Getting In Character Challenge #6

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  1. Greetings Ladies and Gentleman!

    It's Bane and good old Dr. Crow. You will have to pardon my lateness. You see the real world got in the way of my teachings you see. For those of you that don't know, I believe that one of the more important things in roleplaying is getting in character. It does not only make posts more interesting and fun to read, it makes roleplaying for your partner and yourself more fun as a whole. It will feel less like a chore. We all hate the feeling of chores don't we?

    Along with getting in character it can also help those who are striving to write a little bit more make longer and more interesting posts. Ask yourself (or your character I suppose) what are they doing? How are they feeling? Etc, etc. Even if your post is a one liner, those can become more interesting when you're fully in character I assure you. Getting in Character is magical isn't it?

    Always remember that your character is a living, breathing (sometimes) being that has its own traits, personality, dislikes, etc. There are even some characters who have a piece of you in there somewhere.

    Now what I'm going to do is give you a situation. And you are going to reply with a character, maybe one in use, maybe one you want to test out, or one you think of on the spot. Any of those options are good.

    Here is this week's situation:

    Situation 7: There is a man dressed in all black. He wears a black robe and holds a scythe. While he appears to be the one called Death, he claims that he is something else. He claims that he is a miracle worker. There are a line of people that follow him and they are dressed in red robes. All of their faces are visible. They stare blankly into the distance. Some appear to be happy while others appear to be fearful. This man walks elegantly towards your character.

    His voice was all too tempting, "What if I told you, any mistake you made in the past I could undo? What if I could bring back someone you lost back to life healthy and unharmed? I can do these things, but all you have to do is serve me for the rest of eternity when you die..."

    A smile appears on the man's face, but his eyes are covered by the hood that he wears. Some people are pulled in by his soothing voice, while others just want to undo what they did. Here was the chance of a lifetime to undo a mistake you made... to go back... and fix things.

    Some Things To Consider:
    Does your character trust the man in black?
    Does your character have anything they want to undo?
    What's something your character wants to change?
    What is your character thinking?
    Does your character mind serving someone after death?
    How does your character feel?
    What will your character do now that they have a chance to go back?
  2. Thecharacter I am using is Astral from Yu-gi-oh! Zexal. (the character I am namedafter) He is a humanlike being from another dimension that lost his memoriesonce he entered Earth. Yuma is the only human who can see/hear Astral and theyare working together to regain Astral’s memories….just thought that this infomight help you understand this a bit more. <o:p></o:p>
    <o:p> </o:p>
    Astrallooked at the man and thought about the offer. To go back and change one thingfrom his past! He considered this carefully. “I do not remember anything aboutmy past. Perhaps If I accepted his offer, then I could see my past! Maybe Icould even undo the thing I did that caused me to lose my memories in the firstplace!” Sudden uncertainty filled Astral as he looked back up at the cloakedman. Why was half of his face covered? Why was his smile so chilling? Whyshould he trust someone like this? This man did not trust him enough to revealhalf of his face? Why were some of the followers so unhappy? “This isn’t right….” He thought tohimself. The man’s voice rang in hishead again, “What if I could bring back someone you lost back to life healthy andunharmed?” “Yuma!” he thought. Yumawasn’t dead, but he was not well. Perhaps he could have the man fix Yuma’sproblem! Astral thought about it even more. “ButI will have to serve him for all eternity in the afterlife…if I am able to goto such a place.” Astral looked at the unhappy followers. He could see whatthey were saying in their eyes; “Don’t do it.” He felt nervous. He was desperate to saveYuma, but this whole serve for all eternity in the afterlife was freaking himout. What would Yuma want him to do? Would Yuma rejoice that his best friendmade such a sacrifice for his sake? Or would he be displeased about“self-lessness” and “hasty, reckless actions”? What would he do? The cloakedman began to get impatient “Are you coming or not?” He finally asked. Yuma’syellow and white eyes burned into the man’s gaze. “No.” “What?” the man asked.“No. I will not go with you. I have no memories of my life before I can toEarth, truthfully, so I would not know what to change.” “What about your friendYuma?” The man asked. Astral was shocked. How did he know about Yuma? Astralshook his head. “Yuma is my best friend. I will stand by his side till the dimensionsare destroyed! Together, he and I will find a way!” Astral cried. The manlooked sternly at Astral. He could feel the anger flowing off of the man. Thefollowers all took a step back. The man and the followers disappeared in the blinkof an eye. “You shall regret your decision Astral!” The man’s voice echoed allaround him. Astral was no longer afraid. “No. No matter what, I know I havemade the right decision,” he firmly declared.<o:p></o:p>
    Well,that’s it. I hope you like it!<o:p></o:p>