Godawful Neighbours; tell me your horror stories

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  1. misery loves company, and since the second I got home my neighbours on all sides have been pissing me off.

    Tell me the tales of the worst scum ever to reside near you!
  2. We've got a guy in some apartment near us that has screaming and stomping episodes. It's likely he suffers from a mental disorder, but that doesn't make him any less of an unpleasant and unwanted alarm clock.
  3. None, actually it's our neighbor's cat.

    *shakes fist* Charlie....
  4. In my early 20's, I had upstairs neighbors that would not discipline their kids or teach them anything about using inside feet. From 8 AM to midnight, this little fat fuck would stomp up and down through its apartment at every opportunity. It would start with a flying LEAP and a crash, as if someone had died. Then STOMPSTOMPSTOMPSTOMPStompstompstomp... As it faded across the apartment. And then? STOMPSTOMPSTOMPSTOMPSTOMPSTOMPSTOMP...

    Also, the downstairs neighbors were from Arizona or somewhere in the desert, so they had the heat blasting constantly. CONSTANTLY. At the highest setting. Never had a more uncomfortable summer in my life, and I fucking grew up in THE SOUTH.
  5. My upstairs neighbor is coming to a close second when it comes to earning my hatred. Every fucking night and very early AM I hear so much noise coming from him that I have to call the management, except now they aren't doing shit about it because 'they can't hear it outside the door'. Well you fucking idiots, I can hear it from my ceiling. And I have said this, but all of you have caught the stupid lately.

    Another one was when a squirrel ran outside someone's apartment...on the third floor in the middle of the city.

    Or that time my neighbor found her way into my house and made herself at home while I was on the second floor checking my mail. No, this isn't 201. Get out. No, you cannot watch Netflix for three hours while you wait for Buddy to come home. Please stop eating my food and leave.
  6. You win.
  7. There was this one group of kids who liked to ring my doorbell and run because, since I'm disabled and would never be able to catch them, I was an easy target and they got a kick out of it.


    Other than that though, I've never had much of a problem with my neighbors. Honestly, it was my dad who was the problem for them. He had them banging on our door late at night a few times because he was making so much noise, and on one memorable occasion, he got the cops called to our house because he was drunk on hard liquor and was yelling threats and obscenities at his girlfriend and he was so loud nearly the whole housing complex could hear him.

    After he left though, there were no problems (aside form the aforementioned kids) and everyone was perfectly friendly with me. After dealing with the nightmare my dad was, I make it a point to be nice to my neighbors if I see them. It's worked so far.
  8. I live in the suburbs. There's this one motherfucker that, instead of parking in his driveway, he parks in the street. Which wouldn't be a problem if he didn't park infront of my yard ON MIEN GRASS. Like seriously, the curb is there for a reason, bitch.
  9. To be fair, I like most of my neighbors. To establish a baseline of how I generally am with my neighbors, I once had a neighbor's dog bite me in the hand. The neighbor and I were both surprised that the dog was a biter, it was the first time. She put the dog behind a fence and made sure he was supervised at all times, which was totally responsible. We let it rest at that, problem solved. So I'm a pretty reasonable guy about things.

    Anyway, onto the meat. I live next to a judge; she's a penny-ante civil court judge handling small stuff, but that's enough to give her a bad attitude. She also is one of those disgusting helicopter parents and has this morbid fear of trees falling on her precious spawn's head. That has her running around, threatening all the neighbors with letters and suits if they don't cut down largely healthy trees. Until recently, she felt free to trespass and make bullying demands...until she found out that there was a connection to her old boss, who is also a more influential judge. She was told that she can't just come around, trespass and harass without consequence, though it honestly scares me that the trick to stopping this idiot has to do with knowing her boss, and not with asserting actual rights as a property owner. Different rant though.

    Now she's backed off, the tree (that's not entirely on this property) is down and I'm getting a big 'Fuck you' French bocage-style privacy hedge (the kind you need a Sherman tank with blades to penetrate) planted on this side of the property line next to the fence so she gets the point -- that I want her out of my sight when I look out in the morning -- without actually having a reason to complain. She's either going to get it and can't comment or not get it because she's dense, and both outcomes are satisfying to me. To say the least, I'm going to pop a champagne cork when that thing goes up. It's huge hedge type that grows very aggressively. It also keeps her loud, badly medicated (well, like mother, like son) kid out of the back yard anyway, since that little brat is going to sprout like a weed and run around off his leash wildly as he hits puberty and hormones complicate the chemical imbalances.

    Incidentally, the houses on either side of her house are for sale, gee, wonder why.

    She's elected, so I'll be voting against her with prejudice next election.

    I read this and realize that damn, I sound catty. I suppose I'm buying into this suburban warfare having met some neighbors. I also have a neighbor whose Pomeranian died recently. That was a cause for celebration, and I'm sure the thing would have lasted longer if they didn't just leave the little barking rat outside all day long, every day. Poor thing probably shivered to death, and thank goodness for it.
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  10. I rent a place in the city, and sleep on a mezzanine.

    The ceiling (and thus my upstairs neighbour's bedroom floor - bastard can pay for a better place and thus has a seperate bedroom) is about 60-70 cm from my face.

    Wake up in the middle of the night to howling and screaming and pounding.

    What the fuck is happening? Fire? Why is someone stomping? I panic, get coiled in my sheets. Then the screaming turns to moaning.


    That's what happening.

    Good on you, Jack (not actual name).


    Good on you.
  11. The worst neighbors I ever had were back when I was in middle school. They were filthy, disgusting people and had a cockroach problem that they didn't care to try to deal with. Unfortunately, because we were living in apartments and shared a wall, this meant we on the other side of the wall got cockroaches too. No matter what we did to try to get rid of them and keep them out, they just kept coming. The landlord was garbage and didn't care so long as people paid their rent, so there was no help there. My mother went from asking nicely to pleading to leaving angry notes to full on yelling at them to stop being pieces of shit, but all to no avail.

    Runner up goes to the lady who stole my brother's cat, insisted that she did no such thing even when the police came by after our report of seeing the cat in her house, and then came to our house and demanded that we give the cat back to her after he escaped her house and ran back to ours about a month after she took him. Idiot lady said we mistreated him by letting him be an outside cat and that she would call the cops on us for animal cruelty if we didn't give him back. We didn't, cops never came by, and we thought all was well. Unfortunately, the cat remained and outside cat and disappeared again a few months later. We're pretty sure she nabbed him again when he was on her property, but we never could prove it.
  12. Let's see. There a racial divide in our complex. White folk to the third floor. The rest below. Everyone knows it. They hate stairs for anything but sitting on them being in the way.

    We've got this autistic girl who lives below us with her smoking-while-pregnant mom and generally nasty acting dad. She started by loving our dog in the worst way. Mostly by running up and trying to grab him. He's Rottweiler mix.

    Now if she seems him at all. Window. Balcony. Whatever. She stops. Hits the floor. And screams bloody fucking murder.

    Guy next to them wouldn't leave his apartment. Couldn't take my dog out that night because of the twelve deputies and K-9 units on the second landing that I had to pass by.

    I'll add more later. Our apartments are a colorful bunch.
  13. Well... My windows are nearly always sealed shut because my neighbors and their friends smoke like crazy, and all that smoke just happens to go right to my window -_- (Even when they're not outside, the smell is still there)

    And they're late night partiers. Thankfully, I like party music. I just wish they'd switch it up a bit instead of like 2, MAYBE 3 songs for the entire night -_- But on the bright side, they overthrow the other neighbors who ALWAYS PLAYED THE SAME STUPID SONG OVER AND OVER DX So that's a plus.

    I haven't had normal, quite neighbors in a looooong time.
  14. One afternoon in 2012 I had returned for a day at learning useless things at school, I was walking upstairs to my apartment on the top floor. I had passed my neighbors door and heard horrible, blood curdling screams from inside. I had promptly ran my ass inside my own house and called the police, telling them the neighbors were being murdered, sure enough the police had arrived and our apartment building if basically separated by whites/blacks top floor, Hispanic middle floor, any type of illegal immigrant on the last floor. Now I had told them the wrong number and they raided the apartment next to the one they should've. There was a whole lot of drugs being used in that one apartment for just one pregnant woman. When they had actually looked in the one they were supposed to, the couple was having a love session. So now after that incident, the pregnant lady has been doing nothing but sitting on the steps, not moving when someone says excuse me and just smokes inside the hallways. No one wants to smell like you lady, please stop.
  15. I just moved from hell on Earth, and it was all because of my shitty neighbors.

    The neighbors directly next door to me:
    1. Let their kids throw mulch and dirt all over my car, and sweep it off with a broom leaving hundreds of scratches in the paint.
    2. Their middle daughter cracked my iPod, jumped on my daughter while she was swimming and caused her to almost drown, stabbed my daughter in the arm with a piece of glass, kicked my dog, threatened to kill my cat, and accused me of hitting her.
    3. The wife called my kids bitches, whores, and assholes to their face every single day. Called the cops because my kids drew in the street with sidewalk chalk, called social services and animal services on us, lying and saying we abused our animals and children. (Social services didn't even bother coming out. Animal services came out, looked at my pets and left writing that the report was unfounded) Harasses my two youngest kids at school, even though we no longer live near them. Tried to get my daughter kicked out of school by lying and saying she slapped her daughter when my daughter wasn't even in fucking school that day. Told the other neighbors and the rental office that my husband abuses me, and called the cops on him for that as well.
    4. The husband slashed my husband's tires to his work truck. Banged on the door and threatened to kill my husband and throw his body in the river down the street, in front of my teenage daughter. Lied to the police and said that I threatened to kill his kids.
    I could go on, but I'll just leave it at that. And that was just one of my shitty neighbors. I won't even get into the assholes who lived next to them who assaulted my 14 year old daughter (The bitch is 31 and yelling and screaming that my daughter was a whore all while trying to beat the shit out of her.) and cussed me and my husband out in the middle of a public library, during mediation.

    Yeah, those fucking people are all psycho and I'm so glad I don't live near them anymore!
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