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  1. This is just things that you've gotten in trouble for (written up in the adult world) for doing what were minor things, but you found hilarious.

    Here's mine for today:

    I got a stern lecture from my boss for writing (on multiple occasions so I deserved it) a client's name incorrectly on an invoice. His name is Branan. The first time I wrote Brandon and my boss makes a big deal of it. So now it's ingrained in me that messing up this guys name (something I see a trivial) makes my boss go mental. I then proceed to write his name in future invoices as Branana and Branananana. The customer eventually said something and I played it off as a mistype so he didn't freak out. But now I can't write his name without laughing. (P.S. I write it correctly now).
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  2. This story is from times when I worked in a sugar company. I worked in the labs - you know, things like checking quality of molasses and other side products - but I also used to go to the factory itself from time to time, mainly to collect samples and chat with other employees. The sugar company had the biggest concentrations of trolls in one place I've ever seen. We regularly used to team up against other people and do stupid shit like wrapping their bikes in cellophane during pauses for lunch and falsifying the results of various tests so it would seem like the sugar was almost unusable. So, one day, the factory got a shiny new trolley. What did we decide to do with it? Of course, like the responsible adults we were, we immediately decided to ride on it while screaming: "Wheeee!" Some rat reported us, so we all ended up in my boss' office.

    Boss: "So you rode on the trolley, huh?"
    Us: "Uh-huh."
    Boss: "And did you enjoy it?"
    Me: "Well, yes. It was fun."
    Boss: "I know it's fun, because I ride on it as well. The difference is I do it when nobody is looking and that's the way you should do it as well in the future!" :D

    So nothing happened in the end because my boss was super-cool, but being called to my boss' office was still creepy.
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  3. I get in trouble for talking back to my lead almost weekly.

    She also happens to be an ignorant, racist, and lazy black woman who's months from retirement.

    Not only does half of what comes out of her mouth wrong, it's generally rude. And I'm the only employee who is willing to call her out on it and not back down. She's bullied people for years here into doing things her way.

    Fuck, that. Let the principal tell me to let it go and wait her out. Nah, can't do it. Too bullheaded. Just like my father, except I handle the stress of it by laughing at her and throwing facts at her.

    Also, driving the golf cart around campus and pulling corners hard enough to make it rise on two wheels.
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  4. I might be one of the few people here who has spent time in jail.

    But for a better story, I got my friends kicked out of a bowling alley. You know in those cartoons, when someone swings a bowling ball but holds on and it flies backwards.

    I did that accidentally.

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  5. I've had this sort of comedically-in-trouble moment happen to me too. One of the best examples was last year, in my chemistry class. Having been in demanding science courses beforehand, I assumed my teacher expected at least a couple pages for out lab write up. So after filling out the necessary tables and graphs, I spent my free period writing a two-and-a-half page analysis amd conclusion. The next day, I turned it in early, and when I got it back once it was graded, I noticed I'd gotten points off, resulting in this conversation:

    Me: "Excuse me, but why did I get points off?"
    Teacher: "Because you did too much work."
    Me: "...what?"
    Teacher: "I only want a paragraph-long conclusion. This is too detailed."

    Yes, I got in trouble for not fulfilling an unspecified requirement and for doing extra work. :p
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  6. My mom told me the other day I was a very violent child. On one occasion in kindergarten, I was apparently trying to bash another student in the head with a plastic chair. I had tried to do this multiple times and the last time I did, my explanation was, and I shit you not, "He was being a dumb and I thought if I hit his head he'd get smarter." I was such a naive child.

    I don't have any more recent examples cause I never got caught... and if I did I'm not allowed to mention >.>
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  7. I got in trouble for making the kids go on a massive snipe hunt.
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  8. Biggest trouble that makes a good story I've been in is one I may have mentioned before. This is a long one, I'll spoiler it. To me it was such a minor thing, ticking that little box, and looking back I can't help but to laugh, so I guess it fits the criteria?

    longass story (open)
    'Kay, so, I'm a lazy-ass person. I'm lucky that in school, I never had to do any work to attain awesome grades. I had a really good relationship with all my teachers and they eventually sorta realised that if they left me to do my own thing, I'd do well, so I never got in much trouble for not doing homework and stuff.

    The exception was this one physics teacher of mine. Publicly stated he hated me in front of the class, told me and my parents I didn't deserve my grades, and so on. Really had it out for me. And this guy was the one in charge of the experimental investigations part of my final year.

    See, technically it was a part of the marking criteria that you work on the project consistently throughout the year, to discourage people from just doing it all quickly in the last week. Now, tonnes of people didn't do this, but I had somewhat of a reputation and this teacher knew I hadn't been doing jack shit on it all year. The marking of the report was external, as is the marking for all exams in my country. The one exception is this little part of the marking criteria, which obviously has to be done by your school.

    I procrastinated as usual, and literally did the year-long project in a single week. And this teacher seized the chance to fuck me over. There's other drama involved in all this, but that's pretty much what it boiled down to. He was infamous for playing favourites, and tried to get members of the class to rat out a friend of mine who the teacher suspected "wasn't working consistently enough". Srsly, this guy was McCarthy reincarnated - this was the one aspect he had total control over and none of the other faculty had any say in.

    He tried to fail me off of the course. By just not ticking that box, he could automatically fail me on 20% of my final grade, and that I hadn't completed that aspect would show on my exam certificate and would be told to the uni I had an offer from... an offer that depended on getting certain grades in my final exam.

    It was bad. I barely slept for weeks and I felt sick all the time. I'm actually studying Theoretical Physics, so him doing this would have basically barred me from going to uni. He told me he was doing it because I didn't deserve to go to uni because I didn't work hard enough.

    Luckily, I have a pretty nimble tongue when I need one, and as I said I had a good relationship with the faculty even though they all found me frustrating as fuck because of the lack or work/uniform/whatever. My one hope was to talk them onto my side, as slim a chance as it was, and I did it. I honestly bless them to this day for it, they knew they were doing me a favour. They spoke to him, and though I don't know what was said, he dropped the charges, so to speak. He ticked that little box, and the report was sent off.

    He'd told me it was a shit report and I'd only get 10% on it, tops, and it was a waste to send it. Basically told me to give up. I said I wanted to send it anyway 'cause 10% was better than 0%. I believed him, though, considering I'd done it in a week.

    Ended up with 84%, second highest mark for the investigation in my school. Went on to get 92% overall, tied highest in the school.

    And I got into the second fucking best uni in the world, to study that subject. Along with the person who got the top mark in the project and drew with me overall, although they study something else.

    Oh man, I felt fucking vindicated. It was glorious. Biggest trouble I've ever been in, and my luck just about held out. Swore I'd never put myself in that position again, and, of course, promptly began to procrastinate at every opportunity once I got to uni. Speaking of which, I have a report due tomorrow TODAY IN 10 HOURS HOLY SHIT, which I've done in three days instead of three weeks... shiiiiitttt.
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  9. Calling customers dude, bro, buddy, etc.

    Idk, I try to be casual with people. I don't like to treat them like numbers, or be overly formal. If people are happy and comfortable, they tend to spend more money.

    but this got me called into the office for a go-over of social etiquette O.o
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  10. meh. when people get in trouble, i end up being the one doing the chewing out.
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  11. So my brother and i have a pretty good relationship but when we were younger if he made me mad, i would try to wrestle with him.. you know, showing that i was stronger and the boss and that he shouldn't mess with me.. well my mom would yell my full name and say "you are 5 years older than him, what's wrong with you" .. well now he is 18 and much bigger than me and when we fight she still says the same thing and i just look at her like.. really? i mean he could probably put me through a wall and i'm getting yelled at?
  12. You were an adorable child.
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  13. i love this logic
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  14. You can't fix stupid, but you can knock it out with a two by four.
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  15. Oh my, let's see what I can put down here...

    Oh, let's go for the one that I didn't actually do anything to earn punishment for- being manic when I was in high school.

    You see, I was stressed and high-energy all through high school, kept up with sugar highs and caffeine. This was to hide a multitude of problems- but I never had anything other than that stuff... ok, I drank... a lot.... during school hours. But what my headmaster thought I was on drugs.

    She hated my guts. Nothing I did could rectify the situation, and I almost wasn't even surprised when the amount of drug tests doubled in my sports teams, or the drug dog coming in to my classes all the fucking time. My friends would cackle all the time, making remarks that she had no idea that it was my brain chemistry and completely legal means that I was screwing my head up on.

    The breaking point was when she had my art class interrupted- now, anyone who knows me, knows I have a ritual with arts and crafts. I use music to hyper-focus. Don't disturb me when I'm like that, I WILL get angry and frustrated. Seeing as this was a school ALL ABOUT "Bright students who learn differently", I figured that would be understood. They had never come into my art class before- and until that point, I wasn't bothered.

    Annoyed, but not bothered to the point of launching into a rant.

    She would stand right outside the classroom when these things happened, like she wanted to see me caught in the act. That day, she probably saw some interesting shit.

    They had interrupted me working with acrylic paints. I hate painting. I was trying really hard to give shading without muddling the colors, and I had my music turned up all the way, my friend Jon was right next to me, just as deeply entrenched in his music and work (One of the reasons why we got so close). I was brought out focus by a hand on my shoulder. I freaked out. Got spooked. I was face to face with my art teacher and the K-9 unit in front of me.

    Funny thing? My friend was known as the pot smoker of our class- like, there was no question of it. They never looked his way. Ever. Funny.

    Anyways, the art teacher's trying to get me to get up, while I'm looking at this shit work I'm doing, looking at this dog and its trainer, and back down at my work. and I remember this DISTINCTLY: "Fuck me." I stood up, nudged my friend and he took off his headphones, and took in the situation. He was sweating bullets and I just was pissed that I wasn't going to get to any of the artistic goals I wanted to reach that day with that fucking canvas.

    I remember walking out the class with him.

    She was right around the corner and trying to play it off.

    I finally just went up to her, told her to check my purse and bag herself. The only thing she'd find is two mountain dews, three snickers bars, one packet of peanut M&Ms, oh- and one thing of five hour energy that I kept for my friend.

    I told her that I was fine with her going on with this, just don't interrupt art. It was sometimes the only class I found peace in.

    I remember her kinda walking off and writing me up for detention, I was actually happy because this meant I was an office aide. You see- I was such a bad egg, THEY TRUSTED ME TO CARRY AROUND THE CHECKS AND MONEY FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER.

    She saw this, and got pissed thinking I was up to no good. School secretary backed me up and talked about how sweet I was. Sarcasm was a fault and so was my high-energy behavior, but I was normally pretty fucking nice unless someone acted like this Headmaster. I had an understanding with the previous Headmaster, him being fired really put me in a bad way.

    I almost got suspended for running my mouth that day, but I had teachers on my side at that point. Especially the photography teacher, who I didn't even take classes for- he was essentially my AA when I was trying to stay away from the booze. He knew nearly everything that went on in the school, and so he laid down the fact that if she continued, being how our school was, I could easily land them some bad PR for focusing her attempts on me for badly placed suspicions that were NEVER backed up by any finds. How much of the school money did she waste on that? I dunno.

    It took me a LONG time to get out of that manic behavior. But that will be something I carry with me. My headmaster wasted time and money trying to catch me in the act of drugs, when she completely looked over the fact that 1. We were a school filled with pill-popping kids. 2. I never was any trouble to teachers or other students. 3. There were like five known drug users that she overlooked in her attempts to nab me.
  16. So not Surprised. ;p
  17. My boss is trying to tell everyone to sign up for the inTRAnet, but he keeps calling in the inTERnet. I've gotten just about the whole office to reply to him asking them to sign up to ask "Why do I need to sign up for the internet? We already have access to it." I'll probably be spending the lunch break in his office.
  18. i remember when this shite was called ARPNET

    you children and your interwebz

    i hope you get in trouble

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