Gimme them arps

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  1. There's so very little to do here at home and it doesn't look like the roleplays I'm in are moving along at all right now. The latter statement could be because of the former. Anyway, if it needs to be said I am incredibly bored. So, roleplay with me. I have like, one thing written up that I'd be okay with using. The others I've attempted suck. I am open to your ideas though.

    The one I do have to offer would be based on Fire Emblem: Awakening. We'd be playing as old friends in the apocalyptic future that Lucina and her group came from. Our characters wouldn't be great heroes that turn things around, more two people doing what they can to survive and maybe find the time to get their support levels to S. Er, I mean.. To get some romance going on and/or bump uglies. Fighting off hordes of what are basically zombies would TOTALLY get people into the mood.

    If not that, hit me with better ideas. I want something to do.

    Oh and just to say, I'd also be cool with a group thing.
  2. I wish I had ideas Dx I'm bored as well
  3. What ever happened to that mafia thing we'd signed up for?
  4. I have no idea :c she never said anything about it after I asked. I'm guess shes moved on or forgot about it.
  5. That sucks. I was looking forward to playing my lovable douchebag.
  6. I was also looking forward to playing my character as well :c

    OH! Why don't we use our characters in a different type of rp :D we can come up with a plot
  7. uumm....Hmm >.< Oh! I can always change my character to be a cop instead of a gangster and my characters is after yours for being a dangerously know gangster. or something like that. xD Not very good at ideas on the spot
  8. Yeah, me either. I kinda like that idea though. Want to get into details over PM?