Getting Your Character Some Action

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  1. Greetings, fledgling vampyres! I am Professor Scarlette, your teacher today!

    I kid, I kid. ^_^

    This is just another one of those fancy-schmancy role play help boards you see floating around Iwaku, and various other parts of the internet. This particular “help guide” is Getting Your Character Some Action. No, I am not going to get your character laid, and I am not going to teach you how to write smut; I apologize for any misconceptions, friends.

    Anyway! We’ll start with this:

    Have you ever found yourself looking at the plot for a role play, and thinking “This looks amazing! I should join up and play!” I’m sure you have, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this. The problem you’ve most likely encountered is this: your character just doesn’t suit the plot. For example, you have a vampire, or a werewolf, or something else equally as fantastic and you’re looking at a search board that says something similar to this:

    “Character One is the heir to a huge fortune in stocks. He and his family are the 'royalty' of New York. What people don't know is that he's a hunter. Not just of banal prey such as deer and elk, but prey that's far more fair; in fact, their race is called Fair; he hunts the Fey. They're not the sparkly faeries you hear about in stories like Peter Pan. No, they're not even so fair as they'd like you to think…”

    Perhaps you’ve found something that you think your character is perfectly suited for, such as this (continuing with the werewolf/vampire choices here):

    “There's a werewolf pack living in a remote Alaskan (or Montanan) town, and for a long while they were able to keep their secret... well, secret. Not all good things can last, however, and it isn't long before the news gets out. Mysterious killings begin happening; sometimes it's a human, mauled by something with big teeth. Sometimes it's a wolf of large proportions, killed with apparently blades alone. Regardless, it starts drawing attention to the small town, attention that the inhabitants desperately don't want...”

    The plot seems perfect, and you’re just PSYCHED, but, (for there is always a ‘but’) you just have no idea how to get your character in on the action! All the major scenes are taking place between other players and their characters, or maybe the story just hasn’t picked up just yet. In this case, there are any number of things a player can do. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Talk to the GM or another player in an Out Of Character chat or Personal Message, and see what you can do about having their character talk to yours!
    2. Start the story off with a bang! Of course, you’d still have to plan this out with the GM or your partner (in the case of a one on one story) about this, but often times it isn’t the GM or someone with a dominant character who gets the ball rolling; I myself have started off more than one story by writing something along the lines of “… and then the building exploded, limbs scattered among the lilacs and bushes that had seemed so inviting only an hour before.” Or something like that.
    3. Choose another character from your stock of Go To Guys/Gals to suit the plot! Maybe the reason you can’t find an opening is that your character just doesn’t fit in!
    4. Gracefully extricate yourself from the proceedings, and find something more suited to your style of writing and character choice.
    Just remember, young Grasshopper, that there is always way to get things rolling! No matter how many times you try, and are thwarted in your plans for world domi— er, I mean, fantastic role playing, practice makes perfect, and eventually you’ll find yourself enjoying the world of multiple player story writing!

    And, as my parting advice: “Be kind to dragons, for thou art crunchy when roasted, and taste good with ketchup.”