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  1. I am posting this thread because Minibit is both persuasive and beautiful.

    So I can not be the only person on this site, who as searched for several minutes only to their surprise the best forum on the site is missing. Okie maybe not best, but I am 80% it was the most used. When people are searching for an rp to join, for me and countless others are not sure the kind of rp they want. We don't have a genre yet in mind. SO what do we do? We look at the Global forum. I miss it, I've been on the new update for an hour and I already want it back.

    Anyone agree?
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  2. Was the first thing I noticed. Made me sad to realize it was gone.. It made things so much easier.
    And now there's even more pages to go through to find an RP, so yeah.
  3. If we get a lot of demand for it, we can add it back. But we had a lot of problems with people thinking that was where they posted their roleplays and added lots of confusions. D: I am looking in to ways to make a different kind of plot listing that won't confuse newbies.
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  4. I would strongly support a small twist on this. Mostly because I don't really do group roleplays, so I'm focused on a slightly different area.

    I love all the new categories for one on ones. But it has made me very sad to realize that the interest checks are now scattered all over the sub-forum. Like tonedeaf I never go in knowing what exactly I want. Is it possible to have threads that are made in the other interest check sections also appear in the general Interest search? I'm not thinking so much a separate list as a... duplication. Perhaps the duplicated threads could be marked with a different tag to let people know which forum it was originally posted in?
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  5. @Peregrine I don't know if that will be possible, but I will see what I can come up with! :D
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  6. Yay! Thanks, Diana.
  7. I noticed with the overhaul that the global signups sub-forum has disappeared. I'd love it if this could be returned, since it makes it much easier to browse RPs i might be interested in joining, rather than going through section by section. I imagine many others would appreciate it's return too.
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  8. @Peregrine, maybe like a 'global one x one requests' and. 'Global group requests'? I'd be downfor that, especially with the categorization of the one x ones
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  9. @Diana
    I wasn't sure if I should have posted this in this thread or the suggestion place because it directly applies to this thread, but how about to avoid people creating threads in the Global Sign ups, you make it just a list? Like it lists all the rps, but you can't create a thread in that area. And when you click on an rp you get rerouted to where the rp actually is located.

    Like you go to global sign ups and see a magic unicorn rp, and then you click on it and it reroutes to the thread where it is placed in the fantasy rp area.

    (feel free to ignore this by the way, because I know nothing about make/editing websites. xD)

    Edit: And when people are actually creating their rps in their respective areas, at the bottom where it says 'Watch thread [check box] and get email notifications' how about you put [check box] post in Global Sign Ups thread?, underneath?
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  10. @Princess of the Teacup

    Other than that check box bit, that WAS how Global Sign Ups worked. You couldn't post threads there; it was just a listing of redirects.

    The problem was that people thought that they WERE supposed to post threads there, and when they couldn't, they assumed there was something wrong with their permissions and got frustrated or confused. We had people leave the site because they found it too difficult to deal with or thought we had a post count minimum or something.
  11. @Ozzie Chanter Didn't it say that it was just a list and no one could actually post? If so, can I call them illiterate without @Diana yelling at me?
  12. @Ochalla It's unfair to call them illiterate, they're probably just unobservant. I didn't actually realise it said that you couldn't post in it, I just noticed there wasn't a "New Thread" button there, so I figured you had to put it in a specific section.
  13. Oh >.< I feel dumb then xD