Giggles or Creepy?

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  1. So I laugh at things that creep people out. So I was wondering if anyone else laughs at over-all creepy photo's or gifs?
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I saw this a long time ago and it not suppose to be funny?! Oh my god...I have a twisted sense of humor
  4. I laughed so hard when I first saw it but my friends say its really creepy.
  5. Yeah, I find myself doing that as well. It probably stems from the fact that it's not easy to scare me or creep me out, so instead of having the intended effect such things usually just amuse me because they failed. I equate it to laughing at videos of people doing stupid things and getting mildly hurt because of it, like skateboarding guys who end up racking themselves on a hand rail.
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  6. Thank you @Jorick You and I are both on the same page with this :)
  7. My love of being scared is such that I'll usually laugh if something makes me jump. I love scary movies, stories, and pictures. @Fluffy doesn't so much agree with this ;)
  8. Odd things frighten me not the traditional horror stuff. So I'm usually laughing at horror movies or calling a movie character an idiot for doing stupid lol
  9. A lot of those "shock" videos neither scare me nor make me laugh. They just end up boring me. /:
  10. the answe r is yes
  11. I find the most effective shock videos and what not are the ones that give you no warning and just hit you. Those ones tend to be smart enough to know that you won't be shocked by something if you're told that you will be.