Ghibli Plots, The Revamp.

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Welcome Ghibli Fans. I'm Seki, and I have a few ideas up my sleeve.


: To cut to the chase, here are some things you'll need to know about me :

- I write A LOT. So, please, come ready to write a story, not a basic text response.
- I can be pretty specific on what I want, and I want to make sure you get, I get it, and we both get it, y'know?
- I am 18. So you must be 18+ if you want to get down to the nitty gritty stuff.
- I am a College student, and I work a part-time job. Responding comes a bit difficult to me at times. But I usually tend to keep in touch with my partner when I'm going to be busy/can't respond/or just can't make it to the site.
- Which brings me to this: I would hope you'd do the same if something comes up and you won't be able to post.
- I'm not looking for speedy fast posters, I'm looking for long-term, and precise posters.
- If we role play (more like, a serious partner to the current plot) , I usually like to ask for a skype, it isn't required, but I think it just makes plotting faster in my opinion. But, it is up to you.
- When plotting, if you don't get anything, or if you want to add to the plot PLEASE DON'T HESITATE. Plotting is a two-way street after all! <3
- If interested, write on the post, or PM me!

: Now, time for the plots :

- Whispers From the Wastes -
[ Howl's Moving Castle Plot ]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Fantasy Romance Oriented | ♂ + [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]♀[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] | Maiden Needed | OC Only | Status: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Open[/BCOLOR]

Mood Music

[BCOLOR=transparent] Although, it is forbidden to go past the rock border, down the path where the flowers begin to wither away to nothing, will you go look? Look inside the fog of the Wizard who lies deep within the Waste? [/BCOLOR]
[ PM for plot history ]



- The Perch of Magic -
[ Kiki's Delivery Service Plot ]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Fantasy Romance Oriented | ♂ + [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]♀[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] | Maiden Needed | OC Only | Status: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Open[/BCOLOR]

Mood Music

This full moon marks the beginning of the journey into adulthood for two children - two young witches and two young wizards. Armed with a few skills and tricks to be honed, a trusty broom, and their magical animal companion, they set off on their journey. Massalia seems like a good choice, but aren't cities only supposed to have one resident witch or wizard! Will they compete? Become enemies? Or maybe they will take the chance to fight against hard followed traditions and work together?

Note: The characters are going to and will have to be 13 (only to follow the respects of Ghibli) meaning, there will absolutely be no sexual relations in this RP, for it is against the rules legally, and I personally don't even want to do that js.

[PM for information]



- Forget the Forgotten -
[ Spirited Away Plot ]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Fantasy Romance Oriented | ♂ + [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]♀[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] | Trap Needed | OC Only | Status: Open[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Mood Music[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]"Now listen to me, you are no longer a female, you are no longer in your reality, do you understand? Your name is Sho, you are a male and your parents are indebted to the owner, and you are mine. Do not cry, do not show fear, and do not show weakness, understood? Look at me, and realize, I will keep[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] you safe. But for now, you must survive on your own." [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent][ PM for plot history ][/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Note: This plot is going to be the most complex (so far) of my plots show for this thread. This will involve doubled up characters, some 18+ scenes ( if discussed about plot there may be a bl scene, and there may be a possible scene for YC to be in a sexual situation, along with fluff), but these scenes can be talked through faded to black, or otherwise. There may or may not be a possibility that we may have to move this to Libertrine due to the whole "People trafficking" aspect to this. But, discussion is up if interested! [/BCOLOR]

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-sinks claws into Howl's plot and drags it away-

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They all sound so good ^-^ The Howl's moving Castle idea and Spirited Away idea both sound phenomenal :D
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