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  1. Hello just getting back into roleplaying my phone had broken but I got a new one.


    No one liners I like detail and I'll always give as much as I get and I expect the same.


    Dangerous tease.

    A woman stripper and a successful business man meet. He could have any woman he wanted but he wanted a challenge. He wanted her to beg for it but she was a woman that did her job well. She knew all types of men and refused to fall for the crap that most of her clients pulled.

    He however was different. Their desires for each other changed over time and they both start to feel things they had never felt before.

    "Teasing never felt so good."


    For this role I'd like to be the female its idea I came up with a couple of weeksago aand would like to try it.

    If you have any ideas that you need me for I normally rp both genders :)
  2. Also this rp will always be open
  3. I'm Interested, PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.