Gifted Island



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Jinx paced on the beach next to the rippling pond, which was quickly turning dark. Her white hair whipped around violently in the wind she had accidentally cast, and it was quickly becoming a storm.
She stared at the growing grey clouds, trying to focus her sapphire eyes on the silver lining. Silver lining, silver lining; oh please let Gaia help me! she thought, trying to lessen the storm. She had yet to learn to control her powers, and this island had nothing to help. For Goddesses sake, she had to live in a beaten up castle with other castaway gifteds.
No! she screamed at herself as those thoughts crept into her head. With every bit of anger, the storm grew worse. She couldn't control her powers yet, she wasn't of full age for a witch in her family. She wasn't yet seventeen.
More anger built up inside her, and she finally gave up. She fell to the ground crying, her deep blue dress getting soaked by the heavy downpour she had started. Mud dug into her boots and dress, staining them indefinitely, and twigs pokes at her bare thighs. Although she ignored all of this, and simply hopes that the storm would end soon, for her sake.

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Rhea had been enjoying the late afternoon sun, her toes relishing in the cool sea water lapping at her as she paced the beach. The wind picked up every so often, throwing her long, dark hair around in unkempt swirls. Her crisp, amber eyes were closed to better enjoy the scent of the sea salt on the wind; arms open as she allowed herself to be swayed gently by its power. This was her idea of peace.

Enjoying the sensation for a few moments, a distinct change in the air brought her out of her dreamlike trance as heavy storm clouds gathered above. Rhea narrowed her eyes a little, as the few droplets of rain falling turned to a torrential downpour in a matter of minutes. Half shocked, half irritated, Rhea took a few steps back from the shoreline, the waves responding to the storm by thrashing themselves violently against the coast. With a hiss, the young female turned and raced over the beach, heading back towards the castle. There was sanctuary, safety from the raging storm. How could it have picked up so swiftly? She hadn't even sensed so much as a drizzle that morning.

As she lithely jumped from rock to rock, making her way higher up the beach and towards where the castle was set in the ground, she saw movement. Tilting her head and narrowing her eyes, she saw another outside; her white hair standing out in the darkness of the surrounding storm, her blue dress waving about in the wind before being weighed down by the rain. Rhea paused where she was, thinking for a moment, before changing course. She recognised the other fae. It was Jinx. Having kept mostly to herself, Rhea was surprised that she actually recognised her at all. Realising it was her that had created the storm, Rhea knew she had to see her, make sure she was alright, end the storm before any serious damage was caused.

"Jinx!" Rhea called, making her way down the rocks towards where the other was hald slumped against the wet earth. She didn't know if her voice would carry over the wind or not, but she picked up her pace none-the-less. Something had to be done.