A Manticore that has been tainted by the Forbidden North has taken the chance to swoop in from above blocking the women's path in hopes to get a taste of the Goddess's blood, though little did it know her blood was no blood at all, but straight poison. It's tail was no longer that of a scorpion but that of spiked whips, and it's body no longer that once brave, loyal lion but now something that appared to be born from darkness itself. Yve did not lift a finger, her accompanied Vishkanya instead stood before it as they attacked with hidden weapons and light magick. There was a show of struggle between the Manticore and Vishkanya but Yve had yet to do anything. Instead she looked behind her towards the dragon morph who has been treading quietly with her favored impish smile. [rainbow] "Show me what you can do. Either Kill or send him on his way." [/rainbow]
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  12. Syralth yawned and looked bored up to Yve. "But I am tired!", she let herself fall back into the sand, closed her eyes and let the world continue on.

    She heared a grunt and the smell of blood filled the air, a taste she enjoyed.
    The Air began to ticken, naturally one would assume that it is the taste of blood that is causing this.

    The little girl began to nap.
    The sound of ripped flesh could be heared, yet she still remained as it is, napping. Afterall why should she bother to move? A god cannot be harmed now, right?

    The air got thicker and thicker. The smell of rotting flesh could be tasted.

    A body fell... and many more did as a few birds that passed by fell into the sand mid flight.... one of them fell onto syralth.
    Syralth opened her eyes, angered by this, how could somebody dare to awaken her? She sat up, stretched and looked at the manticore flying right at her... or Yve... well she doesnt know but it is flying into her direction.

    It dares to fly at me? ME? Syralth stood up....

    Moving her hands above as if trying to scare a little child...

    Three recently deceased would now stand up, their bodies severely wounded. Their flesh looked as if they had been rotting away for a long time. The air grew thicker and thicker as Syralths skin turned pitchblack.
    The Bodies of the three deceased would stand quietly, unmoving and in a matter of a milisecond Syralth was no more, instead, there stood a proud black dragon, the air thick and heavy, killing everything mortal within a small distance.

    The manticore wouldnt stop as it kept its course.
    The three deceased would run with an immense speed towards syralth, she turned to them, opened her mouth and began to eat, to eat those three that died trying to protect Yve.

    The manticore, crazed with the corruption, flew into the thick air trying to strike Yve, but just shortly after it entered the thick air it fell to the ground, lifeless.

    After finishing her snacks she turned to the manticore. She laid her head down into the sand.
    "I think eating this one will be no good." She looked to Yve pained.

    Another second passed and the dragon disappeared and the small child was at its place again. She stood up and walked towards Yve, coming to a halt right infrot of her, where she would move arms up again, as if trying to scare a little child.

    "RAAAAWWWWRRRR" and a wide grin formed on her face.
  13. Yve watched as the dragon morph complained about being tired, taking a spot in the sand. She slowly began to grow furious due to this as she did not travel to pick up a girl of laziness. The Vishkanya who accompanied were losing the battle between the corrupted Manticore, as their bodies were being destroyed by it's fearsome claws. Blood was filling the air and beginning to pool to the ground. Yve was rather disappointed that her fellow Vishkanya died, but she knew it was their time anyhow. The Goddess watched her fellow women fall to the ground one by one, then she turns her attention back to the girl. [rainbow] "Get Up..."[/rainbow], She said calmly. The air began to smell horrifying, eventually a flock of birds flew past the girl, but fell as her aura killed them. One of the small willows landed on to the girl's stomach, apparently this angered her.

    The dragon morph stood up as her bright, toxic eyes went past Yve to the Manticore. Yve noticed the beast flying towards them but she remained still and calm. The girls horns were curved around her head with a little slant outwards as her short black hair overlapped them covering the cores of her horn. This made Yve think of it as an odd helmet, her horns has a bone, plant core texture to them. Odd enough she stretched her hands above her head and Yve was rather confused of what she was trying to do. This was no child's game. Yve witnessed her Vishkanya rise from the dead as their bodies were disgusting, thus she turned away almost sick like. When Yve turned away though she saw the girl's skin turn black, black as coal. In a blink of an eye, the girl was no longer a girl, but a dragon of might with a black rocky texture in it's plated scales. There were similar features in the both of them, as there was no mistaking those eyes. It was indeed the girl.

    The Manticore kept heading towards them, and the three that once served Yve were now in the belly of the dragon. The Manticore flew at Yve, as she only glanced back at it feeling it's closer presence. As soon as it entered the odd air, the Manticore clashed to the ground as it's now lifeless body traveled through the sand heading to the Goddess's feet in a stop. The dragon walked up near her as if examining the dead manticore closely. "I think eating this one will be no good." Said the dragon in a bit of a deeper voice. Yve only laughed to this. Once the dragon changed back to the girl, she walked up to Yve and reenacted her fight with her arms as a grin formed her face. The girl was young Yve admitted to herself, she couldn't count that against her and she thought she was rather adorable. The Goddess returned her grin.

    When the situation was over, the both of them continued into the Southern Paradise. With Yve's power she was able to morph the jig jagged path into a straight forward path as trees moved like life-like beings. This caused a bit of commotion in the land as the moving trees sent a small earthquake. The both of them began to walk towards the EverGlades. As they both walked, Yve looked back at the girl. [Rainbow] "Tell me about yourself little one..." [/rainbow]
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  14. Syralth grabbed Yve's hand and walked beside her.
    "I am a dragon! and I like snacks!" looking up to Yve grinning happily, expecting this answer to be enough.
    "Thanks for the snacks by the way! They were really tasty!", remembering the women she ate. It has been a long time since she last ate. A few thousand years to be more accurate.

    She looked around for a short second. It is an area that would be defined as a beautiful landscape by humans. Oh how much she hates them. "I want to eat a human...", she thought angered.... Well, maybe she will find one deeper inside... with the oppurtunity to sneak away and catch the snack.
    The surrounding looked like a place she would have burned down a long time ago, humans arent worthy of such a sight. She didnt feel like doing it just yet.

    "Why did you not defend yourself?" She looked up to Yve with big curious eyes, still holding her hand. She had to know, afterall this goddess proved to be capable enough on the sea.... "ehh....", she though and promised herself to not remember having been a two legged being mid sea that could not swim.... A dragon like her could not be shamed... how could that ever be possible? A shamed dragon? Never!
  15. Yve was thrown off as the young girl grabbed her hand, no one has ever dared to touch the Goddess. But something about the girl made her not whip her hand away, instead her long hand wrapped around the girls rather oddly. The plant-like fingers gently reached around her hand making sure they did not scratch her. Her hair still covered most of her face letting her smile stay. Yve nodded to the dragon, "You are very welcome, I am sure there will be more to come." The both of them began to walk deeper and deeper into Southern, luckily days to get to the Everglades were shortened due to Yve's power but there was still a night to come before they reached their location.
    While the appeared to walk almost aimlessly, the dragon asked why Yve have not defended herself. It was a good question for such a young girl to ask. Yve stopped and looked at her with a smile. "I was not scared, but I also had faith you would at least try to do something." She glanced at a few different spots of the terrain as sun began to set, the area looked large enough and appeared to be undisturbed. "We should rest here for the night. Wouldn't want to bother nocturnal creatures tonight." Though deep down Yve knew that their passing would be no bother as she was the Goddess, it was as if she was testing the Dragon.
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