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  1. TL;DR: Please share with me some dark/horror/sad/gothic piano pieces! <3 I love calm and haunting or emotional pieces that give goosebumps, but heavy gothic pieces do the trick just as well!

    I'm currently composing/transcribing/covering a song by my favorite band into a horror piece, with some melancholic bits sprinkled throughout. I'm satisfied with the opening, and I have the right hand mostly figured out as well (especially since I got the keyboardist himself to verify I'm in the right key, haha).

    Problem is, after the first eight-ish bars, I'm struggling with the left hand. I have various different melodies written out for it, but I'm not happy with them haha. I'm basically looking for inspiration and overall ideas for what else I can do with the left hand. Plus having new piano music to listen to can never go wrong either!

    Any help or general music shares would be appreciated! I'm a really huge fan of Myuu for his horror pieces, so I'm currently drawing a lot of my inspiration and ideas from him. I just don't know any other pianists who dabble into a similar style.

    Here are some examples of other songs I play as well, in case anyone's interested; also so you have a hint of the type of dark music I'm going for, haha. I typically cover pieces that have already been written, so I'm trying to git gud at writing my own covers as well. cx

    Sweet Dreams (horror) (open)

    So Many Options (horror) (open)

    With the Rain (sad) (open)

    Lavender Town (sad) (open)

    1:35 onward on this Lavender Town cover is also the type of sad piano music I like, haha.

    Memory (open)

    Thanks for reading <3
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  2. Gwyn Lord of Cinder (open)

    For gothic type music, I'd suggest looking into the Dark Souls OSTs (both the first and second games).
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  3. Oh man, if I had known Dark Souls had music this amazing, I would've looked into the series eons ago. Thanks so much for sharing!
  4. Ugh

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  5. Also, it may be a different theme of horror than what you're looking for (quiet eeriness), but the Bloodborne OST is chock full of great horror music (of the Lovecraftian variety).

    Anyway, glad I could be of help.
  6. Oh, you kids ...

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  7. Classical never does much for me. :p Except Moonlight and Lacrymosa. Guess I'm just not old enough, huhu. Still, that is an incredible piece beyond words. Thank you for sharing, it's definitely going in my library cx

    Thank you for the links too, Pachu! Though I've already got Castlevania & Silent Hill in my library, bahaha

  8. Anything by myuuji is good if somebody hasn't mentioned him yet - The narrators of things like Creepypasta use his stuff!
  9. Oh I love this piece! I shared his Sweet Dreams cover in my OP hahaha. :p I agree, his horror pieces are astounding. (I never listen to creepypasta narrations, but I see why Myuu's popular with them.) Other than Lucas King, I'm having trouble finding other Youtube pianists who play similarly dark pieces too. At least ones that I'm fond of OTL

    Thank you for sharing <3
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