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  1. Can we have the function to copy and paste a image link to the ''Edit Avatar/Profile Picture'' option so people like me who uses windows 8.1 can use GIF images as our avatars/profile pictures.
  2. What is it about Windows 8.1 that prevents you from having a GIF avatar? All you need to do is have it saved onto your computer, then upload it from there. Nothing about the operating system should prevent that.
  3. Windows 8 isn't able to save GIF files. Well it saves the image but removes the GIF aspects of the image.
  4. Are you sure it actually removes the animation from the image? From what I've found when looking it up, it seems like the Windows 8.1 update just broke the Photos app to make it unfriendly to animated gifs, rather than it actually altering/ruining the file itself. You should try saving a gif to your computer, then test uploading it to something like Imgur, and if it retains its animated properties on Imgur then your computer didn't do anything bad to it and you ought to be able to upload gif avatars to Iwaku just fine. Alternatively get a different image viewing program, such as Irfan View, and try opening an animated gif file in there to see if it plays properly doing what Izurich suggested, because that's a lot simpler, haha.

    If that doesn't work, then I dunno what's going on and you should probably contact some kind of tech support because that's very strange and should not be happening.

    Either way though, I forgot to mention that I do agree we should be able to use a URL to upload avatars. It's just so much more convenient.
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  5. Used Windows 8.1, Gif works just fine, never had your kind of problem. Hmmm... an easier way to test the images will be just to Open the images through your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc).
  6. yea i did what izurich said but although that worked it still won't let me upload gifs to iwaku as the avatar. The image won't move but it stays still like a regular image.
  7. Ohhhh, OK, you're probably running over the file size limits then. Check this page to see what those are.
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  8. How can i check a file size of a image?
  9. Right click the image in Explorer and select "Properties" from the dialog box.
  10. i use firefox though...
  11. Explorer as in Windows Explorer, the file browser, not the internet browser.
  12. Also, the image dimensions need to be 99x99, not 100x100, I think.
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