GMK Does yoga

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  1. That's how men practice Yoga... It's very healthy for the mind AND body!
  2. ​And we wouldn't want him to do yoga any other way.
  3. Now I recall why I don't do yoga.
  4. ​Now I recall why I do yoga in my room. <3
  5. That's how I practise yoga but with a computor on my stomach x) *does it right now*
  6. You can't drink a computer.
  7. I like Yoga now maybe I should start doing it!
  8. who cares about drinking xD hahahha But if it needs to be a drink then it shall be coke because that is AWESOME
  9. C'mon ladies...If you are getting checked out while wearing Yoga pants...then you're obviously doing it right.
  10. Most girls wearing yoga pants nowadays prob don't even do yoga. >:C
    I am against them<3 I have a pair. but. don't wear em for anything besides bed and yoga.
  11. I wear jeans when I do yoga xD
  12. Waifu in yoga pants *stares*
  13. I buy them to be comfy and bigger, cuz I don't want them showing off EVERYTHING like they do on most girls.~ 8D Even if they fall off my hipbones often.
  14. Jeans works totaly fine to everything ^^ Yoga, PE, Dancing. EVen though my teachers gets pissed on me for it xD hahah