Goals! : D

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  1. At school once, a man came in during an assembly and gave us all a talk about goals! What he said was the following:

    You should write down your goals.
    Look at them often. [Least, this is what I remember...]

    So, what are YOUR goals?
    Do you write them down? Do you look at them? what helps you to achieve them?
  2. Unfortunately I don't have set goals, as in specifically what I want to do. I have considered writing them down but I somehow know I won't keep coming back to them.

    But I do have standards. I do have a way that I want my life to be, and a way I don't want my life to be. I make an effort to keep the balance.

    What I Want: Food, water, shelter. I want to have a job that pays well enough to provide well and that I could enjoy- e.g. why I'm pursuing cosmetology as a gateway career. Cosmetology isn't my passion, but I enjoy it and it could provide for me while I work my way towards the career I really want... commissioned artist, and possibly novelist as well. *shrugs* Other than that, all I need is my freedom and a little time off once in awhile. (Romance doesn't hurt, but it's a much more lofty goal).

    What I Don't Want: To go to jail, ruin my credit, become hated, become crazily obese, succumb to mental illness, or end up on the bottom of the food chain or working a job that gets me nowhere for too long.

    Oh, and I don't want to die.

    In other words, I don't need a lot, and what I need isn't that hard to get as long as I don't stall or give up. I just need to focus and stay on the path I'm on, even if the path is difficult, and I'll get what I need to be happy. What I need to be happy isn't asking a lot. : 3 I'm fairly happy now, come to think of it.
  3. I haven't written my goals down, I don't need to look at them x3

    My first goal is Japan, I shall try to get to Japan and study there and learn the language, EVEN THEIR WEIRD WRITING. I shall not fail .. I hope...

    My second goal (that should be my first because I need it before I can go to Japan) is getting a job so that I can get the money to go to Japan. I mostly just need money for the plane and the first weeks there because then I can borrow money from a SCN, a practical thingy that borrows money to students so they can study what they want to study and then they can pay it off in their own tempo once they find a job. It's better than the bank because the bank can force you to sell everything you have to pay it back if you're not in time x3

    My third goal is to get a job that has to do with the Japanese language (after I'm done with studying) Either translator, Swedish teacher in Japan, Japanese teacher in Sweden or some English speaking country, interpreter or something like that :9

    This is my goals x3 And I haven't changed my mind for three years xD But I maybe change my mind when I see the plane because I am deadly afraid of hight's x3 I'll try to get on board somehow xD

    I dont' know what helps me to achieve them... MY WILL HELPS ME x3 maybe! xD
  4. I want to be happy. I want to help others. If all else fails, these two goals are what matter most to me.

    I tend to be an ambitious and career minded person, there is a lot I want to do in my lifetime. I want to work at the tiger sanctuary in Oregon or work for the world wildlife fund once I finish college. If I am able to build up the necessary skills and contacts I want to do field research after that. Then, when I'm much much older, and if I ever make enough money I want to open up my own animal sanctuary.

    This and a lot of living, experiencing, and loving in between as well :)
  5. My goals..Hm..

    Main goal in life is to keep happy, do what I enjoy and makes me happy, and bring happiness to others.

    Other goals..
    -I would like to visit somewhere out of the U.S., preferably Ireland, the scenery and old castles there..OH YEAH.
    -Make an impact somewhere in the world for the better.
    - Get far and make a living out of computers somehow.