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    Welcome one and all, to the hottest spot in the west coast. You've just landed yourself near Spectacle City. It's the urban jungle that'll remind you of California, namely Los Angeles, complete with both modern buildings, streets, and such, as well as more historically designed areas based on the 1950's here and there.

    Big City got you down? Well just outside on the outskirts of Spectacle is the sizable town called San Tranquilo, complete with its own rich history, quiet streets, and friendly people. Plenty of big names have gotten their start in Spectacle, or anywhere else here in Tranquilo! Stop by our famous Danvers Air Force Base to see the planes take off, or sneak up on top secret testing sites. Heck, maybe the local Super-Team will take pictures?

    That's right. The area's loaded with all sorts of Superhumans, Good, Bad, in between, and the like. We've gone about thirty days since the last giant monster attack, and the Museum of Villainy has just gotten another death ray. But through it all, we strive to be some of the first to archive all this great history while we're still at the dawn of the age of the superhero.

    Souvenir shop's to the left. Enjoy your stay in Spectacle! And make sure you see some Spectacles before you leave town. It'll be anything BUT Muy Tranquilo!


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    Atlas Adams, better known by his adventuring nickname, 'Atomic Atlas,' was strolling around the streets of Spectacle City, proudly showing off the golden radioactivity symbol on the chest of his Red T-shirt, tucked into his green cargo pants, which in turn had their pant-legs slipped into a pair of classic biker boots. It was a rather simple style, but it seemed to do the trick for the young man with the power of a nuclear reactor in every little heartbeat.

    While Atlas could fly at supersonic speeds, or use some other method of self-transportation via superhuman locomotion, he was simply taking in the city around him, enjoying the feeling he had from being in such a lively place as the place to party that was this concrete labyrinth of streets and buildings, and beaches far and wide. But alas, on his way to the beach to catch some sunlight and catch some of the fine women down there, he noticed a most peculiar sight: A raging Auton (Slang term for artificial intelligence based lifeforms, like the robots that inhabited the city as citizens) was destroying a store.

    (Robot Model #2313):

    With his superhuman strength granted by the atomic power in his mighty muscles, he took one mighty step forward, and opened his arms wide, his 'step' being a very strong one, as he was sent flying into the man made from bronze, and tackled him down, subduing him indefinitely. Try as he might, the Auton was unable to fight his way out so simply, the human having more than enough brawn to hold him down.

    "You do realize you're making all the other good little tin men and women of this fine community suffer by giving them a shitty image, bashing up an Anthromorph's shop, eh?"

    "Damn straight!" Squeaked the 'Anthromorph' in question, who appeared to resemble a classic cartoon animal, much like on Looney Tunes or Tom And Jerry, this one being some woodland critter, perhaps a raccoon?


    Numerius quietly patrols the streets of the city. He looks out for evil doing and lolly gaggers. The man spotted a group of Auton at a store. They seemed to force their way in. Numerius charged the robots and started a fury of attacks. His fist were as fast as bullets as they reached their target. Soon 2 Autons hit the ground taken apart. He kicked on back but was somehow snuck up on. An Auton grabbed him by his arms holding him. Numerius kicked the surrounding robots away from himself. He noticed a man pinning a robot down. "Help!'
  4. "Seems every 'Bot's got their gears in an uproar!"

    The robot nearby which had been attacking the store was now being intercepted by a pair of motorcycle cops, The herculean figure that was the radioactive champion dashing towards the culmination of metal men, piling on a series of karate chops and spear-hand strikes, infused with the weird green, nuclear glow that tore the fiends of iron large openings and cuts in their sturdy shells and fried a few circuits.

    "Numerius, right?" Questioned Atlas. "I think I've heard of you before. What powers do you have again?…"