Getting road rage while playing Video Games

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  1. It's embarrassing and disgraceful I know. I'm playing Saints Row 3 and actually trying to play as a good driver, however, people on this game drive like people in real life. And I'm like, 'Asshole, you use your turn signal! it's not a fucking unicorn, you can't just say you don't believe in them.'

    I get petty with a lot of things in games, almost as if i'm actually in them. What about you? You get uptight with NPCS?
  2. As my roommate once put it, I go from 0 to 100 real quick when it comes to video games and annoying NPC's and it's not unusual for me to yell and curse at the TV when I get frustrated. My friends find it entertaining because I am normally this quiet, soft-spoken person, but when I play a video game I get creative with my swearing and could probably put sailors to shame
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  3. NPC scort quests always put my nads in a vice, but I don't get angry at the NPCs. I just look at them pitifully as they clip through walls, or die. I play the good guy. I'll get them from Point A to Point B. The more frustrating it is, the bigger the payoff feels.
  4. Sounds like GTAV. Where the game literally punishes you for trying to be normal.

    • Stand near pedestrians too long? They freak out and leave. Sometimes calling the cops.
    • Stand around a cop too long? He'll arrest you.
    • Stop a red light? People beep at you.
    • Try to drive through a green light? People are driving the wrong way (well that's too real).
    SR3 didn't have the super powers did it?

    No, just the dildo bat and amazing take downs.
  5. I only rage on multiplayer. But that's usually because my teammates are so stupid that it makes my brain physically hurt. I'm otherwise a pretty calm gamer.

    Except on timed missions. They're abominations, all of 'em.
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  6. This! I don't exactly have nads to be put in a vice, but OMG! I avoid escort quests at all costs because they quickly turn my stomach for playing for at least a day or two.
  7. You play Saints Row too? :) Awesome! I rage a lot while gaming XD Especially during boss fights like this one:

  8. Also I hate flying helicopters in Saints Row 3. HATE it.
  9. I play the newer Saints Row game and GTA. I tried for a while to play a good driver in GTA and Saint Row. But if the games got anything down right its how idiotic all the drivers are on the god damn road.

    This guy cuts me off, I am like fuck you.

    After a while I am like fuck it, they deserve for me to going 100 miles per hour and crash into them
  10. I rage a lot, but usually only at my own stupidity/lack of skill.
  11. Wait...

    Were you expecting Video Game AI to actually... Be good? o_o
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