Givers Unkind

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    It was late. A man in his late twenties sat in a booth and charmed the women entering. “Hello, gorgeous...” he said in a low, husky voice to a particular young woman who entered in a black, form fitting dress. She shot him a flirtatious look, then took her time getting to a stool at the bar. His eyes followed her swaying hips as they made their way to a seat─until something caused his vision shifted to another part of the underground bar. SMACK!

    “Just what the hell do you think you’re here for, Donato?” The man’s father blew a smoke ring in his face, causing him to cough lightly and dispel the cloud with his hand. “Our friends are about to arrive, why don’t you take this time to put your eyeballs back into your head?” The elderly man drew back, clearly vexed as his son─the future mafia boss of the successful Vizzini family─ogled ladies from afar. He calmly pulled a jeweled ring out of his pocket that matched that of his son’s and his own; it’s gold band was thinner, though, and the fru fru around the large ruby were far more intricate than those on the mens’. The other man glanced at it, fully grasping what it was after his second look at it.

    “Why did you bring mom’s ring?” His father grabbed his hand and forcibly placed the ring in his palm; Don was mistaken.

    “You will give that to the daughter of the Roth family.” The mobster stated. “And you will not challenge me.” Donato stared at his father, then at the ring. The message was definitely clear, to the point that he was stunned to no words. He was only able to hold a furrowed brow and ask a simple question.

    “An arranged marriage?”
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    She grumbled under her breath annoyed as her father gushed about how wonderful everything would be. She rolled her eyes, like she would believe the crap he was feeding her. You see, Levi - Anna only agreeded with her father due to his threats. Seriously her father was a bit insane, claiming to find comfort in suicide if she wouldn't marry a stranger. Even her step mother begged her, who was actually quite against the whole idea of an arranged marriage. Truth to be told, Levi didn't care. The only thing that mattered in her life was getting a degree for teaching -- professor to be exact. History is what she loved and that was about it. Everything else was BS.

    She ran her fingers through her red-brown locks. Thanks to her mothers genetics she received Scottish - German descent. As for her father who of Spanish and English blood, she inherited his dark brown eyes which were more brooding rather than jolly. Her father had to be crazy, strange and definitely bi - polar. Soon enough they arrived. Patting down her red frock - dress and walking out in her long black boots with a matching leather jacket, she believed that she was presentable enough. Her step mother had fussed over her hair and outfit earlier, seemingly a bit too excited. Following her father she saw him greet another man. They whispered among themselves. Within seconds she found herself focusing on him.

    She narrowed her eyes, her lips turning into a scowl. Just by the way he stood, she attempted to read his attitude. His attire seemed carefree and his posture, lax. He seemed like the type of guy who liked to have 'fun' rather than being committed and serious. Levi didn't care. So long as this contract was through and done, they would be married but, separated... probably. Her expression changed into something quizzical until she finally began to speak.

    "So you're the one, great," She said sarcastically, her eyebrows upturned.
  3. The man snorted in response to the woman with the dark eyes whom the name of escaped him at the moment. It was uncharacteristic of him to avoid speech with women, but the circumstances that the two had met under─not to mention after something as thrilling as his father's surprise─left him desiring nothing more than to be away from the girl. He sighed, "Oh no, my dear. It seems I'm the one. " He had one of his usual smirks plastered on his face, but the feeling was different; like he was putting on a show. Maybe because he was. Perhaps that way this marriage could start as fast as it would finish; hopefully she shared the same sentiment. His eyes darted back to the two old men in the booth as he pulled out his usual tricks; quickly grabbing her hand before kissing it and hastily letting go. "It's nice to finally meet you, miss.. You're beauty could not be contained in words." He said charmingly, a glisten in his eye.

    If he was correct, she didn't seem the type to be impressed by this magic, but a feeling of something falling into his stomach kept him going─otherwise he may have needed to rush out with a hand over his mouth. He stood uncomfortably, eyes wandering as the ring in his pocket burned a hole into his light slacks.
  4. A charmer, she just saw it coming. Pretending to be flattered, within seconds her curved smile turned flat and straight. She wasn't wrong apparently, she nailed his personality on the spot. She wasn't fazed by his handsome features, she had learned to be less shallow a long time ago. Sighing with a subtle murmur, she brushed aside his sweet talk at all. Sure she liked it but she knew he probably declared something like that to every beautiful woman he saw. Hoping her father would disrupt and close their tense meeting, she found them distant. Both of the old men occasionally glancing towards them, their hands waving frantically in the air as their speech slurred so quickly that it was hard to interpret.

    Deciding to get to the point she looked at him right in the eye which wasn't too hard. Even though he was taller than she, her willowy slender statue brought her to a comfortable height.

    "I'm Levi-Anna Roth ... whatever they're planning, i'm just saying it's ridiculous." She said putting it out there. Not afraid to speak her mind while crossing her arms, brushing a few strands of hair away from her face.

    Finally both of the old men returned with smiles. Her father whispered the repeated words of marriage as Levi bit her lip. His eyes pleaded for her to agree. She sighed, for the sake of her father, she would be dutiful and go through with his plans. But the last thing she would give a damn about would be this marriage. After all, wasn't love required?
  5. "Nice to meet you, signorina.. I'm Donato Vizzini, but you can call me Don." She was really quite the looker. If there was ever a time he described beauty and meant it, that was now. He almost wished he met her somewhere else.

    "Modestamente parlando─honestly speaking─bella, I'm enjoying this no more than you." He whispered as his grey eyes locked on her dark brown ones. He felt almost relieved that the girl─Levi-Anna─had expressed her thoughts, considering they had mirrored his own. Even his own picture of marriage was ten thousand times more romantic than this. He was a man of the pleasures, and although the mafia princess seemed interesting, he just wasn't willing to try for a challenge at the moment. His father and mother hadn't been set up, who then had the right to tell him who he should and should not marry─definitely not his father. On top of that, marriage was commitment, and Don was not ready to give up his freedom for one girl. Not now, at least not yet.

    As his mind drifted to other places, a sharp jab in the side reminded him of the news that had knocked the wind out of him from the beginning. He closed his eyes in contained frustration, then reached into his pocket, earning a smug look from his father as he pulled the large rock of a ruby ring out of its confinements. He was going to get this over with, but he wasn't going to like it.

    There was no nervousness for being rejected, it was almost like there wasn't even a choice to feel that way. Levi-Anna had also seemed to accept it herself, a teeth hovering over her lip. She seemed like the idealistic type herself. She could have had a boyfriend, or at least dreams of an affectionate marriage; this would ruin that first experience for her. He was sorry for her. But more importantly, he was sorry for himself.

    "Signorina Roth, would you..." He said as he held out his left hand for her own, observing her from under his eyelashes, "consider.. exchanging vows in the near future?" It was obvious he was avoiding the use of the word 'marriage'/'marry' and with the two other figures watching closely, he couldn't help but feel awkward and lower his voice. By the end, the ring was ready in his right hand and he was then incredibly close to her.
  6. Stunned but understanding that something like this would happen, she dutifully nodded her head, too scared to even utter the words. Saying yes to marriage, saying yes to to it all. She felt like it would strip away what she could have. So merely, she nodded her head, her redish locks bobbing up and down. She was reminded of his previous statement. So they were on equal terms. This marriage was simply an agreement and a hassle thanks to both of their fathers. Levi-anna had remembered the story of her own father's first marriage. It was set up by a match maker and they had been distant to each other at first. However over time, both her mother and father let their relationship grow into love. But her mother's life was cut short with the miscarriage of a second child. At the time, Levi was only five years old. The remembrance of black was everywhere. The sorrow in her father's eyes. From then on, she wanted to see him smile no matter how much she needed to sacrifice.

    The ring slipped onto her finger. It felt strange. Foreign, Alien. She was only twenty five and had a whole life. A whole career built ahead of her. But now she was engaged. To a man she barely knew. It felt disappointing. Levi was naturally a pessimistic, not seeing even a sliver of chance that things would work out. However now that she was swept into this whole deal, it was too late to back out. The last thing she wanted to do was cause a rift in their families relationship.

    "Splendid" Her father said beaming while murmuring to Don's father.

    "A date has been arranged a year from today for wedding bells. Once the wedding occurs and consummation follows, this marriage will be set in stone." Don's father said stoically.

    Levi already felt the butterflies jitters inside of her. A year wasn't too long but it would be long enough to judge his character. She was scared that everything had already been planned. And nothing had one word of her own say in it. Within a few minutes, it was also revealed that she would have to stick with Don. "To get to know him" as her father said. She rolled her eyes, most normal fathers wouldn't let their only daughter hang around a strange young man. But nope not her father, instead. He encouraged it. And so she was left there with Don while the old men retreated. Flustered, her mouth shaped into an "o" and she remained speechless.
  7. Following the men with his eyes as they left, Don stood quietly next to Levi, an expression that did not yeild well for it's target. One year. That meant...

    Perhaps he could drive a wedge between that old man and this whole marriage idea. There was still time to try and convince his father to call off the marriage! It was far too early to hang his coat up just yet. As for having to stay connected through the hip, who was to say they did or didn't go home together? It wasn't like anyone was watching. Planning to tell her of his plan, he turned his head to Levi─excitedly, now that their spectators had left─only to notice the look of surprise on her face. He almost laughed, pressing his lips together at her speechlessness; that would have been wrong, to laugh at her surprise when he himself was part of the reason for it. He opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped, catching the eye of a businessman sitting at the bar. The speed of which the man had turned back was the only sign that he needed. They were being watched.

    He put a hand on Levi's shoulder and leaned in to her ear, staging a scene that looked much like what he did to almost every girl he had ever met. "Eyes are following us. Play along...unless you'd like a matching handcuff to go with that ring." He whispered, drawing back with a deceiving grin. He held out his hand for her shortly afterward.

    "Did you drive here, or am I taking you for a ride, gioia?"
  8. Already knowing the meaning behinds the handcuff comment, she looked at him with annoyance. With a pretend smile, she delicately and gracefully stomped on his toe. As if to say "a day too late, a year too early mister". Sauntering off into the car without taking his hand she positioned herself far to the edge of the seat. A pained expression was drawn across her face, everything was starting to hit her. This was reality. Taking in deep breaths she calmed herself. This would be a start of something new. Something unknown and dangerous, a risk. But if it meant making everyone else around her happy, she was willing to sacrifice what she had.

    Crossing her legs and sighing tiredly. The car seemed to drive on endlessly. Road after road, street after street. She yawned, bored as silence echoed the car. She didn't bother looking over at Don. From her previous action, it seemed like he wasn't too surprised by her actions. At least they were mutually compatible ... refusing to see anything else. Even though she was the daughter of a mafia leader, she didn't want to be known as some killer or violent murder. No, she wanted to make a name for herself, with her own identity. And no where did she want to include "violent chick." She knew her father felt rejected by her life choices but she couldn't help but say no. Ever since her step mother joined into the family picture, she always had Levis back. Understanding that the long road of crimes wasn't suited for her. But fate had lied and had just changed everything.

    Her eye lids slightly closed as the lull of the car engine was starting to get to her. Letting go, she fell asleep. Her long eye lashes rimming her now shut eyes.