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Give the poster above you a themesong

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LogicfromLogic, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. This is how the game works:

    The person who posts after a user will give the previous poster a themesong. But you must say why you've given them that themesong!


    LogicfromLogic posted this thread. I give Iwaku the themesong:

    Reason: Because Iwaku makes me feel at home.

    So, the person who first replies will post a themesong for me, then someone else will give you a themesong, etc.

    So have at it Iwakuians!
  2. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney OST
    Logic and Trick

  3. I swear to Christ if someone gives me "The Fox" by Ylvis I'm gonna kill a bitch
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  4. 'Strange Animal'
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  5. <3
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  6. It's just... Well, I'm sure it has a word, but I don't know it.
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  7. Someone took Lagi's theme, so I'll give you this instead <3

  8. Have to leave a link since I'm on a phone lol.

  9. For the fairest!
  10. I don't know, I just thought it fit somehow. D:


  11. Because I said so, Salmon.

  12. I'm not even sure why.
    Just came to me.
  13. (Poster means avatar right?)

    Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell - Mischief Brew
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  14. Based solely on your avatar (which is a fantastic game btw)

  15. This is also based off of your avatar. I'm familiar with the character, and the gif version, so I thought this would be appropriate. I always considered Gold to be into this sort of stuff too.
  16. Partly because pictures of shiny armor and robot faces makes me think of this song and partly because I was already listening to it.

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Thread Status:
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