Getting the BOOT!

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  1. Getting the BOOT!

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    Have YOU ever been kicked out of a public place?
    Made to leave and asked to never return? A mall, a restaurant maybe a movie theater?

    If I get enough responses I'll share my slightly embarrassing story > <
  2. Heehee, the anime group I'm part of nearly got kicked out of Ichiban when we went there for our pokemon-themed meetup. Mainly cos we were singing the theme at the tops of our voices and there were at least 6 giant pikachu plushies with us at the table. I think all that stopped it was the fact we were about 3/4s of their customer base that day. Also, we were flinging the pokemon on rollers around everywhere. That was a fun day.

    Other than that... I think we (again, the anime club) nearly got kicked off a train because we took over a carriage on the way to Halloween lazerquest. Cowboys and Jesuses and all sorts of other stuff, with a lot of fake guns and swords and whatnot. Again, so much fun.

    Oh, and I got hurled out a pub because the guy thought I was only 15... 4 months after my 19th birthday :/
  3. A local Denny's, a WinCo grocery store, some gas station an hour away from here, my own middle school and high school, but that wasn't permanent. Oh, a conert of some kind, I was too drunk at the time. My sister's car when I called her a "bitch". The bitch left me stranded in the middle of nowhere! Anyway... the house of an acquaintance, his mother didn't think my jokes were funny. A rodeo or two, handful of bars, a restaurant here and there. There might be more, but I can't remember.
  4. A Top Foods for wearing a Clone Trooper mask. :| Friends and I wore them the night we went to see the Clone Wars kid movie, lolol. Went into Top Foods to buy goodies to smuggle into the theatre, you know? Because the food there is fexspensive!

    They thought we were masked thieves or something, so they kicked us out before we could get to an aisle. It was dildos.
  5. My ass has been forcibly ejected from more than a few nightclubs, is all I'm saying.
  6. *headdeskrepeat!*
  7. I may have brought a snake into an IHOP once.
    So I guess it was justified. Not like he wasn't in a bag, though, geesh.
  8. Almost. I was out drinking with a couple of friends and I hit the booze harder than I ever had. I had a good buzz and I was acting drunker than I should have for a buddy's amusement since he had been badgering me for ages to live a little. After I faked a fall off a spinning chair the bartender pulled me aside to talk to me. I stopped faking the drunkenness and he actually got a good laugh out of it when mildly slurred speech stopped and I resumed posture and coherent speech patterns.
  9. No. I live by the credo of not doing stupid things.
  10. Yeah I don't think I've done anything before, but then again I tend to forget about the bad things easier. So in other words I'm not totally sure but I am at least 98 percent sure I've never been booted out before.
  11. I got thrown out of a mall once. We were doing a project for some class (I don't remember which class), where we opened up a can of pop and went around offering it to people. I'm not sure how I got talked in to doing that since it seems pretty creepy to me, but whatever. We ended up getting kicked out of the mall almost immediately (not because of offering free pop to people, but because we were videotaping it). So we left...and then had the security guards follow us to a bus stop and then ID us because we were 'still on mall property'.
  12. Ok, I promised.

    This is actually more embarrassing than funny. So after I turned 21, while the thrill of ordering drinks in public places was still awesome, I used to drink a lot. We would always be somewhere drinking on the weekends, be it at a bar or at a place like applebees. Anyways, So my friends and I are drinking at this place called "Round Table Pizza" (Our first mistake) cause it's more of a family restaurant. I am hammered, not falling over, but totally drunk. I go to use the restroom and wonder why there are no Urinals? So I go into a stall and after a second I hear the door open behind me and some chick is yelling. I am drunk, so I don't realize at first that I am Actually in the Ladies restroom > <

    I got the Boot minutes later. The manager was all like "This is a family restaurant, it is very inappropriate to be intoxicated here" Looking back It's funny, we still laugh about it to this day. At the same time it is one of the many things that led me to stop drinking in excess.