*Ghasp* Who's that?

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  1. Good uh, morning everyone! I am S. Jozu, but you can call me any legible variant of that and/or my first name, which is Samuel!

    I came here because my curiosity(and need to geek out) got the best of me, and it looked like this here community was top-notch.

    I spend most of my time in-doors these days; as my social anxiety keeps me from associating with human beings face to face.
    It's not exactly my favorite pass-time, but I end up doing most of the cooking for my immediate family(as in, those that live with me) so I've come to be somewhat proficient with the science.

    I'm not sure what else to say here that isn't in my profile; and if your burning desire to get to know me isn't sated by what you find there, you can feel free to ask whatever you'd like!

    Oh I almost forgot, please take care of me!

    ~S. Jozu
  2. Yaaaaay! Top notch! Welcome to the site, Samuel! <3
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome!
    I have a feeling that this will indeed be my new home. =3
  4. Welcome Samuel~!!! :DDD