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  1. Hi there! I'm heliumjack. I've got a lot of free time and have recently really been aching to get back into roleplaying. It's been a couple of years, so I'd like to start out with just a few partners, but I can be persuaded to have a couple more if the plots sound rad. When I last roleplayed, I averaged 3 paragraphs of stuff. I can't say that I'll be able to average that right off the bat, but after a while I will definitely be improving the length and quality of my posts. Onto the meaty stuff!

    • Science Ficton
    • Fantasy
    • Adventure
    • Conflict
    • Romance on the side of the story, not the center
    • MxF pairings
    • When someone approaches me with at least a loose plot, instead of just a pairing idea
    • People throwing any kind of plot at me. I'm up for anything.

    • Slice of life
    • Furries
    • Straight smut
    • Overbearing godmodding
    • Perfect, clich├ęd characters
    • Partners who are picky. I understand wanting quality, but please don't insist on weird things that you think are necessary. I can give you quality, I promise.
    • Flashy, colored posts in the roleplay. I don't really care about your character's life quote being in green and blue letters of varying sizes at the top of every one of your forum posts, and tbh the colored texts in the middle of ordinary text gives me a headache.

    • A plot that includes an FxF romance
    • Apocalypse
    • Steampunk-ish settings
    • Underwater city/Mutated Humans
    • Roleplay set in Skyrim/Oblivion
    Plot candies:
    • Floating city made out of ships
    • Kidnapping of underwater city royalty, people sent to go find her

    Willing to try:
    • Roleplays based on:
      • Avatar The Last Airbender
      • Mass Effect
      • Something you can convince me to try
    Other Notes:
    • I tend to play females, as I am one and find them easier to do, but I am willing to try writing for one or two male characters
    • I don't mind each partner to have 1+ character that they write for, but we should discuss it and keep it equal
    • I prefer both partners to do equal leading during the rp, taking turns
    • I like OC messages, so expect to communicate with me

    Well, that's most of it. Please PM me if you're interested, and tell me about a plot you might have in mind!
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  2. Still looking for some MxF rps. :3
  3. Still looking for some male-playing characters, as well as some people that are active a lot.
  4. Hi, I'm interested in rping with you. What exactly do you have in mind...P.S. I usually play male characters and I do enjoy supernatural rps.
  5. Hi there! I'm on like all the time so send me a PM to chat about plot ideas. :)
  6. I'd be really interested in roleplaying a Skyrim/Oblivion based roleplay! It sounds like so much fun!!!:D

    PM me if you're still up for it!
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