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  1. It was pronounced “Rain-a,”but with an L; and if you enjoyed irony, this could be considered humorous. Back in her hometown of Key West it nearly never stopped raining.

    Sitting at the bus stop, Lena shivered and pulled her thighs up to cover her pinpricked arms. Lena starred at her freezing arms and felt a small tug in the bottom of her stomach. Her usual golden brown hue was fading, leaving her body an unsightly fair tone. Florida was hot, and humid. Shrugging her shoulders against the wind, Lena bent her head slightly so her thick curly hair covered her face. She wasn’t even sure she owned a winter jacket. Lena sighed and leaned back. It was nearly 8 am. She had searched frantically through her newly moved in apartment for a pair of leggings to layer under her jeans. Her adventure had cost her nearly 20 minutes, and she was unsure if she had time to hurry to grab coffee before work.

    A familiar reggae tune jolted Lena out of her thinking. Shifting weight, she pulled her phone out of her back pocket and sighed.

    “Hello mother.”

    Lena where are you?”

    Lena rolled her eyes and explained to her obviously hungover mother that she was heading to work.

    Unlike you, she thought.

    Ah, did you get my package?”

    “Yes mom, but I don’t think a couple of ones and a publix coupon ad counts as a birthday gift.”

    Her mother huffed angrily and paused before replying, probably taking a drag of her cigarette.

    Shit sucks honey, doesn’t it?”

    Yea mom. Now I have to go, I’m going to be late fo-“

    “Wait,” her mother choked.

    I need to borrow some money.”

    Lena paused.

    “How much?”

    “Just around twelve hundred.. I’m short on my bill.”

    Lena coughed, and leaned back on the bench. She wasn’t surprised. Money becomes tough when age takes over your body. Gravity isn’t a friend to those who were paid to please.

    “We’ll see. I have to go.”

    Lena wrinkled her nose at the putrid smell of gas as the number 12 bus pulled slowly up to her stop. Pulling her bag over her shoulder, she rose and paid her fare. Stepping gingerly into the bus, she paused to find a seat.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.