Goblin Invasion

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  1. Hey, I'm Titee.

    I kinda just... found this while hunting for a roleplaying community. Playing on Tumblr is a hassle and my plan to do it through LINE diden't work either. So now we're here. Anyway, I prefer to do one on ones or play in a small group, it feels much cleaner that way. I also like to plan things out long term so that the environment I play in feels fleshed out and unique to that role play.

    Something about rain?

    If you want, I can draw head shots of your characters on request.

    Oh. I also really like painted races such as goblins and orcs. If given the chance I usually play as one of those. Don't know why, I just gravitate towards the green ones.
  2. {Welcome, just joined too recently :D}
  3. Hiii Titee! ^o^ We love getting more artists aboard! Maybe you'll help out in the character portrait studio! :D

  4. A Goblin Invasion is approaching from the east.


    welcoming threads.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. *Pops up from behind you* YO! Naruto Uzumaki here! Welcome to Iwaku! Where insanity got no limits. *gives ninja Star with card* Need a buddy or just wanna RP, let me know.
  6. Thanks for the warms welcomes guys! Oh, and I'll definitely check of the portrait studio; finding an image online is fun, but there's just something really special about making/getting a custom picture of your character.