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This is a game that me and my aquintances play to get to know each other, and sometimes I'll play it with friends I've known for a while. It's very entertaining. But how the game works is the first person will ask a question regarding someone else, and anyone at random can answer the question, and they will also ask another question for someone else to answer. If this sounds confusing here's a little demonstration.

Person #1:
What's your favorite animal?

Person #2:
A big fluffy white unicorn.

What's your favorite food?

And then person #3 answers and gives out another question.

It's a simple concept but one that I've found entertaining with the masses. However because of the fact that unless you're in a small group or with people you know, the questions can get very personal and intrusive. So just to be on the safe side and make sure we don't offend anyone, keep the questions on the polite and fun side.

So here's the first question. Don't forget to answer and post a question of your own.

What is something that you forget to do all the time?
Doing my laundry.

What is something you never leave without?
My clothes... I don't want to go naked o.O xD

Do you like reading books?
I haven't actualy read a book in a long time. I do most of my lesurily reading on my netbook these and most of the time I am rarely read anything longer than short stories. So, I guess I don't really lie reading.

Did you have any experinces in your life where you thought you could of seriously got killed in?
Well I got really sick and my heart stopped back when I was 14....If I didn't go to the hospital when I did, The foxy wouldn't be typing right now.
What was the most tragic thing in your life?
I watched my dad die.

Who is your favorite anime character?
I think my favorite anime character is probably Kyoya Ootori~ <3

As a child, did you have a "security" object and if yes, what was it?
A small red stegosaurus shaped pillow was my go to thing when I felt sad or alone as a kid. Sleeping on it made me feel a bit better. Poor thing got used often. It must have been stitched back together a dozen times.

What is your favorite kind of dessert?
I guess my favorite kind of dessert would be freshly baked cookies. I love it when they are warm and soft, not hard and cold.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were going up, and if so what was it's original purpose for being created?
I had a few, like imaginary dogs and stuff but the reason I made them up was because I thought that I needed to have one to be normal. I also imagined I had pokemon, like Entei, Mew, Raichu, Bulbasaur...etc. I think I might've mentioned those before.

What's the nicest thing anyone has done for you?
I will never forget my incredible 5th grade teacher. I had it really easy in school, would finish my assignments early and then I had nothing to do. I was really bored all the time and the school library had nothing to offer me worth reading. Mr. Hansen made a books at the "real" library that he thought that I would like and let me choose books from it that he would then check out and let me read. He also gave me fun supplemental assignments to do while the others were working.

In short (TL;DR)The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me is put 200% effort into nurturing my education.

If you had a pet dragon, what would you name it and why?
Beetles. Beetles the Dragon. Why? Cause I always wanted to name a pet Beetles. If I had a pet beetle I would name him Dragon just to conpensate for this though...

Strangest thing to ever get you excited.
History. . . .

If you could would you be a grimreaper if so why?
Yes, I would. It'd be heart wrenching but you'd get to see a lot of different people's lives and touch them in a very special way. There's a book called On a Pale Horse that goes with this idea.

What's your favorite childhood memory?
Favorite childhood memory was back in '09 ( I was either 10 or 11), it was winter [ late December] and I was on school vacation in New Jersey. It was the first time I played and saw snow and all that. To my surprise, in Christmas day, my parents who I hadn't seen in 7 years or so, showed up. I was ecstatic. I got to see my dad, mom and step-brother, plus I got extra presents from them. It was a good day, good vacation.

So far, that's been the last time I've seen my parents.

Who is the person you most love?
My angel Iris. I love her even in death she is truly my angel.

Weirdest name you have ever read or heard?
It's not so much weird as "cool as hell", but I went to school with a girl named Storie Anna Paige. xD

If you could enter any video game and play around in it, which game would you pick?
I woul probably pick either Assassin Creed or Fable.

Do you live with your parens or alone?
I've never lived a day with my parents, not even as an infant :P
I do, however, live with my grandparents--who for me, are my REAL parents.
So, sure. I live with my adored grandParents.

My angel Iris. I love her even in death she is truly my angel.

Weirdest name you have ever read or heard?

I feel the need to answer this, just because I have two good ones.

1. Policarpio. Policarpio is like the spanish equivalent of the Boogeyman and is also a name that was very common back in the -1970 years.
2. Protituta. Now this name is quite funny for me, because when I was younger I would always miss pronounce and say "Prostituta". So yes, just imagine a young child saying "Lets go to the house of miss Prostituta" Ahem, prostituta is the spanish equivalent of prostitute... Cough.

Now for the question: Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
Yes, after my horse died in '01, when my dog died in '06 and sometimes when I had the worst stomach pain you could ever imagine.

Now the question: Have you ever travelled to another country?