Ghoul Chronicles: Blood Rising (OPEN SIGN-UPS)

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  1. The year was 2056 and a new genetic research lab had found a way to unlock the adrenal gland in humans permanently. This allowed for more labour jobs to become easier with the ability to control adrenaline levels. However as time progressed the test subjects who were signed up for this experiment began to have children, the genetic changes formed birth defects in children, since the Adrenals glands purpose is to give increased efficiency in humans under extreme conditions, mentally the brain developed a more primal form and this translated into the body by making the stomach only able to digest meat…Its own or others flesh..human flesh.

    This caused several bodily changes once the Adrenal gland was called upon such as the eyes becoming over filled with blood turning the Iris a Bright Crimson Red and the Whites of the eyes going under a state of tunnel vision turning them a blackish colour. Since the new humans were small in number they were unable to breed unless they met in person, under confinement in the facility they were raised on dead corpses from morgues across japan, then in a workplace accident the subjects were able to escape and fade into society breeding like wild fire with the general populous spreading the genetic defect through the country, however the new humans have the ability to blend, causing them to look the exact same to a normal human.

    It has been 80 years since that event and the new humans have been classified as a type of creature known as a ‘Ghoul’. Multiple ‘Cures’ have been tested yet due to the Adrenal glands access to the primary blood stream this has caused the ‘Ghouls’ Immune system to quadruple and so has simply added to the spinal marrow of the new host giving a mutation of a muscle like appendage that protrudes from the hosts back which has been named a “Kagune”. For the first 60 years the Ghoul birth burst brought mass killings and feasts from groups of Ghouls under different names and such.

    A Enforcing group under the name GCB (Ghoul Control Bureau) has taken on the liberty of finding the ghoul groups and exterminating all of them to the last one…that was 20 years ago.

    Japan today is far different from 2056. The GCB is now a federal office and a large investigative force over the entire country. Since the Ghoul Outbreak the entire of Japan has been split into Sections or ‘Wards’ ranging from 1-25, each one holding a large GCB HQ that monitors all civilian activity and watches for any trace of the “Ghoul Gene”. Its been 10 years since the last known Ghoul Attack on any living person, and they have been thought to have been wiped out entirely. Yet the Gene is easily hidden.

    However despite all of this, there is a mass news headline “Possible Ghoul Attack on Company Board meeting”. Now the GCB is fired back up and its up to you to decide…who’s side are you on? Do you dream of a world where the Humans are the only race on this world or do you think Ghouls are just as human as everyone else?

    Ghoul Description:

    Ghouls look identical to humans, born just as randomly looking as the next human. However they have a few differences, Firstly when they wish to call upon their Adrenal Gland there eyes turn from the classic, Blue, Brown or Hazel to a Iris of Crimson Red and the Whites turn solid black, small capillaries become inflamed around the eye giving off thin red lines protruding from the eyelids outwards around the eye.

    Secondly Ghouls cannot eat any ‘Normal’ Food, they can only eat human flesh. Eating human food tastes incredibly bad, like beyond anything comparing to Vegemite (If you could count that). If a Ghoul eats normal food and begins to digest it, they can become ill or depending on the size of the meal extremely ill
    Symptoms Include: Violent Stomach Cramps, Vomiting, Weakness High Temperature and temporary adrenal failure.

    On the third note, Ghouls are much stronger than ordinary humans, having double or in some cases triple human strength without the help of Adrenalin. This causes Ghouls to be extremely Agile and fast moving whilst having powerful attacks.

    Fourth and Final Note, Ghouls when heavily using their Adrenal Glands have the ability to form a Tailbone like Limb that sprouts from their Spinal Chord, this is known as a Kagune and can be shaped in a variety of ways, Different Types can be shown below.

    See Images (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Note: If your Unsure, Use this Link to find out yours

    Investigator Description:

    Investigators of the CGB are altered in physical strength to combat the speed and power of ghouls, They appear as regular humans and can eat and do everything the general public can. Investigators usually appear in a Large Grey Trench Coat carrying a silver brief case (Special Investigators only).

    Having Double Human Strength they have the aid of what’s called a Quince, this is the Kagune of a Ghoul that has been captured and killed before its Genetically altered adrenal glands have been removed and placed into the brief case which when opened gives the same effect hence fourth sprouting the Kagune from the handle of the brief case.

    Quinces come in all shapes and sizes just like Kagune and if a Special Investigator manages to capture a Ghoul he has the right to have the Kagune formed into a Quince for him.

    An Image of a Investigator is below
    See Image (open)


    Ward Status’:
    Key: GI- Ghoul Infested (High Threat), C- Controlled (Medium Threat, Q- Quiet (No Threat), OR- Overrun, (Maximum Threat, Officers Only)
    Wards (open)

    1 GI
    2 GI
    3 C
    4 C
    5 C
    6 C
    7 Q
    8 Q
    9 GI
    10 GI
    11 GI
    12 OR
    13 GI
    14 GI
    15 GI
    16 GI
    17 C
    18 C
    19 C
    20 Q
    21 C
    22 Q
    23 Q
    24 GI
    25 GI

    Character Sheet:
    Nickname: (Ghoul Only!)
    Rank: (Investigator Only!, Rookie – Senior Officer, Max 1 [atm] )
    Kagune: (Ghoul Only!, Provide Picture)
    Quince: (Investigator Only!, Provide Picture)
    Reason For Joining: (Blood Rising- Ghoul, CGB-Investigator)

    Information Links:

    Note: I am not the creator of Tokyo Ghoul nor do I pretend to be, All rights and royalties to the respective owners, I merely post this for entertainment purposes.
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  2. Been waiting for a tokyo ghoul rp! I'll join :D
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  3. Just sayin', shouldn't this be in the fandom section since it's based on an anime?
  4. Well its based of an Anime, however not directly so i figured its not exactly like the anime, it takes certain points from it but doesnt follow the lore completely so i thought i didnt want to waste peoples time in the Fandom section if they were just gonna say "Its not Tokyo Ghoul" etc etc
  5. Fair enough. I haven't seen it myself but I heard the term Kagune before. I didn't know how much you were actually taking from the anime itself.
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  6. Name: Zen Kanie
    Race: Human
    Rank: Rookie
    Quince: "Screw Loose"
    Reason For Joining: The reason for Zen joining the CGB is simple, he loves to kill Ghouls, while usually surpressing this blood lust finding out he could just join the CGB and go wild (in a subtle way) made him excited.
    Background: Zen was born into a very distant family, nobody really cared about his birth, nor did he care about him, Zen just spent most of his childhood learning about this things called Ghouls and how scary they were. This got him interested and at age 14 he tried to hunt one down as he had questions. he wasn't the sanest due to his family neglecting him so he found it to be a smart idea. Of course this went bad as he was attacked by a ghoul getting bit on the shoulder (which later healed and became a good luck scar for him) he -expecting this to happen-took out a simple slice of bread and shoved it into the ghoul's mouth making it weak enough for him to get up and run. So he ran for the nearest street, he made it across, the ghoul on the other hand while jumpiing for him was hit by an eighteen wheeler, the impact not enough to kill but the fact it's head was crushed by a tire was more than enough. This is were Zen got his interest for ghoul's and to in a way see how strong they were, so he simply seperated himself form his family which wasn't hard and started to train to become part of the CGB
    Other: None
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  7. Partially Insane Investigator :D, Accepted
  8. Awesome, with Zen around some ghouls will be.......screwed

    And there is my pun for today.
  9. Kill Swtiches

    Adelaide Belarus & Alaric Belarus

    Both are 17




    Quince (open)


    Blue = Alaric//Red =Adelaide

    Reason For Joining:
    Hunting ghouls racks in the big bucks and that's what keep these two orphans off the streets. That and their special sponsor who had both trained to be Investigators at a young age. Identity is unknown.

    Two twins born and raised in an orphanage. They've never really lived the impoverished life like the rest of the inhabitants as they were apparently being sponsored by an anonymous source. It wasn't until they were both eight had the two been taken out of the orphanage and put into some sort of private training program. No one knows exactly what had transpired throughout those nine years but the results were absolutely spectacular.

    Silent, obedient killers with no real motives.

    Adelaide has a timid but bubbly personality. Shes a bit naive, has an overactive imagination, and a little to curious for her own good but her brother stops her from getting into too much trouble. Alaric on the other hand is very aloof and detached to his and others emotions. He's silent unless addressed. He relies on logical reasoning,knowledge, and solid facts. He constantly follows Adelaide to keep her sister out of trouble and keeps her safe.


  10. I'm going to make my Ghoul chara in a bit ^^
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  11. Give me time to set up a CS

    EDIT: Can a CGB investigator wield two quinces? Also, all of you making investigators, I beg you to remember that killing ghouls ins't an easy thing like "Ima go and kill som ghouls" and then you suddenly kill 35 ghouls because of reasons... (I'm looking at you Zen and the brothers)
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  12. Wait do you mean my charas too? Because then it'll be brother and sister. They don't wield double quinces the swords are split between them. The red goes for Adelaide and the Blue for Alaric (pretty sure I managed to shove that in below the image).
  13. I am very interested in this ^^ I was wondering about something though.

    First of all, are one-eyed ghouls allowed?
    Secondly, in some cases ghouls can take on features from both parents like Hinami, would this be allowed in the rp too, if balanced properly?
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  14. No, I wasn´t talking about that, I want my char to dual wield (Or at least to have a secondary weapon) and I wanted the GM permission.
  15. This will be something i need to discuss with the co-gms and you, in the Anime they are extremely powerful and this could mean organ transplant or birth, so i will need to discuss it with you. With the split Kagune like Hinami, this can be accepted as long as its not overly OP

    There have been cases with a Dual Quince however they are only granted to decorated members of the GCB, so maybe not in the start however set up a decent CS with a Senior level investigator with a reasonable back story and it might be considered :P
  16. Ah, I didn't particularly want to make a One-eyed, was just wondering ^^

    I think I can write something up tomorrow :3
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  17. And a secondary weapon? It isn´t something my char can dual wied so he would be only using one of both at time. Sorry, I just can´t start a CS without knowing my weapons, it´s a thing of morals :p
  18. Can I describe my Kagune? Every picture I find isn't quite to my liking.
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  19. Name: Minami "Glitch" Anguis
    Nickname: "Angel of Death" a.k.a "Reaper".
    Age: 21
    Race: Ghoul
    Minami's Rinkaku is somewhat differently colored than others. It is almost completely black and blue, instead of the ordinary red. As with most Rinkaku she depends on speed and brutal attacks to kill her opponents and tries not to go on the defensive too much as her Rinkaku is brittle.

    Minami also inherited her father's Kagune, who had the Ukaku Kagune. Like with most it drains her energy rapidly when used, so she rarely uses it and depends mostly on her Rinkaku.
    The coloring is the same as with her Rinkaku, black at the center and blue at the edges. The base is a blazing red though.

    Reason For Joining: Her little sister and parents were killed when she was younger. She fights to avoid more unnecessary deaths.
    When Minami was only 9 years old her younger sister, who was 6 at the time, was spotted feeding after sneaking out of the house. Shortly after she was suspected as being a ghoul by the Doves and one day was stopped by two as she walked home from school.
    Her father had suspected this to happen and had followed his youngest daughter, protecting her when she was attacked. His wife, Minami's mother, had also joined him and fought the Doves furiously.
    It looked like they were winning, one of the Doves was taken out and the other was severely wounded, but right at that time back-up showed up and both Minami's parents and her sister were taken down.
    Her father had taken some precautions and when they were not heard from, a friend of his came to pick up the remaining daughter.
    Other: She regenerates at a very high rate. This ability weakens when she hasn't eaten in a while though.
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  20. Character Sheet:
    Name: Izuo himeyama

    Nickname: Spider

    Age: 20

    Race: Ghoul

    Heavily muscled, Blond hair, Tall, Hazel eyes, Bartender's outfit, blue sunglasses, always carries a straight razor as a weapon

    Human disguise:

    Black Cargo pants, Black trenchcoat, White laughing clown mask.

    Rank: none

    Kagune: rinkaku (claws, see in attached picture)
    Quince: none

    Reason For Joining: Sick of humanity and the Investigators sticking their noses into his business he joined blood rising to kill as many as he could and enjoy every second of it. he is insane when fighting and will attack anyone who gets to close when absorbed by bloodlust.

    Background: Born and abandoned at a young age, he raised himself on the streets before he was adopted by a ghoul family who pretended to be human. He was sent to school and found it wasn't for him, he dropped out and got his bartenders license. however after an unfortunate incident his parents were caught by the investigators and killed mercilessly, he then swore to exterminate all the inspectors and claim the heads of the most senior members for himself

    Is incredibly quick and can move with an almost boneless grace/agility
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