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  1. What do you say when you're asked what you want for your birthday (or other holiday)?

    My birthday is in a little over a month, and even though I'm nearing 30 (I'll be 28 this year) my mom and grandma always ask me what I want for my birthday (they do this at Christmas as well, but that's several months away).

    I like to think of myself as a practical person. I don't want frivolous gifts that aren't of any use, that just sit around collecting dust, or worst of all something that will die in a week (like cut flowers). I feel it's a waste of the gifter's money, and it just makes me feel crappy. I always ask for household things, like a toaster or, for example, last year I asked for an electric can opener.

    I'm sure there are plenty of things I want, but I would rather have something truly, useful I guess.

    I'm asking for towels this year. (Saying 'nothing' isn't an option and results in things I'd never use) :)
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    Okay, maybe not asked for in that exact fashion - I still ask in that way, even though we don't have dollar bills in Australia. But anyway, you can't go wrong with money. Funds to buy what you want with no need for the buyer to be stuck in that 'oh God, what do they want?' conundrum. Everybody goes home happy!
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  3. I usually ask for things I want, but for whatever reason won't/haven't yet bought for myself. Some of it's useful, some of it's frivolous, it really just depends on what I've been wanting/needing around the time I'd be receiving presents. Most of the time though, especially for my birthday, I just want to go do something fun with people I'm close to.
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  4. I ask for things I need, like socks. Or maybe some batteries, or a blanket. Or food, food works too. I usually end up with money, though. Guess you could just look at your hobbies and see what you'd like. I like astronomy and chemistry, so I sometimes ask for astronomy books or chemistry books. Or, don't get anything at all; ask for a good party.

    But, you know, money's always the safest route.
  5. I usually prefer just to go do something as well, but I've gotten to the point where a nice quiet meal with the family at home is better than trying to spend time in some crazy crowded place.
  6. When asked what I want, I answer the question O.o
  7. I do not ask for gifts, nor often give them. From family I ask that they pay off something they've been needing to, or save it for that reason. From friends I tell them that their continued friendship is a constant gift and as such I require nothing.

    Should I be given a gift anyway, I will gladly accept it and feel very honored that it was given to me. This does not need to be reciprocated if I give a gift in kind.

    I also do not usually feel I have earned anything so thoughtful as gifts. I am rather stolid and terse, I know this well, so I expect nothing because I know how off putting I can be, and who wants to celebrate someone like that? I usually earn or win the things I have and I am fine with that.

    For these reasons, and a few others, I typically do not share my birthday with others and am evasive around gift giving holidays.
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  8. From my family? Love and affection is enough. From friends? Whatever they want to bother with.

    To be honest, I find the idea of needing a specific date to give a gift a bit absurd. Give gifts when you're able and when you think someone would be surprised by one. It's complete commercialization that has concocted this thought that we need to give gifts on birthdays or Christmas--you know what we need on those dates? Nothing. We need nothing more than what we normally need on any other date. It's an excuse to sell things. :ferret:

    So get a gift if you actually feel like being a charitable soul. If you give me a gift out of a sense of obligation, I'll take it, but I'll remind you that the only obligation you have is within your own mind.

    I'll make exceptions for loved ones. The people I hold closest to me I'll give small gifts on their birthdays, because their existence holds great personal value to me. I generally won't spend in excess of 40 bucks though.
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  9. Money.

    It's simple, doesn't require any effort and with it I can buy stuff I want/need, rather than rely on other people to get it right. It's easier for everyone involved.

    I also gift money, unless the person has something specific they want.
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  10. It's rare when something I want is

    A) Available at the time of my Birthday
    B) Affordable by one individual

    So I simply ask for money.
    It lets me cash it in whenever the thing I want becomes available, and also lets me pool their resources together into bigger gifts than any of them could have provided single handedly.
  11. Going to say this in the most loving caring way possible, my sweet babboo: shut the fuck up. <3 You're an asshole to everyone except the people who matter most: me and your son. Therefore, I will continue to spoil you as much as I possibly can. >:[ 'Cause you mosdef deserve it.

    As for me, I never really know what to ask for when people want to bring up birthdays and such. Usually I'll mention I could use money for diapers, groceries, bills, and other things that are pretty fexpensive. Or weed. Weed is a good gift to give me.
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  12. She's cray.
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  13. My birthday was yesterday. Figuring out what I want is a complete nightmare. Family just gives me money which I use for bills and maybe a cheap Steam game or two.

    Now my wife...

    She needs to get me something. So I have to make a big list, that way I don't know what I'm getting.

    This year it was a Funko Pop figure Xenomorph, Akira on blu-ray, and an Okabe Rintarou figma who's now standing amidst the Soul Eater cast.

    Because her constant love and affection isn't enough for her sometimes.

    Shit, a back scratch is enough to suffice usually.
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