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  1. Setting:
    God Is On His Knees is set vaguely in Medieval Europe. Our court intrigue will take place in the fictional nation of Vanqland. It's not much different from England, Spain, or France at the time but is a sort of melding pot of the nations. The culture is rich and unique and known for being especially brutal when it comes to power struggle. Vanqland is located in Central Europe and has a lush forests and fertile soil as well as some of the best hunting among the nations. It has no access to the sea but is plentiful in rivers and lakes to provide fish and fresh water. There are mountains sheltering the Northern half of the country making it near impossible to invade from above and the Southern borders are heavily occupied with forts and noble land holdings. Vanqland finds itself in a time of external peace, but internally a war wages for power, favor, and even love.

    The plot for this roleplay will be fairly loose in the beginning. The King is holding court in hopes of finding suitors for his two youngest daughters but is also intending to root out his enemies. Why might the King have enemies, you ask? Well, rumor has it that King is a practicing pagan, possibly a demon worshiper, and that both of his beautiful daughters have been involved in rituals of some variety The Kingdom is largely Catholic and thus many of the nobles may not be too keen on the idea of their King, so famous for his brutality in war, does not follow their God. The King will not stand for opposition nor plottings against him. He will burn his enemies from their holes like vipers and he will secure his bloodline in his daughters' marriages. Come to court, the invitation read, come to court and forget your troubles for the Summer.

    As the plot progresses, there may be a civil war in the future or an invasion with outside country. I'm more than open to ideas!

    The Rules
    1. Iwaku's Rules Apply

    2. No godmodding/power playing/Mary or Gary Sues (duh)

    3. Romance is allowed and encouraged. Pre-existing relationships are also completely fine. Want to be the King's mistress (male or female) let me know! Like the look of someone's character? Send them a PM! As long as it isn't without the character owner's permission I don't care what you do. Oh, and sexy times are to be taken to private message unless you're a minor and then they will be taken no where!

    4. Violence and combat are bound to come up at some point. I recommend talking out how the fight will go before hand. Be realistic and if someone ends up dying, you are more than welcome to make a new character.

    5. I reserve the right to reject characters for any reason but if I believe they can be saved I will advise you on how to edit them.

    6. Multiple characters are fine as long as you can keep up.

    7. Want some secrets going down? Pm me! Want to suggest a plot point? PM me! Have an idea for a character that goes beyond what's listed above? Just ask!

    8. The role cap is non existent as of now.

    9. Forgot this up there, I want at least a couple of solid paragraphs per post unless it's dialogue or combat. Please post as often as you can.

    10. Ummm. Yeah. Have fun?

    The Ad:
    So after reading all of that, if you're still interested here is what I need: we need more nobles than anything else. Either gender, any sexuality you want. Older (like 40+) , established characters would be great as the cast is pretty young overall. Villains are welcomes as are heros. You can find the CS in the OOC thread and post it here or in the OOC or send me a PM for approval. I'm unlikely to reject any well thought out character so don't be scared off by the length of the OOC or the IC! We will happily catch you up! If you have any questions I am available here and through PM. Thanks in advance :D

    Specific Role Requests:

    1. We are in dire need of a captain of the king's guard who could or could not also serve as a general for The King's Armies.

    2. For anyone who likes some good Lannister style incest intrigue, we are in need of the brother half of such a relationship.

    3. More supernatural creatures are always welcome (Phae, natural spirits, vampires, werewolves, etc. Please note the character will have to be able to fit into the plot of the roleplay)

    4. Someone to take over a previously made "younger princess" character or create their own without disturbing the flow of the roleplay thus far

    5. Catholic Religious figures to investigate the king or pagan ones to serve him

    6. Villains (potential usurpers, potential invaders from other nations, evil sorceresses, etc) , pm me for ideas or if you have one of own

    7. Maybe a bastard son to the king?

    8. Anything else you can come up with!



    Character Thread:
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  2. Join people! It's fun... 'nuff said...
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  3. Are you perhaps looking for a pagan witch/priest for your royal court? I'd be glad to make one!

    EDIT: Gave it a bit more thought; something along the lines of voodoo witch, fortune-teller, potion-mixer, charm-maker...working under the crown to protect the royal family. Very useful, but equally as stubborn and haughty. Chaotic neutral alignment - appearance based on Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Carribean.
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  4. That sounds amazing!
  5. Lovely! I'll PM you about it, I had some more time to mull it over.
  6. I eagerly await it :3
  7. Still looking <:
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Possibly interested... Are you still needing a captain of the King's Guard?
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  10. Yes indeed :3
  11. I think, after browsing through things, I may retract that statement... That is a lot to catch up on and I'm afraid I've become a bit wary of RPs with over 15 characters. It seems very well planned, though-- I do admire the detail. It would just take me quite some time to get everything sorted and a CS made, and then I feel I'd be even more behind. ._.
  12. I understand. I'd be more than happy to catch you up, I can even make a "Story Thus Far" sort of a thing if you'd think that would be more helpful.
  13. Er, perhaps? What does the posting look like and is there any sort of order enforced? I'm still a bit leery over the amount of characters.
  14. Still accepting!
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  15. If it's any encouragement, the GM does a great job of bringing newcomers up to speed. c:
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  16. Still have plenty of spots!
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