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Tell me your best pick-up line! Let's make some people blush this Valentine's season. :heart:
@firejay1 told me about this one ad where a lady apparently says: 'I just want a man to make me feel the way I do when I take //insert brand of allergy spray//' and that just had me think of a bunch of terrible pick-up lines.

"I am a puffer, here to help you breathe."
"I am Vicks, rub me onto your chest."

But there is this one particular pick-up line that makes me cringe without fail but I want to use so bad in some of my writing going something around the lines of:

Q: "Why did you grow so tall."
A: "I grew so tall so that my heart is closer to your ear."

It is dumb but one day.
Are you a phaser on Star Trek? Because you're set to stun!
Walked this way because there was a detour, but seeing you turned it into the scenic route
I got someone's number by giving them an empty auntie Anne's pretzel cup, once. We didn't go on a date though. 😞
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Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? ... Enough to break the ice.
Star Wars pickup lines because why wouldn't I? --

Are you a Skywalker? Because you Luke so good.

I saw you in a prophecy. You are my Chosen One.

Baby, you're looking for love in Alderaan places.

I'll be a droid if you be a Jawa. I just want you to take me home with you
I hope you know CPR 'cuz you just took my breath away. :heartbeat:
Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?