Gifts of the Flesh

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  1. A Male Human Slave x Vampire Princess pairing between Tisiphone; Slave 2 Beauty and @Mocking_Jayy! Here we go!
  2. [​IMG]

    "Princess? Your father is requesting your presence in his study."

    Katarzena sighed deeply and rolled her clear blue eyes, snapping her book shut. She couldn't even seem to have an hour to herself without her father sending servants after her. She jumped from the thick branch she was reclined on to the compact path below, startling the human girl.

    Zena inhaled deeply, leaning forward slightly so as to intimidate the young servant whose heart had begun to race. "Type B? Exquisite." she purred lowly, running her fingers through the hair at the girl's temple. She took another step forward, making her companion shake. "Everyone's blood has a slightly different flavor but each type has a distinct after taste. B's always have a bit of a spicy tang to them-,"

    "Katarzena!" Father barked at her, his rough voice drawing the Princess' attention from her victim before her. "Put the girl down and come inside to change. You have a suitor in the library." His thick Transylvanian accent grated on Zena's nerves but she did as he demanded and released her hold on the servant's clothes. "Besides, your grandmother's potion garden is not a place for a princess." he sniffed, turning on his heels and walking back into their manor castle.

    "It's an herb garden," she grumbled.

    Princess Katarzena sighed again and followed him inside to change out of her jeans and black t-shirt and into an expensive black and burgundy high-low lace dress and heels. The vampire princess thought about using the servant's stairs to get to the library faster but then she remembered that she didn't want to meet this suitor. They were all the same. They brought her expensive gifts that her father never let her use, like the lambo the last rich snob had bought her, or the race horse the one before that had given her. Both were sent off to one of the other estates her father owned and she wasn't allowed to even mention them again.

    As she approached the library door she heard her father talking to someone whose voice she didn't recognize.

    "She should be here any moment. She just wanted to freshen up first."

    "I trust that you were speaking without guile when you mentioned her beauty and talents."

    "I may be selling my daughter's hand in marriage to the highest bidder but you will still respect your king."

    "I apologize if I overstepped, Your-,"

    "Father you wanted to speak with me?" Katarzena asked a little stiffly, throwing the door open and folding her arms across her chest.

    "Yes, Jacob, the son of a dear friend of mine was in town and I suggested he come by to meet you since the both of you are roughly the same age." Her father practically cooed.

    "Uh, huh..." she rolled her eyes and went through the formalities for when a princess meets someone new and before long, Jacob was mentioning a present he had for her.

    "Oh, I'd love to see what it is." Zena said without feeling.

    "I'm sure you will enjoy this gift. I went through quite the red tape to get him here." Jacob said absently, waving in someone from the hallway.


    "Yes, him. A Slave." Jacob said with a devious grin as the vampire king looked on with a scowl.

  3. [​IMG]

    Ezra had never believed vampires existed. It was foolish to even consider that they roamed the Earth. All the stories and people claiming to have seen those blood sucking monsters seemed too good to be true and he resulted in believing that it was nothing but a figment of their imagination. Of course, that was what he had believed a month ago until he had encountered a vampire. Ezra hadn't even been prepared when it attacked. Hell, he didn't even know what happened until he woke up in some cold and plain room, shackles on his wrists and ankles. The rest that occurred after that were horrible events that he rather not remember.

    They had treated him like if he were some wild animal and were trying to train him to be an obedient lap dog. Ezra had resisted against it all, which resulted in beatings that left him heaving on the ground coughing up blood. After a while, he couldn't take any more hits so he had begun to follow their commands which created a small breakthrough.

    Today had been fairly different when they woke him up. For one, they gave him a bath to get all the dried up blood and grime of his skin. Then they gave him a full dish for breakfast, which greatly contrasted to what they gave him every other day. Ezra was confused, though he understood when he overheard two maids talking about how Jacob, his 'master', was going to give him as a gift to the princess. The though disgust him and made him feel insignificant. So while they hauled him out of the mansion he had thrashed and struggled against their iron grips to get free. Obviously, he didn't stand a chance against their strength and only ended up with a back hand to his face. So now that he stood there in the hallway of the King's castle, he sported a purple bruise on his cheek that spread up to his temple.

    When Jacob called him over, Ezra stepped into the room and the vampire that had been guarding him, pushed him to his knees. The shackles clanked as he landed on the ground and a groan left his lips.

    The vampires had told him a few days ago, to never looked in their eyes since it showed disrespect, unless if they gave him permission to do so; but at the moment he found himself lifting his head to look at the Princess. The girl was beautiful, something he had not been expecting. He had anticipated some mean looking woman, not this...young girl. He was either the same age as her or two years older.
  4. Zena stared at him in shock- it seemed like a century had passed before Jacob had a half sized riding crop in one hand and had lashed the slave boy across the back of the head.

    "Eyes down!" He growled.

    "No!" Zena yelled, lurching forward slightly before gaining her composure, "I mean, it appears you've already damaged him do you honestly expect me to accept such a... tarnished present?"

    Quickly, the crop was stored away and Jacob had bent at the waist, "My apologies Your Highness."

    Katarzena approached the man slowly, ignoring her father's warning. She swallowed the lump in her throat and inhaled. The bruise on his face was fresh, the capillaries in his veins not yet completely healed. He smelled like a cheap soap and she could see his wrists and ankles were chafed. He'd been shackled.

    "Do you know what blood type you are?" She inquired softly with another deep inhale, her eyes fluttering closes for just a moment, "Beacuse I think I do."

    "Katarzena!" Her father snapped, slamming a fist on his large wooden desk before the slave could answer.

    "Yes, Father?"

    They glared at one another as Zena stood, slowly turning to face him. The room was quiet except for the human's heart beating rapidly. She could see in the King's eyes that she was supposed to refuse the gift and request one of less danger. But as her mouth quirked into a half smile they both knew she would do the exact opposite.

    "Thank you Jacob," she cooed, dipping into a low curtsy. "It is indeed a rare gift, but if I may I'd like to take my present and retire to my quarters for a rest. I will have a servant attend to me so that we may instruct him on his duties." She moved to leave, grabbing the collar key from the slave's guards.

    "He does not have a name- or at least not anymore, you may name him whatever you wish." The sleezy businessman interjected.

    Zena turned and smiled sweetly, answering sarcastically, "Well thank you for your permission, Jacob." With that she motioned for the slave ans his guards to follow her up to her room.
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  5. Ezra's head lurched forward with a loud yelp, at the sharp pain that ignited at the back of his head when the riding crop snapped on his scalp. How could they be this cruel? If Jacob was this bad, then surely the princess was far worse.

    Ezra's gaze landed on the Princess's shoes as she moved in front of him. He couldn't help but to shift as he felt her inspecting him as if he were some object with damage. Oooh, wait! He already was damaged according to her words. Though, when she addressed him, he froze and his heartbeat quickened just tad bit. He never got the opportunity to respond, since her father, the king, called out to her.

    Katarzena... That was the princess name. It was quite unique and lovely, especially since he had never heard it before.

    There was a pause as nothing else could be heard, save for his beating heart. When she finally did speak up, Ezra nearly scoffed at her words. He hated the fact that he was viewed as a damn gift. He hated this whole thing., but there was absolutely nothing he could do. Vampires were much stronger creatures with incredible speed, Ezra was no match for them if he tried to fight them off.

    Hearing Jacob tell the princess that he didn't have a name sent a burning rage through him. They already took all his human rights and practically degraded him to the equivalent of dirt. You would think they would at least let him keep his name, his identity. The last remaining piece of his freedom now gone. God, he didn't want a new name. Ezra was just fine.

    A rough tug on his hair had Ezra rising to his feet immediately. The guard didn't waste no time in shoving him, causing Him to stumble. Luckily, he remained upright. Following after the Princess, he kept his gaze down, not wanting to receive another lashing.
  6. Once at her quarters she instructe her maid Lilith to draw a bath for the boy and told Jacob's henchmen to wait outside the door to her private sitting room. They gave her the riding crop Jacob had struck him with earlier but as soon as the door closed she dropped it on the table next to the exit.

    The slave stood in the middle of the room, his shackles appearing to weigh his arms down. She looked at him for a moment, listening to his heartbeat- it had slowed down to a soothing rhythmic pulse.

    "Parle vous francais?" She asked, he didn't answer. "Habla espanol?" Again no answer. "How about English?"

    "Your Highness? His bath is ready." Lilith said with a curtesy, awaiting further orders.

    It seemed that every time Zena had a chance to speak with the man something interrupted her- but it wasn't Lilith's fault. "Thank you, please find the medicine woman that lives on the ground floor by my mother's garden. I'll need something for his bruises and any cuts he may have. Also perhaps a muscle rub. I imagine they beat him in various places whether the bruises show or not."

    Lilith nodded and left quickly.

    Zena sat down in an arm chair and looked at the handsome man again with curiosity. "You may have a seat if you like." She paused, they had slaves all over the castle but she'd never been directly involved in the transaction of slavery. She was unsure how to react to recently obtaining one.

    "What's your name? I'm sure you had one before Jacob kidnapped you or bought you or whatever."
  7. Ezra felt a small ounce of relief coarse through him as she instructed for the guards to wait out of her room, though it was short lived when he head the Princess's voice again. Keeping his gaze on the floorboard below, he listened to her speak in French and he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Then she spoke some other language, before settling on English. Of course, he didn't get a chance to speak since her maid interrupted.

    Soon the lady left and it was just him and the girl. Taking a deep breath, he shifted his weight but otherwise, he remained silent.

    This was to be his life from now on? Blast it all! This was probably his punishment for not believing in such creatures and deeming everyone who talked about them a fool. He was the fool now. All those people he had insulted would probably laugh in his face if they were to see him right now.

    The sound of her voice brought him out of his thoughts and for a brief moment, he had glanced up to look at her. Was this some sort of test? To see if he messed up and beat him? He was tired of getting beaten.
    "I'm fine, your Highness." He spoke out for the first time, his voice was rather deep and hoarse from the pained screams he did the day prior. Jacob and his cronies had told him to address her as her Highness or any other superior title.

    "It's Ezra."

    He was frankly surprised by her question, he had anticipated for her not to bother with his name and give him a different name.
  8. Zena smiled at the man's attempt to maintain any kind of control over his life- even refusing to sit when offered a chair.

    "Ezra." she said softly, "Why, Ezra?" Katarzena pulled her pale feet out of her slippers and tucked them onto the chair beside her, keeping her crème and black lace dress's end over her legs in modesty. "Is it a family name or did your family think it was just a good pick for their baby boy?" she looked up when a mute slave entered and lay a tray of tea and sugar on the end table by the couch, before leaving with a bow.

  9. Ezra furrowed his eyebrows at her question. Why did she care over his name? Though before he could answer her, someone came in and he glanced at the person. Surely it was another slave since they rbought in tea and sugar.

    "It was my grandfather's name." He finally answered after the other slave left. His mother decided to name him after her father, and she quite liked the name. So being her first born son, he inherited the name.

    When she offered him tea, Ezra remained silent for a moment contemplating if he should accept. "Yes please." He finally nodded. It would surely help his throat, plus he hasn't had tea in a while. Moving his gaze from the ground, he cautiously looked up at her, waiting to see if she would reprimand him for looking up at her.

    Ezra couldn't help but to wonder what type of slave she would have him be. "What will you have me do?" He blurted. He knew, since he overheard Jacob's conversation, that some of the human slaves were used to please them in sexual actions and he did not want to be used for that. He'd prefer to clean than to do that.
  10. Katarzena nodded when he answered, she too was named for a relative. While names were not something that a princess should "concern herself with" she still found them interesting. A name helped to shape a person. It influenced the way people looked at you, how they talked about and to you. Names are important.

    "It's a lovely name." she handed him a cup of steaming tea and plopped two cubes of sugar into the liquid.

    She leaned back and watched him as he lifted his face till their eyes met. She bit her lip and cocked her head to the side, waiting to see what he would do. He had such beautiful eyes.

    "What will you have me do?" he blurted.

    Zena couldn't help but smile a little. "A little of this, a little of that." she said vaguely standing as Lilith entered once more. "For now, I'd like you to let Lilith show you to your bath before I attend your wounds." she pointed to the door across the room behind Ezra.

    Zena stood and entered a door behind her, closing it and disrobing to climb into a tub of her own, relaxing into the warm water that smelled of the citrus peels that floated on it's surface.
  11. "Thank you." He murmured for both the compliment of his name and the tea that she handed him. Glancing down at the at the cup, he took a small gulp and held back a cough as the warm liquid went down his throat. Taking another drink, he realized that she hadn't called him out him looking up at her, so he met her gaze as she answered his question. A little of this, a little of that? What does that mean? Her vague answer did nothing to ease his assumption of hat he was to be used for.

    The girl from earlier returned to the room and he listened to the Princess's words. "Yes, your Highness." He said as he followed the direction her finger was pointing. Taking another gulp of his tea, he set it down and turned to Lilith. "Umm...I'm ready." He said awkwardly as he followed the girl towards his bath.

    Once at the bath, he removed his clothing and stepped into the bath, his muscles relaxing with he warmth of the water. A content sigh left his lips and he leaned against the tub, closing his eyes and enjoying the moment of relaxation.
  12. Zena took her time cleaning up- she'd only done a brief polish before she was supposed to meet Jacob. She was sure she'd hear it from her father the next time she saw him. When she was done she allowed Lilith to help her dry off and dress in a silk kimono type dress.

    "Lilith, did you bring all of the supplies I asked you too?"

    "Yes, Princess." Lilith said, drying her hair and styling it into a lazy updo for the rest of the morning.

    The sun had surely already risen as Katarzena was feeling sleepy, "Are they still in the sitting room? Is Ezra still bathing?"

    "Yes, and I'm not sure, Princess." Lilith finished and began cleaning up as Zena entered the sitting room, gathered the medical supplies and entered Ezra's bathing room without knocking.

    "I trust your bath was relaxing." she asked setting the bundle of things on a table nearby. She separated the bandages from the salves from the plants and so forth, waiting for an answer.
  13. After a couple of relaxing minutes, Ezra reached for the soap the servant girl had set out for him and he began to scrub himself down, being careful around some wounds and bruises around his body. The soap had a minty type of smell, which he found quite appealing. For the Princess's slave, he sure was getting treated far better than at Jacob's. Hopefully it'll stay like this, because he didn't know how much longer he could take the constant beatings.

    When Ezra finished bathing, he stepped out of the water and proceeded to dry himself off with the towel the girl had left behind. Suddenly the door to the washroom flew open and Ezra's eyes widened as the Princess stepped in. Immediately he covered down there with the towel. "Do you not know how to kno-Ahh!" Ezra stopped himself and immediately bowed his head. "I deeply apologize for my outburst, Your Highness. It won't happen again." His heart beat quickened and he silently waited for a backhand or some sort of type of hit. God, watch your mouth idiot.
  14. Zena laughed as they'd spoken over each other.

    "Dear me, I hope you aren't trying to get into my good graces just standing there in the nude- my father would kill me if he thought I were using you for that reason." she giggled again and pointed to a changing blind in the corner, she had one in her own wash room that was black with gold painted flowers. "There should be a pair of black pressed pants and a white button up long sleeved shirt hanging on the wall behind it. Of course you've got socks and black polished shoes." she stopped holding up a long, overly large q-tip, "But only put your boxers on please, I'd like to tend to your open wounds and put a salve on your bruises. I don't like seeing the help walking around injured."

    She turned again, wondering if perhaps Jacob had chosen wrong- did he intend on Zena- the Princess of all Vampiredom- to train a slave? She was sure that he didn't know her stance on slavery but still, she had no experience in dealing with the Fresh- those caught recently and still untrained.
  15. When she giggled, Ezra looked up at her and his gaze lingered on her for a moment. Jacob would have beaten him on the spot for speaking out of term and she just...brushed it off as if he hadn't said anything. Ezra frankly didn't know what to think of her anymore. Though her words did have him snapping out of his thoughts and he wrapped the towel around his waist. Well, at least he knew he wouldn't be used for such activities, which brought a huge relief.

    Ezra was just about to ask her for some clothes, when she pointed past him towards the changing blind. Hearing her instructions, he nodded. "Yes, Your Highness."

    One thing was for sure, she was nothing like Jacob and Ezra was grateful for that and because she was going to tend to his wounds. So he walked over behind the changing blind and let go of the towel and picked up the boxers. Ezra put them on, before returning to stand in front of the Princess. He didn't bother to keep his gaze down like he had been taught and just looked up at her. His eyebrows furrowed . "Is this how you treat all the slaves here?" He questioned, curiously.
  16. "What do you mean?" She asked washing her hands in a basin of steaming water. Despite being in the 21st century the castle hadn't had many updates- especially to the servant and slave quarters. Nothing she said to her father could convince him to do so either.

    Her eyes slid to the door. If he knew that Katarzena herself was taking care of Ezra this way he'd punish her so severely...

    Zena thought she heard Ezra say something, "Sorry what did you say."
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  17. Ezra watched as she washed her dainty hands in the steaming water. "Well you're more lenient and...compared to Jacob, you're far too nice to me, not that I'm complaining." He explained as she seemed to drift off in her thoughts.

    "Thank you for what you're about to do." He said referring to her treating his wounds. Though it seemed that she hadn't been paying attention since she asked him if he said anything. Clearing his throat, he met her gaze. "Thank you." He said.
  18. "Oh of course," she turned her head away again, unable to help the blush spreading across her cheeks. Zena cleared her throat and with her shoulders pulled back and chin held high she began rubbing his naked back with a soft cotton cloth, the smell of peppermint strong in her nose as the essential oils in the water meant to loosen his bruised muscles penetrated her nostrils. It relaxed her, reminding the Princess of her long dead grandfather who always had a sweet candy for her, hidden in the breast pocket of his jacket.

    "Did-," she cleared her throat again, "Did they beat you often? I mean to say- did they have you for long that they disciplined you regularly?" she wet the cloth again and rubbed it down his arms mostly seeking to clean off the residue of the soap from his bath before she took the balms to his wounds.

    She made a mental list of all his injuries. A gash in his hair on the back of his head, puckered welts on his back and scrapes and bruises on his arms. She could only imagine what the front of his body and his legs looked like. She blushed again and turned away busying herself with the peppermint water and balms again as that thought went quickly from a medical standpoint to one of attraction.

    She'd been alive for many years and in her lifetime she'd seen the acceptance of open affection increase but she still felt a tad uncomfortable and embarrassed thinking of such things. Despite her trysts with some of the more attractive servants before her father had them all drained or beheaded.
  19. Ezra tensed when he felt the wet cloth against his bare back, yet immediately relaxed. The warm water mixed with what they had placed in it, was really soothing and caused for his muscles to relax further. Heavens, he hadn't felt this relaxed and at ease for the weeks that he had remained under Jacob and his henchmen's supervision. Closing his eyes, Ezra nearly moaned at the wonderful yet relaxing sensation. Suddenly a waft of the water's smell hit his nose when she ran the cloth against the skin of his arms. It was peppermint. Well this sure was a change from how he had been treated.

    At her question, he opened his eyes and thought for a moment. "Um...Yes? I tried to keep track of how long I had been there but I lost track." He said as he tried to think through his stay at Jacob's manor. Ezra had kept track of the first week, but after that the days had blurred together between all the pain and unconscious fazes. "All the days blurred together." He added as a sort of explanation as to why he lost track.

    Ezra frankly didn't know if this nice treatment was going to last, but while it did he was going to be grateful of it. He turned to glance over at the Princess as she focused on the water and he but his lip. The girl was beautiful, it was hard to believe she was a blood sucking creature that was capable of ending someone's life in an instant. Clearing his throat, he averted his gaze forward once again. "Why is that important?" He questioned, wondering why she questioned such things. Surely it was evident on his marred skin the fact that Jacob had took his discipline seriously and used beatings to get Ezra to behave the way he wanted.

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