getting totally lit

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  1. me at my best. (yes there is safety crap just off camera)

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  2. Demi

    I'm losing energy and I'm losing it quick. I mean, I'm not gonna pass out since Helen commanded me to stay awake, but I'm starting to sway a bit. It's nothing terrible but walking in a straight line is gonna be a fucking killer. I nod and let her tie up the fucker, leaning against the wall for support. When she's done, I chuckle and wrap my arm around her again.

    "Y-ya didn't let me down all. W-what you just...did was the coolest shit e-ever. Not just anyone do that. R-remember that, Chipmunk." I try to shrug when she suggests finding Penelope, not wanting her to see how bothered I am. I don't fucking like Penelope; she always assumes the worst of me. As if she's little miss perfection or something. It just pisses me off. But, for some god forbidden reason, she's Helen's best friend and I now it'll make her feel better if we check up on the damn wallflower.

    "Fine by me..." I say weakly. However, as we're limping to the stairs, I hear a weird....tapping? Coming from behind us. I groan. Please God, don't let it be another fucking kidnapper--


    Yeah, no--that doesn't look like a kidnapper at all. She's a teen, that's for sure, and she's walking around with a cane ((Eve)). A blind kid? Since when did a blind abnormal go here? "Uh...Helen? Is it the c-concussion or do...I see a blind girl?"
  3. John

    "And you look like a Susan to me." He winked back.

    (She kind of does)
  4. There are better things then weed amp.
  5. YOU Have disappointed Me, THREAD... FOR THE LAST TIME...

  6. if it makes you feel better amp and paorou, this was utilized before and after the making of the movie.

    Everyone, meet the Bishop.

    Disclaimer: he is used for tobacco use only...
  7. John

    "Well, we'll be sure to keep in touch." He smiled brightly. He went over and gave her a hug and shook Ray's hand.

    *busts out the breakfast food*

    And I guess we could keep setting things on fire. . .
  9. Eve

    “I have both read and listened to a few medical tomes in my lifetime, However, I am afraid that the books were centered more around burns, bones, and perhaps the occasional gash. I regret to inform you that I cannot recall much about stitching. However, I suggest sterilizating the needle and keeping the skin as blood-free as you can. The fluid will make the job much harder and too slippery to properly manage without further injury to yourself or her.” She followed closely after the two, keeping a steady pace so as not to trip over a stray, overturned rug or a table misplaced in the chaos. “I do not suppose you know anything about the infiltrators, do you?”
  10. Looks more of the butt plug variety, to me.
  11. Demi

    Helen commands my fear away and I sigh gently, grateful for the help. I'm just so used to using my abilities to help along with the healing process but right now, I'm way too fucking exhausted to even think about bending a single bone. I do weakly roll my eyes when she denies cleaning herself up first. I don't fight her though. I just lay back and let her do whatever; hey, if it'll keep her sane and calm, then she can go nuts with that towel. Hell if I care.

    “Abduction of abnormals by abnormals, no matter age nor gender. I wonder what they intend to do with us...” I hear blind girl mumble. I chuckle weakly, my head rolling to the side almost deliriously. Yeah, it is some fucked up weird shit. You'd think abnormals would band together or some shit, try to each other's back since we're like the minority species or something. But naw, these evil fuckers are




    "Abduction!" I yell, snapping back to focus and trying to sit up. That doesn't work out too well, though. I cringe as my whole body burns in protest and I fall back against the cabinets, wheezing and breathing heavily. My wide eyes are shooting around in my skull like one of those fucking druggies. Shit! Shit, shit, shit! How come it didn't click in my head before?! "Abduction," I repeat. I don't yell this time but my voice is shaking.

    "The Collectors. It's gotta be the Collectors--can't be anyone else! F-fuck! This mansion really was their next target!" That little shit Pierre actually didn't lead me on! Damn, I almost sort of (not really) feel bad for breaking his nose now.
  12. awwww~ that's a bit too small for "that" XD and sorry for that mistake :D
  13. you people are DISGUSTING.

    i like it :)
  14. ......Hmmmmmmm

    I would love to play with fire, but I'm sensitive to smoke.
  15. So one time, an old friend and I bought $100 in weed, $300 in breakfast/candy and did it ALL.

    +1 for no longer smoking.

  17. what tegan said
  18. marius, why do you smoke tobacco out of a glass dildo?

    pipes and cigars bro,

    pipes and cigars.
  19. You don't need no damn pipes or cigars! Just push it all into one nostril and LIGHT UP. STRAIGHT UP.