Gimme all your screennames!

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  1. There is no cbox to glow at people in so gimme all your AIM/MSN/Yahoo names so I can poke at you!
  2. "Have a nice day."
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  3. "That wasn't so bad."
  4. Anya made a face at him, "Yeah yeah, you were right." She smile as she look at the glass and the baby bottle, "You know, eventhough it was always filled with the same blood, I always wanted mother's glass instead of the bottle. It's no surprised he left the glass too." She laugh softly, "They left me behind on purpose."
  5. If you want my screen names, you have to go to my PROFILE to get them! >:D HA.
  6. All my contact info is on my profile XD
  7. YAY!

    Isabellas have to ask for names first to be nice..