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Getting involved

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gen_, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but bear with me please XD

    Anyway I joined recently (today) and I set up my account and all that shizwa anyway I have been looking for a roleplay to join however all of them already started/ know each other putting me of this is probaly due to me feeling like I'm intruding call me akward but what should I do XD God dam my akwardness!
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  2. Yeah, it can feel a bit weird signing up for a roleplay that already has it's 'clique' of people, especially if it's been going for a while.

    I find the best way myself is just dive in, don't worry about making mistakes. If someone tells you you did something wrong, guess what you just found? A person you can ask for help, because they're either in charge, or would like to think they are. Either way, they should know enough to help you out.

    I generally just read the OOC intro, first few IC post, and last few, just to get a feel for the story, then I don't worry about the other players at first, I worry about the story, and how I can fit a character in there. I might ask OOC if there's any roles they want filled, but that's because I like to play a bit of everything. If you've got an idea, shoot. I always like to think of it as "Well, if I can't use the character here, I can take ideas from the concept I just made. Nothing wasted, nothing wanted"

    Yeah, best advice I can give is do it anyways, don't worry about the other players.
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  3. Thanks XD

    Charge in there like a bear to Honey XD
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