Ghost Hunting Anyone?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you know, the free people out there who have time on their hands to RP, let's rp! I have an idea and want to RP it so bad!

    Cheyenne moved to Japan when she was 17. She had graduated from a US high school and was looking for something different. She had especially been interested in the paranormal ever since she gained her psychic abilities at the age of 5 years old. SHe could see, talk to and let spirits enter her body. But she really never told anyone because not everyone believes her. But she started a Ghost hunting business and helps those she can by giving people solace. But other than that, she has no one to help work for her besides her friend she met when she came to Japan and her brother. They didn't really work for her either. They helped out on occasion. So before she can do any really good cases, she would need a team. At least 1 more spiritualist and 2 more assistants to help her file and gather info on cases. Where could she find someone willing to do that though? She was stuck!

    If you had another idea similar to this with ghost hunting involved, I can make my character fit into the story line. Just let me know if you want to switch around any details or if you have another ghost hunting adventure idea that i should hear. I'm in a Ghost Hunt mood ^^;
  2. I get the feeling you have read the manga Ghost Hunt? Or watched the anime maybe both *shrugs* I have a plotline for a horror ghost story, But I'm waiting for the right time to let that nightmare loose. Anyways what are you looking for in a character for your plot?
  3. Well, any kind of character, maybe one a bit more outspoken than she is. Other than that, any character will do. And Yes, I have watched that anime and read the manga. I'm a huge fan and have been watching it lately and have been in the mood to RP it. Maybe we can tie your horror ghost story into this...If you want to. But if you dont feel it is time to do that, then we don't have to, but i'd love to RP this with you if you are willing to.
  4. Count me in, but since we were just on the topic of ghost hunt. I have been following a manga soon to be an anime.
    perhaps you have not heard of this and if not I gladly present to you what my ghost story plot is based off of. ^_^
  5. Sounds Good to me. I will read it in my spare time. I read the plot summary for the manga book though. Sounds good! 83 I'm excited to read it! Do you want me to start or do you want to wait till i've read a little bit of the manga before we start it?
  6. Go ahead and read alittle I need to create a character.
  7. Okie! -happily reads some of it-
  8. In the mean time I create character, :3
  9. Name: Erik Kouta Sato

    Date of Birth: October 21th 1990

    Race: Half Japanese Half Causasian American

    Appearance: light skin color, green eyes which are slanted just a bit. Thick eye lashes, slim nose. Pronounced jawline. He mainly looks Causasian with a hint of Japanese. Shiny ear length jet black hair. He enjoys wearing just about anything if he feels it will look good on him. 6 foot 155 pounds. Defined muscle tone without the bulk. (If he was dressed up he could pass off as a girl with alarming results.)

    Personality: He doesn't tend to share that he is half and half stigmas from living in Japan and the US has caused him to be wary. He is polite only when he has to be otherwise he keeps to himself. He is shy to a point he doesn't like starting conversions but will talk if approached. He is nonviolent and tries to avoid confrontations.

    Attributes: Even though he didn't act it, he is smart. He can speak and write both English and Japanese although his Japanese has a slight accent. He has studied the history of his two countries and is interested in both. He is very curious it has gotten him into trouble more than a few times.

    Background: Born to an America Women and Japanese father Erik grew up in both countries as his parents had split after he was born. His grandparents on both sides disapproved of the his father and mother being together in the end it broke them up. Out of love and respect his mother made it possible for Erik's dad to have him every summer. He made friends in Japan where in the states it seemed impossible. His mother loved him with all her heart. He was crushed when she died a plane she was in while going to a conference crashed in foggy weather in the Rocky Mountains. Even though he tries to pretend like it doesn't hurt it still does. His father wasn't welcomed to the funeral even though he had flown to America anyways he was denied access by her parents and family. This of course didn't help matters when the grandparents were shocked to discover that she had lied about who she put as his legal guardian in case something like this happened. Instead of them getting custody like they tried to force her to do she picked his father. This had been years ago when they had split. It came as a real shock to his father and his mother's side of the family. Who then proceeded to fight it. In the end Erik's age made him legal to choose his guardian(s) he picked his father. Having spent his teenhood in Japan he made friends who have since moved on to college while he struggles to find a calling in life. His father has never recovered from his mother's death but having his son in his life has kept him from slipping into depression. Erik having no job now is seeking employment but above all else he is seeking a way to deal with his lose. He understands that his has to move on but he hasn't yet and doesn't know anymore if its even possible.

    Special Abilities: Erik isn't aware of any ability or special power in his eyes is he just your average Joe

    (I hope you like my character >_<)
  10. Want my character bio? Be glad to write it up for you if you want it! It's too late to read any more of the manga tonight, but i can tomorrow. Oh, well, here's her bio anyway.

    Name: Cheyenne Huntington
    Age: 20 years old
    Alias: Shay
    Date of birth: November 12th, 1990
    Race: Caucasian
    Occupation: CEO of Huntington Hunts
    Appearance: She has brown hair with brown eyes and light skin. She has a slight tan and wears just a T-shirt and jeans most of the time. She has glasses for her bad vision and tends to carry around her favorite jacket with her, a jean jacket that is old and has need of repairs. She usually has her hair in a ponytail, but will pull it down if she feels like it. She is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and very slender.

    Personality: She is very outspoken and will voice her opinion if allowed. She also knows when to keep her cool and play it real. She's very intelligent and studious, spending most of her time with her nose in a good paranormal book. She also is very compassionate and caring and will help everyone and anyone she can.

    Attributes: She has had psychic powers ever since she was 5 years old. SHe is able to speak to, see and speak for the spirits of the dead. She just also developed some clairvoyancy but is still unsure on how to use it properly. She can speak english and japanese and is very learned in both cultures.

    Background: Cheyenne didn't want to stay in America all her life. She wanted to go outside the norm of her small Wyoming town and do something different. Of course, being different wasn't hard for her at all since she had gained the ability to talk with spirits at age 5. All the kids at school made fun of her so she would tend to stay to herself most of the time. As soon as she graduated from school though, she knew where she was headed. Japan. Her parents, being Nurses themselves, helped her move to japan and set up shop to do what she loved most, paranormal reasearch. She continually watched and listened to lectures given by the great Oliver Davis. She knew him personally and so that made the lessons for her even more helpful. Let's just say that they came across them when looking for a potential exchange student. It never happened, but they still stay in touch with Oliver's father, even today. When she was 17 she met her now best friend Ava. She had given her a place to stay till the office could be opened. Now that it is open, Ava helps her often with the office and investigation work. But aside from Ava helping her, she really hasn't hired anyone to help her. She had taken a couple investigations since she got here, but they had to be ones where exorcising was off limits. SHe had no spiritualist to preform these for her. After getting all the equipment she needed, she kept what money she had left to pay for a new person to come to her team. Question is, where would she find this person to help her?

  11. Sounds good I can't wait to start! What did you think of the manga so far?
  12. Very intruiging indeed! I want to read a little more before we start so it will be easier to RP!
  13. Alright I will wait patiently
  14. Just curious is the r.p still gonna launch?
  15. It will. Just don't know how much you want me to read before we start. I am almost finished with the 1st volume
  16. It isn't necessary for your rp. Actually I gave you the link cause I thought you would love it. ^_^
  17. Ok! I shall start it! I will pm you the link! ^^