GLITCH3S - Unique Dystopian, with good ol' fashioned Rebellion

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    A Unique Dystopian
    PLOT -
    • The year is 2609, the world has matured in ways that humanity could have never forseen. After the massive and destructive WWIII (2387 - 2401) humanity was deemed not fit to rule by their new dictator, and his council "The Eleven" and so that was when genetical therapy started to go into place, people had to look, act, and become perfect to become the hosts of earth. It took many years and many lives, though eventually by 2516 98.4% of the human race was now what was considered "perfect" these people -- or the Adepts, wiped out those who did not listen to their reign and eventually every people on the earth was in some way genetically superior to their forefathers. Beautiful, intelligent, and physically able they remade the world into a new age kingdom. Seven Citadels were created around the globe, (+2 Americas, +1 Europe, +2 Asia, +1 Australia, +1 Africa) with the central seat of power being the Third "Sector" as it was deemed (North America) in which the dictator and the Eleven were situated. Now years have rolled by, and the world is seemingly conquered by humanity; but what will happen when rebellion starts to rise?

    • THE ADEPT: The most common of all the groups, most people fall under this group, as they have gone through the gene therapy, and are now "perfect" inside and out. Though they do not mature to the point of powers like the Glitches, they are still very much so superior to the human race as we know it. They live longer, are stronger, faster, and much more intelligent. Most of the world now fits into this group, and those who refuse their therapy, or rountine checks are killed on site. They usually live in medicore to wealthy homes, and usually live better lives than the other two groups.
    • THE LAGS: The most hated of all the groups, the Lags are people who are not genetically "perfect" these people are fairly uncommon given that most genetic or fatal diseases can be discovered before birth, and then either repaired or terminated. Though doctors can be bribed, accidents can happen, but regardess once you go through your monthly check and it's determined that you are no longer perfect, they will stend you to the outskirts or slums of the city in which you'll live out the rest of your days in hard labor.
    • THE GLITCHES: The most feared of all the groups, the Glitches are people who are not only perfect but are genetically superior. Giving them an edge over humanity, this has since evolved into mutant like powers which will happen around puberty. Glitching is not genetic, but something that will occur with some over the time of gene therapy. Most people who are determined as a Glitch are either killed on the spot, or sometimes recruited into the milita. (Depending on the threat that they pose and what their power is.)
    • THE VETOES: These people are two different groups, anyone outside of the major Sectors and have not been caught and given gene therapy fall under this group; as well as people who are Adepts but are starting to rebel against the wishes of their dictator, and wish for not everyone to be perfect. Though these people do meet in private (if within the Sectors) they do hold a grudge against those who believe that the Adepts are needed to enhance the human race. Very few people fall into the first part of this group, as most people outside the sectors, are killed by curious military from the cities. But some camps remain outside the Sector walls..

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