INTEREST CHECK Ghostbusters? (Yes, I know Halloween is over, but…)

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    First off, too many young people lack childhoods, attention spans, or the ability to enjoy a good film. I may just be saying that because some kids just found certain older films and music to be boring, or distasteful, simply because it is old. And I really hate that kind of mentality.

    One of those great films some of us may remember fondly is the 1984 film that explored a shockingly awful afterlife, full of mad spectres and horrible demons that would return to the living world to torment it. A film whose characters weren't bland: They were fun people going through everyday scenarios and the occasional demon in their own unique way, even if that way may include unlicensed nuclear accelerators.

    In contrast to this terrible afterlife we were all seemingly doomed to, we had these bright folks who made us smile, and really consider just how great being alive in this big blue world really was.

    Egon Spengler was that classic mad scientist with a calm demeanor, and a few odd interests, and a past where he attempted to drill a hole through his own head as a child, till his best friends stopped him.

    One of those friends just so happened to be Doctor Ray Stantz. He wasn't exactly a mad scientist, but he was loud, he was full of energy, willing to embrace that little kid inside instead of letting it die, proceeding to explore the paranormal with great curiosity and awe, the idea of a new discovery, a great adventure, or maybe just realize he's living his b-movie fantasies with a special laser gun that he could zap ghosts with.

    Peter Venkman wasn't exactly the smartest of the bunch, but he never lost his cool in the face of danger. In fact, he welcomed it with a wisecrack, and stood by his friends, always keeping an eye out here and there for all the ladies, because the girls just loved a handsome scientist. At least, that's what he thought.

    Winston was an everyman trying to make sense of things. He was an outsider to the other three, but he found his way in, offering an open mind, and his point of view on giant marshmallow men.

    Janine was the girl who took all kinds of crap, but at the same time, dealt out her own sassiness. She had spunk, even if she was that girl behind the front desk. Plus, she did all the paperwork and stuff!


    Anyways, that's the kind of thing I want out of a Ghostbusters RP. I want to see a cast of very different characters put together, each offering their own insight into the paranormal, and all the strange things that come with. I wanna see ideas for ghosts, from that hellspawn of some satanic dimension of ghouls and goblins, to that jerk of a spook who steals all the pudding at the grocery store. I want to see the proton packs, the traps, PKE meters, and a couple new concepts for gear.

    The story won't exactly center around a new generation, especially not in New York, unless worst comes to worst in terms of how the plot goes down. Generally the idea is the Ghostbusters Franchise has branched out, and *wherever* has just gained its own Ghostbusters department, which stirs controversy with the people who think they're a bunch of frauds. You've got one or two science dudes who know and constantly work on the equipment, and the other people who prefer to take action than talk about circuits and toasters.

    Eventually as things pick up, they'll soon discover a massive increase in the local apparition-count, and like any good supernatural uprising, discover that there's a big bad ghost pulling together every free-floating vapor in town to follow their command, and lend their psychokinetic energies to him so they can do *insert scheme here* to the world. I mean, till we come in.

    And plus, you get to wear a cool jump-suit. And run around with dangerous devices that could cause explosions that could nuke a whole city block or two.


  2. You forgot to mention not crossing the streams.

    Throw in some twinky comparisons and I'm all for joining this RP.
  3. That's just it.

  4. Sounds like a good setup.
  5. Everyone shall be slimed at least once. No exceptions.

    I guarantee that.