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  1. Hello Iwaku, good evening, officially new to the site but I come with my awesome buddy Zizi-J. You can call me GG or Mara or~Tamara which sounds like Ta-ma-ra. Well, I've been writing since I was in grade school and advanced up to roleplaying for numerous years now. Up for a roleplay? Send me a message.
    Fact, I love cotton candy icecream which I have eaten for breakfast on occasion. I love anime and video games, shiny things, and water. I've finally gotten around to playing and beating Rogue Galaxy, great game.
    Think I've said enough for now, nice meeting you all.
  2. -tackles and offers a box of cookies- And OMG Rogue Galaxy is an awesome game. I totally forgot I had that one. O-o
  3. Mmm, cotton candy - the breakfast of champions.
    (Explains why I'm so awesome. 8D)

    Anyways I'm Hellion (or your sovereign Overlord of the internet) and welcome to Iwaku. (;
    I'm new here myself, but feel free to PM me if you need anything, I know this layout of site, and I could always help you around if need be. MY message box is always open to my loyal peoples. Cx

    *Stamp of approval from Hellion your amazing Overlord*
  4. Zizi: cookies *nom nom* Good game, I love Jaster.

    Hellion: Pleased to meet you, thanks, I will keep that in mind.