Glitz and Greed

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  1. 1933, The Depression is raging on in the United States, Unemployment rising, prices skyrocketing, and other hardships. Meanwhile, David Emmerson is hosting a party at his luxurious estate in Pittsburgh, PA with dancing, laughter and good times all around. The fun ends however, when the Steel tycoon is murdered at the estate. Rumors spread that say the murderer killed him for his money with a local steel mill. Was it in cold blood, or for a piece of riches? (Note: If you are unfamiliar with the time period, please do a little research before replying)

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    Miriam Greystone exited her father's automobile. She came from Trafford to see the Steel tycoon of Pittsburgh. It was jarring being in such a busy place, compared to her small town. The 18 year old was born and raised in Trafford with her younger sister, Jane. She was graduating soon, and planning to attend Seton Hill. She brushed a piece of her red hair off her shoulders as she walked the pathway up to the mansion. When she knocked on the door, the host answered .

    "Hello, Miss Greystone, I have tea on the stove brewing, would you like some?"
    Miriam replied that she would enjoy a nice cup of tea to help her relax, knowing her manners will reflect in the papers. "Alright, Miss Greystone, the tea has to simmer for a little longer." Replied David from the kitchen, "By the way, why don't you locate your room? It's the one marked with the moon."
    "Thank you, Mister Emmerson, I'll do that right now."