Give us your Masquerade Charp Ideas!

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  1. It's time for us to refill our hat with lots of ideas to choose from for the upcoming year's masquerade charps.

    Don't know what the Masquerades are? Our Masquerades are CHAT ROLEPLAYS hosted once a month for 12 hours long so everyone has a chance to make an appearance to the roleplay, even if it's just for a short time. Each Masquerade has a setting so you know what kind of genre you're in and what sort of character to play. Chaperones also try to pull off a cool plotline so members can participate in it, or just watch the show. They are called masquerades because in this special event, you don't tell anyone what character you are playing. We get to interact and meet new roleplayers this way, as well as have fun trying to guess which character is what member!

    We're currently looking for setting ideas to schedule our 2014 masquerades. Here is how to help!

    • Every masquerade is a PARTY or GATHERING of some sort. So no matter the setting, remember that it has to be suitable for characters to come in and out of it. A BAD suggestion would be "Characters are trapped on a boat." A GOOD suggestion would be "Characters are attending a party on a docked cruise ship."
    • It needs to be a simple setting. No complicated plots and storylines that require organization, lots of special characters, or crazy things that Hosts may not be able to pull off. Suggestions like "harry potter yule ball", "pirate soiree", "stripper night at the space bar" are great simple suggestions! Writing out a three paragraph description of the country's dynamic political drama and how ninjas have to fight to survive.... probably not going to work.
    • Take a look at our previous Masquerades we've held and try to come up with a setting we've not done before!
    • We love to theme masquerades to holidays and special events. So if you have great ideas for holiday themes, seasonal themes, or specific months, we'd love to hear them.

    So lets hear those ideas!
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  2. Christining party for a new baby in a monster slaying family.
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  3. Trapped in a musical

    Barbarian Prom

    Trapped on a space station with no power and diminishing resources!

    Trapped in a supermarket fending off BLack friday zombies
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  4. Family Reunion (in Monster land/ fairly tale land/ well any setting really :) )

    A day at the Zoo (any setting)

    A day at the County fair (any setting)

    Tom Sawyer Style Picnic (complete with caves to get lost in)
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