Ghost Hunt: The Inbetween

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  1. She had recently recieved a phone call for coming to look at another case. It didn't sound all that great at first. Not at all...Sounded very uneventful actually, but it was a job and if they were paying to have it looked at, then she definitely wasn't complaining. But there was one problem. She did not have enough team memebers to pull it off. She only had 1 spiritualist and he wouldn't be able to join her till 2 days into the investigation. So that just left her with her and her friend Ava. That still was only 3 people investigating. They suggested 4 people so each other could be together with someone at all times. She needed one more person.

    This took her up to this point. She was typing up an ad for a spot in her team. Her parents were funding her little escapade over here and she had already asked them if she could hire someone else to help her team out. They agreed happily and so she started pinning up the ads all around town. It was a long shot, but she knew that someone had to respond. How else was she going to find someone to help her? Her ghost hunting business kind of sounded like a sports shop so if she wasn't careful, she'd get sports nuts and so on offering to help her. She made sure to specify that this was a Ghost Hunting business. But the next thing was something she wasn't good at doing. Waiting....the case wouldn't start for another week so she had till then to find someone. Anyone would do...
  2. It had been nagging at him. "Son you really need to look for a job." Erik's father was serious when he had said it a few days ago. He knew his father was right but he had no job history. Nothing to give his possible employers a real reason to hire him. He graduated but having been out of school for 1 or 2 years, anyone who considered him employment material would have to simply take a risk.

    It was in the later afternoon now he had been job hunting almost all day. Walking out of a convenience store discouraged and preparing to return home, Erik spotted a job ad in the window. Reading it he stood there puzzled. "Ghost hunting? Really as a source of employment?" It seemed farfetched or fake but as he continued to read Erik found a phone number and address. Writing both down he walked out of his failed job attempt and hopped on his bike and headed towards the address that had been given.
  3. It had been 3 days since she posted the ads. Four more days left and she was in high water. She would have to cancel the high-paying job. If that could be avoided, then that would be ideal, but any candidate that showed up was either, too demanding or not fit for the job. She just needed someone who would do this as a part-time job. Someone who wouldn't mind showing up day after day. Someone who would actually enjoy the job a little bit.

    She shuffled through the candidates, resigned to having to pick one over the other. If she had another choice, she wouldn't hire any of them. But she needed help and needed it fast. Looking at 2 potential in the middle candidates, she was considering one over the other when she heard a knock on the door. Who could that be?

    Cheyenne walked over to the door, opening it. There stood a boy looking to be around her age. Was he here for an interview? She decided to introduce herself.

    "I'm Cheyenne, CEO of Huntington Hunts. Are you here for an interview?"
  4. Erik bowed in a greeting. He was winded from his hasty bike ride. "I'm Erik Sato, yes I'm here about the job position." He replied trying to keep his composure. He looked up and immediately noticed that the girl he was speaking to didn't look Japanese. He smiled politely, "I would have called but I happened to come across your ad in a convenience store. I was there looking for a job as well." Erik was dressed in a pair of black slacks, tennis shoes, and a button up Hawaiian shirt. He hoped that the job position hadn't been filled already, several of the jobs he applied for claimed to already been taken, he doubted that.
  5. Cheyenne looked at the boy closely. He didn't look full japanese. She could tell his parents must be from two different places. That didn't bother her though. She was an american here in Japan so she probably looked wierd to him. She grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the office, shutting the door with the closed sign soon following. She ushered the boy to sit while she sat down in her desk chair.

    "Erik Sato, correct? That doesn't sound fully Japanese to me. Mind telling me your parent's home countries? I also need to know if you mind the paranormal at all. If you get scared real easy or are bad with dealing with any kind of paranormal thing, I suggest you get up and leave this office, otherwise, feel free to stay for the rest of the interview. I will only be asking you certain questions so answer to the best of your knowledge and..." she got up out of her chair, walking over to the side of him. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

    "You don't need to be nervous around me. I am just another person you are talking to, k? Ask me any question during the interview which you think you need to know about. Alright, let's get started with that first question I asked you. Are you full japanese or only half?"
  6. Erik took a seat feeling slightly out of place. He didn't know how to take being pulled into an unfamilar building by a stranger. This young girl seemed eager to say the least. He didn't get the feeling that she was angry or in a rush to leave.

    He smiled politely but was alittle confused when she mentioned the paranormal. How could you be scared of something you hadn't encountered before, he thought. "Well" Erik began, "my mother was American, my father is Japanese," He paused then stated.

    "I haven't ever met a ghost that I know of, so I don't know if I'm scared of them or anything paranormal for that matter. I don't have any work history so I realize that I'm probably not the best suited for the position. But I know you have to exceed expectations of your employer and make them feel like they gained an asset by hiring you." Erik said retaining his smile. His knees were shaking though which he hadn't noticed.
  7. Cheyenne could see Erik shaking a little bit. She sighed and chuckled a bit.

    "I told you, it's ok. I'm sorry I pulled you in like that, but i'm looking for someone who isn't too demanding and someone who will enjoy the job. I need an extra team member because this case I took on demands it. Of course, you would be staying longer depending on how long you wanted to stay with my company. And the reason I asked your lineage is because I'm not japanese originally. I am full blown american, hence the crazy accent when I speak japanese. So what do you say Erik? Do you want to join my team? It's only me, my friend Ava and her brother right now, small group, but man do we have some great times together. You up for the challenge?"

    This boy didn't seem demanding and he was the most fit for the job she had seen all day. He didn't have any work experience, so this job would be a great starting job. It all depended if the boy wanted this job to be seen on his resume as the first ever job he had. That was the only downfall.

    "Erik, I would like to hire you on, but let me ask you something. If I do, are you ok with this being your first job? A lot of people look down on this profession..."
  8. Erik looked down noticing his twitchy knees and stopped them immediately. "Just nervous about the interview." He clarified. He was about to say something about her being an American but that thought completely left his mind when Cheyenne asked him if he wanted to join.

    He almost exploded with excitement. "Are you kidding me? If my dad found out, I turned down a job offer, he might ship me back to America in disappointment." Erik was over exaggerating but he knew his dad would truely be displeased and he didn't want that. "If you really want me on, I'll gladly take it I'm not worried about what others think. My dad will be thrilled to hear the news." Eric's knees were shaking again but in excitement and anticipation.
  9. Cheyenne chuckled. She threw the other profiles away and walked over to Erik, putting her arm around his shoulders.

    "Welcome to Huntington Hunts Erik. Glad I can have you here! I'll be looking forward to all the cases we take on together. As for your paychecks, they come every two weeks or so. The more cases you are willing to take on, the more pay you will recieve. You don't have to wear a uniform or anything, just something you are comfortable in. You will also be given small bonuses for every job you find us. Well, that about covers everything. I need you to fill out a few papers and we will be set! Then, maybe tomorrow, I can introduce you to my friend Ava and her brother! Is that ok?"

    She went over to the filing cabnet and pulled out the employment paperwork for new employees. She set a few tax forms and other forms that needed his contact info in front of him.

    "This is a must for all new employees....Sorry! But it shouldn't take that long for you to complete! Once you are done here, I will call you tomorrow for you to come into the office, alright?" She set a pen in front of the boy so he could start his paperwork
  10. Erik was smiling from ear to ear as he stood up and bowed. "Thank you so very much." He said as he sat back down. He couldn't wait to get home too tell his father the whole story, he also couldn't wait for tomorrow.

    He couldn't figure out why he was so anxious, he wasn't looking forward to meeting the rest of the gang, he didn't know how they would take to him. He was nervous to meet new people. Maybe he was just excited to begin working, he wasn't sure.

    "Yeah I'd love to meet them...." Erik said half heartedly taking the pen and forms. He looked around "Do you have a clip board or a book I can use?" He didn't want to use her desk and he wasn't going to ask out of respect.
  11. Cheyenne got up out of her chair and smiled offering it to him.

    "Use my desk, that is fine. I have to call the client and tell him we will be in 4 days to investigate like we planned..." she winked at Erik, "Your first paycheck is going to be nice!"

    She walked off, grabbing the office phone on the way out and into her office, leaving the chair for Erik to sit in. She peeked in at Erik.

    "Your fine to use my chair. It really isn't mine I should say. Ava uses it a lot and so does her brother. It's everyone's chair, including yours now, so go ahead and use it. The same with the desk...And you don't have to worry about Ava and her brother, they are very nice people. But if your that nervous in meeting them, then I can ask over one at a time so you don't feel crowded...You tell me what you think when you are done filling out the paperwork. And don't leave afterwards, cause I need to give you something before you leave!"

    She dialed the number of the client, telling them she still planned on coming to do the investigation. After she confirmed that, she hung up and searched her office for the new employee notebook. She found them sitting in the corner. She grabbed one, a pen and walked back out to see how far Erik had gotten on the paperwork, she put her hands on her hips playfully, like all american women did.

    "So, how's the paperwork coming along?"
  12. Erik sat the pen and paperwork on the desk and walked around sitting in the chair. He glanced up from the papers often catching, Cheyenne's eyes so she knew he wasn't ignoring her as she spoke. "I'm pretty sure the paperwork will keep me rooted here for abit." Erik called out as she left to make her call.

    When she came back he looked up from his papers and smiled. "Yeah about the others just I'll be ok, if they all come. I guess I'm more worried that they will not approve." He replied honestly,

    " and paperwork is evil, it doesn't like me very much." Erik had seen Cheyenne's put her hands on her hips, he thought she was getting impatient. His eyes drifted back to the forms resuming his task.
  13. Cheyenne walked over to the chair Erik was previously sitting in. She smiled softly, looking Erik in the eyes.

    "Don't worry Hun...take all the time you need for that paperwork. I don't close for another 5 hours or so...Take your time" she pulled out her phone and dialed a number. It was her best work aquaintance, Naru. He answered the phone, annoyed as usual.

    "Shibuya Psychic Research, this is Kazuya Shibuya..." He sounded so monotone like he always did. She piped up, much to his greater annoyance.
    "Hey there friend! Just had a quick question for John going to be available or are you taking him to any cases in 4 days?"
    "I do not have any cases now, you are free to do as you please with him..."
    "Yes sir...Oh and Naru, can I bring by my new employee sometime to do a case with you? He needs to learn from the best!"
    "-sighs- Sure, but not on my next case, whatever that may be. Any one's after that, he can come if he wants to..."
    "Thanks! Take care Naru!"
    "Whatever. Bye..."

    Cheyenne shook her head as she nodded. That Naru, he was such a pleasant guy as always.

    "Naru is my business aquaintance and one of the best when it comes to Ghost Hunting. He says you can come to a case once your fully confident with yourself at this profession! Ok, you take your time to do that and I'll go call my other business aquaintance, since I got word that Ava's brother won't be joining us..."

    She left the room to go call John.
  14. Erik nodded and flipped to the second page as Cheyenne began talking on the phone. He didn't try to pay any attention to the conversion.

    Erik smiled, "I think I'm almost done" He replied as his eyes drifted up to Cheyenne as she left the room. He couldn't figure out what an American girl was doing in Japan running a ghost hunting business.

    He didn't disapprove, there must be a demand for what they do. Erik realized that he didn't know what exactly they'd be doing.

    Or what his job would be. Would he have to just carry around all their equipment? He finished the second and finally page and waited for Cheyenne to get back?
  15. Cheyenne returned after calling John and looked to Erik, smiling.

    "Ya done? Great. Now let me tell you about what your job will be....You will be helping on investigations, setting up camera's, helping look over video and audio feed, that kind of stuff, a regular ghost hunter. Everyone pulls equal weight so no one person is limited to just carrying the equipment...Got it? It's a pretty simple job and it's actually quite fun! The paranormal have always interested me, ever since I turned five and could talk to them. I might as well tell you the whole story since I'm on the subject..."

    She sat on the chair in front of Erik and layed her head in her hands.

    "I'm Cheyenne Huntington. I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the United States of America. My parents are Donna and Todd Huntington. They are both renowned doctors, my mom specializing in OB/GYN and my dad in Oncology. They are both respected in their fields. I am their first and only child. I grew up a fairly normal life. My mom and dad left me with a baby sitter till the evening and then hung out with me for a couple hours till I went to bed and it was always like that. Once I turned five, I started seeing spirits wandering into our home and they began to manifest themselves to my parents. My parents are now terrified of the paranormal, but I just couldn't stop researching it. I was obsessed with it when I was a kid and got made fun of for beileving in something that wasn't real. But it was all to real to me. I wanted to go into this profession when I heard my friends talking about it. I started doing mini investigations on my own. This continued throughout my adolesence and still continues to this day, but the only difference is I'm making money doing it and in Japan too! My parents fund my office, keeping the rent paid and such. The money I make off of different cases goes to pay my apartment living expenses and food expenses and now, it will be used to pay your paychecks as well. I also am renting to own this place. Once it is paid off, this place will be all mine and I can finally set up shop for real! Sorry it was such a long story, but that's my life story in a nutshell...kinda...."

    Her cell rang again. She picked up.

    "Huntington Hunts, this is Cheyenne..." It was Yasu. She smiled from ear to ear.
    "Babe, not right now, k? I am trying to train a new employee. Catch you later! Love you too! Bye" She hung up.
    "Sorry about that....Now let me take a look at your papers and see if there is anything else I need you to fill out..." she shut off her cell to keep it from ringing and looked over his paperwork, nodding, she smiled.

    "Your done! Excellent work! I'll file this and you are officially a member of my team! Welcome aboard! Feel free to call me Cheyenne or Shay. Both work..." She walked over to the coffee table in the middle of the office where his notebook and pen sat. She picked it up and handed it to him.

    "This is what you will use just in case you find a case for me and I'm not there to get info. You jot down the person's name, address, phone number and bring it to me, simple enough?"
  16. Erik listened as Cheyenne explained about what he'd be doing, he found her ability to talk to ghosts alittle skeptical. But that was only because he just didn't think it was possible.

    But if she really could.....nah it couldn't be possible could it? He wasn't judging her, she just seemed human like him. He was curious if she was leaving something out about herself. Maybe he was just over thinking.

    Erik remained quiet the whole time even when her friend called they seemed close. He envied people who has close friends.

    He wanted to tell her his past, but he decided not to. He really didn't want her to pity him about his mother or anything else for that matter. Erik then thought of something that slightly angered him. If she was lieing about being able to talk too ghosts then she would be disrequesting the dead and his mother was among them.

    He smiled politely as he decided to give her a chance. If it was true, it would be cool to work with her and he wasn't to about question her ability.

    Taking the notebook and pen he bowed. "Thank you for this chance, I look forward to working for you." Erik replied.
  17. Cheyenne chuckled a bit and bowed a little back.

    "No problem...And Erik, I know believing that i can talk to spirits is a bit hard to believe, but I can talk to them. You'll get to see this in action on our next case. We will see you tomorrow, so you can meet Ava and her brother!" She smiled and bid the boy goodbye as she walked back to her office to clean off folders and get ready for the case in 4 days. She grabbed the case files and brought them back to her desk, filing them under the cases under investigation folder.

    She then proceeded to clean up her office and spend a day with her boyfriend. She closed up the office and rushed to his place, spending the day with him. Afterwards, she came back to her apartment and headed in, showered and headed off to bed.

    She was excited for Ava and her brother to meet Erik!
  18. Erik made to get home, he knew his father would be pleased, even if his father said nothing. Arriving sometime before dark to an empty house, Erik decided to draw waiting for his dad to get home. By that time Erik was fast sleep at his desk, exhausted from all the bike riding he did. Erik's father noticing his son sleeping went and grabbed Erik's blanket from his bed and placed it around him. He then went to bed himself.
  19. Cheyenne woke to a loud knocking at her door. She looked at her clock. 10 am. How late had she stayed up? She couldn't remember. She rolled out of bed and slipped on her slippers, brushing her hair before answering the door. Swinging the door open, it was Ava and she had her brother with her for once. They usually came over seperately.

    "Hi Ava...Excuse my pajamas. I just woke up..." Cheyenne yawned as she ushered them to some seats. She went to the kitchen to make some tea. When it was done, she set it in front of them.
    "I need to go get dressed...Ava, Erik's number is on that paper he filled out for employment, can you give him a call and tell him to come over while I get ready?"

    Ava nodded.

    "Sure thing Shay!" She ran over and grabbed the file with Erik's name on it, calling the number he had listed on his employment papers.

    "Hello? Is this Erik?"
  20. "Yeah this is, who is this?" Eric questioned as he sat at an internet cafe. He had been waiting for a phone call from Cheyenne, for about an hour.