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  1. Name : Adriana Mae Thomas. ( prefers to be called Aiden)
    Bio : she's originally from the United Kingdom Wales to be exact. a few years back her father remarried an American woman which caused her to move across the world just so he can be happy. Adriana was never really the girly type of girl which pisses off her stepmother who is a religious freak and hate the fact that her stepdaughter is a lesbian. She always has to compare Adriana to her twin sister Leanne Leanne is the perfect girly girl who is just over all good everything..which Aiden hates. we forgot to mention that her step mom is a raging alcoholic and because her father works so much he is never home so she doesn't see it.
    Hight: 6ft
    Hobbies : playing the guitar, writing music and listening to music. You can always see her with her headphones in.
    A little extra things to know about her. She always wears a hoody and she wears glasses a lot of the time but she tries to wear contacts.


    it was a nice quiet Sunday morning Aiden was sleeping comfortably in her bed dreaming about being in her Dream band. American girls love British people don't they. a loud scream filled Aiden's ears causing her to wake up.
    " Adriana...YOU LITTLE BRAT GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP.. WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR CHURCH...YOU HAVE 5MINS TO GET UP OR IM DRAGGING YOU OUT OF BED. !" the voice echoed in the house. Aiden got up out of bed.
    "Bloody Hell woman... I'm FUCKING UP.. STUPID CUNT."
    Adriana yells back at her stepmother. She rolls out of bed and put on the dress that her stepmother makes her wear for church. " why must that blasted woman always make me wear this ugly fucking thing... Ehhhh I don't wanna go. "
    she groaned in annoyance as she put the stupid thing on. Ten minutes later she gets in the car and they go to church. Aiden puts in her headphones and blast her music loudly and sits down. She watches as a choir takes the stage her sister was also in the choir...yep miss goody goody.
  2. Character Name: Amanda Miller, friends call her Amy
    Age: 16
    Bio: She was raised in a religiously strict household but she has never had a problem with it, she goes to a private school nearby and the majority of her friends are from this school and also go to the school. They never hang out outside of biblestudy and charity events held by the school and church. She has a pet cat named sprinkles and loves to read but a lot of the books she reads are bought for her by her parents, She is big into romance novels but they are never anything to risky just love stories, more princess and prince disney style kind of romances. She really doesnt watch tv or listen to music outside of her mother playing the Piano and violin . Her father is the principle and her mother plays a big role in the organization of the church and plays the music for the church and choir. The parents are well known and liked in the town. She is fairly happy with her life and has never really had any problem
    height : 5'4
    Hobbies: Any church events, Charity events, reading, nature walking, singing
    Amy.jpg amy2.jpg Amy3.png
    She is very girly and wears her hair up in pigtails often. Her parents aren't exactly happy with her choice of hair color but she is such a good girl and well behaved that they let her do this one thing, which is have her hair pink.

    She stood up infront of the church with the other members. She smiled big and looked out over the small crowd of people in the church. She looked over to her mother who started to play the opening to one of the hymns and she began to sing.
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  3. As she watches the chorus take the stage this is a good time for her to put her headphones in. she then lean back in her seat and put her leg up against the back of the bench in front of her. Her step mom got quite pissed off at her, but she didn't want to miss her favorite sing. she notices a girl step up to the front of the chorus, Aiden looked up, her eyes locking on the beautiful blonde girl. she took out her headphones and stood up with the rest of the crowd.- how come I haven't seen her before...- she thought to herself. as the beautiful blonde girl began to sing Aiden's heart begin to melt.
  4. (( not being petty just not sure if you noticed or if I didnt explain it well in the descriptions but she has like, pastel pink hair))

    She sang at the same volume as everyone else in the choir but her voice seemed to naturally rise over everyone else. She looked out over the crowd and saw a lot of eyes on her, she blushed at the thought of people admiring her but she never let it get to her head. She looked out and saw a couple of new people and then her eyes landed on one particular person.
    At first she thought that this person was a boy but her heart skipped a beat when she noticed that it was a girl. She looked down and was wondering why it gave her butterflies in her stomach, she looked back up and let her voice continue to roar gracefully over the others as she began to sway back and forth with the tune of her mother playing the piano
  5. (I didn't my bad I'll fix it just message me when stiff like this happens)

    Aiden looked up again and noticed that the girls eyes were on her. The eyes of the girl were so beautiful. She couldn't help not look away. Then the weird feeling came but so she turned around and saw all the nearest bathroom she hurry up and ran to it "..bloody hell... The fuck was that... .why... Aiden you need to keep you and not be stupid .... She's just some stupid goody goody two shoe God freak chick." she stayed in the bathroom for maybe about 15 minutes and then decide to come out and sit back down with her family. She mum was pissed.
  6. Amanda watched as the girl ran off to the bathroom and continued to sing. After that song was over she walked off the stage and went to sit back down.
    She walked along the isle to her seat, receiving many compliments from people as she went. She sat fairly close to the front right next to her mother. They smiled at each other as Amandas dad walked up on the stage with a Bible in his hand ready to preach the word of God.
    She heard the old bathroom door squeak open, guessing that it was that new girl that let earlier returning to her seat but Amanda didn't turn to look as her dad started to give the sermon, She loved watching her dad speak and she loved the reaction that people gave when he did.
    The sermon felt as if it went on a little longer than normal but it was no problem for her. After the sermon ended everyone stood up and started to either leave or stay for snacks and socializing.
    Amanda stood up and walked off to the side to get out of the ruckus.
  7. Aiden finally decide to come out of the bathroom, the door squeaked as it opened. She tried to stay quiet but a few people looked back at her. She felt a little embarrassed so she hurried up back to your seat. Everything felt like it dragged on for hours. ' for fuck sake...hurry up... I hate this damn dress! ' she said to her self crossing her arms. Her step mom looked at her pissed. Yep she was going to get yelled at the service was over and everyone was gathering around and socializing. her sister went to her choir friends to talk. Aiden tried to escape but her mother cought her. The old hag drag her outside and started to yell at her "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT... YOUR ALWAYS EMBARRASSING US.... WITH YOUR BEHAVIOR. ...I.. " Aiden cut her stepmother off "...of me.... Your not embarrassed of my behavior... Your embarrassed of me... Your such a fucking stupid CUNT.." she yelled. the look on her step mother's face was priceless
  8. Amanda looked over at the girl and saw that neither her or the older woman that she was with looked very happy. Her smile fell and she was a little disappointed when she realized that they were rushing out the door.
    Soon her mother noticed her watching them and came up to fill Amanda in that they were new to the church.
    She nodded and continued to stare at the door but eventually turned and walked over to a few of the church members and struck up nonchalent small talk about the service and the weather.
    Soon a few people looked over at the door as the sound of yelling spilled in from outside. Amanda gasped a little when she heard the word "Cunt" actually used. She covered her mouth with one hand and looked back over to her mom who was already heading for the door to make sure that everything was okay. Her mother was a dark haired older woman with olive skin. She wore a dark blue dress to the service and had her hand down and curled. She quietly opened the door to the church and peaked out to see the girl and her mother standing there.
    "Is everything...alright?" she asked trying not to be to loud
  9. Aiden and her stepmother looked at the lady.
    Aiden step mom look like an older blonde washed up Playboy model with green eyes. Her dress was kind of tight. her step mother regain her posture and sighed. "yes my daughter an I were having a little argument over her behavior... But its all good now right honey? " she looked at Aden and fake smile she hated her moms fake smile... Aiden kind of want to punch her in the mouth really badly when she did that. " first off you dumb cunt I'm not your daughter... You're just some bitch my dad married... Second off it was not about my behavior... She's just embarrassed of me in general she wishes I never existed.... And really sick and tired of wearing the stupid dress. " she says as she takes the dress off showing off her sports bra off and her balletball shorts. She had to wear a couple different sports bras to make her chest look a little bit more flat because she did her large breasts. Adien smiled evilly and flipped her step mom off and walk back into the church.
  10. The preachers wife stood there eyes wide and in complete shock over the behavior of the two newcomers. The rest of the church was full of quiet people that had lived in this town their whole lives, everyone was fairly quiet and calm, generous and sweet, so she had little to no experience with people who acted in this manner. She just stood there awkwardly starring at the woman as the girl moved past her and made her way back into the church.
    Amanda saw that someone was entering the church and immediately put on a smile but it fell and her face became very red when she noticed that it was the girl that she had saw earlier but now she was dressed completely different and exposing her stomach. She looked away scared to show her blushing face and confused about why she seemed to get really excited at the sight of the girls exposed stomach and tight sports bra.
    She shook the thoughts away and looked in the direction of the bathroom, she excused herself polietly from the people and started to slowly inch around people towards the bathroom
  11. Aiden walked into the bathroom. Wishing she knew how to control her anger. Realizing she made a complete ass out of herself Aiden leaned over the sink and washed her face. Looking at her own reflection she hates what she sees. "...why can't I be normal......mum... Why can't you be here instead of that fake bitch... " she dried her face and hands.
  12. Amanda sat in the stall trying to calm herself down when she heard the bathroom door open up. She thought that it could be her mother coming to check on her, she wasn't sure how long she had been in there but was suddenly worried and paranoid that she was acting suspicious.
    She walked out of the stall and turned to look over at the sink and saw the girl there drying off her face. She froze in place and bit her lip. She took a few steps forward, she wanted to make a run for the door but was scared of looking like a weirdo. Normally she would introduce herself and everything would be okay, but she felt unnaturally nervous and some part of her wondered if she was sick or losing her mind. She shook these thoughts away and smiled kindly like she normally would.
    "Hello, So you're new?" She waiting for the girl to turn to look at her.
  13. Out of nowhere the sound of someone scared the crap out of Aiden. She turned quickly to see the beautiful girl. Her heart started raracinglord could the girl hear it. being Aiden she said "THE HELL... DON'T do that do that to people.. Bloody hello.. What on earth are you doing in here? " she asked a bit rudely trying not to Show her emotions
  14. The girls energy and tone took her off gaurd.
    "Oh um, Im sorry, I was just leaving and..saw you and..." She said, her voice starting to trail off, not sure how to react to the girl being a little bit rude.
    "Im sorry" She said looking down, starting to become a little upset but she attempted to hide it. She cried fairly easy over the smallest things and she felt her eyes start to tear up some but scolded herself for being such a baby over the smallest things.
  15. Aiden felt bad for being such a dick. Then she noticed the girl became upset... Like she was going to cry. Aiden rubbed the back of her head and looked down. "..Ummm... Hey Love don't cry.. .I was just in a bad mood because of my stupid step mum... I should have not taken it out on you I apologize." Aiden slowly walked over to the girl placing her hand on her cheek and slowly moving it under her chin slowly lifting her head up so they could make eye contact with each other. putting on a fake smile to try to make the girl feel better she asked "... Does this beautiful flower forgive me... This angry little rain cloud did not mean to take away the flowers sunshine. !"
  16. From the moment they made skin to skin contact she felt as if she was a statue. She looked up to meet the girls eyes, her heart started to race and her face turned really red.
    ' Flower, Beautiful, ' Were the only words to echo through her mind. She parted her lips to say something but was still in shock, she had never had someone touch her like that, especially not a girl.
    "You're forgive" She said in a soft quiet voice, she grinned a little suddenly feeling much better but still very anxious and nervous. She looked back down at her hands nervously and twisted a little making her dress sway.
    Suddenly the door flew open, Amanda jumped back a little, afraid that it was her mom, she suddenly felt guilty and she wasnt sure why.
    Thankfully it was just an older woman that had been a member of the church for many years, she smiled at the two girls. Amanda apologized sweetly and moved out of the way for the older woman to get through.
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  17. Aiden could tell that the young girl was quite nervous then out of nowhere she jumps back because the door opened. She knew that the girl would be embarrassed to be seen with her so she decided to leave as the old woman came in. A girl like that would never like someone like Aiden that's what she thought anyway.
    Aiden grabbed her backpack and skateboard she hid under one of the benches. She shoved her dress and other stuff into it. Grabbing one of her band shirts and putting it on. Walkin outside people staring at her as she rode off on her skateboard putting her headphones in. she looked back a couple times to see if the girl ran after her but she never saw the site of the girl.
  18. She stood there frozen for a moment, confused about this new feeling that she was having. She wasn't sure why she felt so nervous around the girl, normally she was happy and giddy at church but this girl made her feel different. She tried to make sense of it and put it into words that she could understand but came up with nothing. She looked at herself in the mirror and wandered back out to see that a large amount of the crowd had already disappeared. She practially rushed out the door to look around for the girl but no longer saw her.
    "What are you looking of honey?" The familiar voice of her mother asked from the side.
    "Oh, just that new girl" She said, looking over at her mom suddenly feeling a little defensive. Her mother didn't think anything of it and didn't question her daughters intentions but Amanda felt the need to explain herself.
    "I started talking to her but I didn't catch her name was all." She said, smiling nervously as he played with a strand of her hair.
    He mother paused and looked at her a little funny.
    "I'm sorry to hear that Sweetheart, maybe you will see her next Sunday or at School maybe" Her mother said even though she personally doubted that they would show up again after todays incident
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  19. Aiden has her music blasting and she noticed a couple cars filled with people from the church pass by. She notices the girl from the church in one of the cars. Aiden had the feeling that she needed to follow that car, So she did. But she made sure to stay behind a little bit so they would not noticed her.
  20. Amanda and her mother ran an errand at the bank, Amanda just sat in the car and waited for her mother to get out. Soon she returned and smiled, she glanced out the window, her mind kept wandering to that girl from church. Everytime she would think about her her face would grow red and her stomach would start to feel funny. She wondered why she felt this way and why it didn't seem like a bad thing.
    "Hey Mom, Can I borrow the car to go to the bookstore?" Amanda asked.
    "Yes of course honey, You just have to be home before eight alright?"
    "Yes mam'" She said smiling, she loved to go wander around the bookstore, she had a part time job at a small convenience store down the road, most of her money went towards books.

    They got home and her mother passed her the keys and gave her a kiss and told her to be safe before walking in. Amanda adjusted the seat some and buckled her seat belt before heading out. She kept her hands at 10 & 2. She never went a mile over the speed limit and she kept an eye on her mirrors and made sure she was being safe with her moms car. She got to the bookstore, parked the car. She checked herself in the mirror. She ran her hands along her pale face, she looked down at her moms makeup bag she kept in the car. She debated on playing with it but decided against it. She fixed her hair some then headed into the store.
    She wandered along the isles she went to her usual sections, teen and Christianity. She passed an isle she had looked down a couple of times, Romance. She bit her lip and continued past, she lingered around for a little bit curious about what was down the isle.
    She decided she would head down the isle, a lot of the covers showed a "perfect" looking shirtless man with a gorgeous woman. She sighed, not really finding it interesting. She picked up a few of the books and read the backs, still not interested she decided to move back down the isle some. She looked and was surprised with how similar a lot of these novels looked. Soon she ran into a romantic help section she quickly scanned over the books, starting to feel a little embarrassed about being in that section. She saw a book labeled "Discovering your Sexuality" She started to turn bright red and she decided to leave the isle.
    She decided she would go to another new section, the manga section. She looked around and saw a bunch of interesting titles and covers. She looked further down the isle and saw a separate manga section a little future down. She wandered over and saw that it was strictly a romance manga section. She took a quick look around, nervous that someone would see her picking something up.
    She looked over a lot of the covers and started just picking up random ones to take a look at, she picked on up that had two girls on the cover, the two were laying in thick grass and holding hands. She took another look around and tucked it under her arm. She walked over to the other manga section and quickly picked out one of the mangas she heard people talking about at school, she didnt know much about it but she felt like she needed another book to cover up the one that she really wanted. Especially if her mom asked what she bought it would be weird to come back with nothing.