Getting back into roleplay, looking for a partner

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  1. Hello! I'm looking for an RP partner to try some new things with. I am attempting to get back into roleplay after over a year of absence. Preferably, Id like someone willing to try out a few shorter RPs, as my writing skills are a bit rusty. I am willing to do something long and complex, but please be patient :). I have the most experience roleplaying fandoms, (Particularly Homestuck and Harry Potter ), and hardly any with original characters. If you would like to RP some original content, I'd like someone willing to take the lead, and be patient while I get my bearings.

    I'm open to pretty much anything, just shoot me some ideas!
    I've been wanting to something Disney related if anyone is willing (just saw Frozen, and I LOVED it)

    Feel free to reply here, or PM me if you want to do something!
    Looking forward to some new adventures
  2. I'd like to role play with you, but I am new to rp just so you know. Go ahead and message me if your interested.
  3. feel free to msg me and we'll talk..if you haven't found someone already. I'm open to original and/or fandom RP and am usually here alot. :P
  4. Unfortunately, I've found several partners already, and If I start any more, I may be overwhelmed. Thanks for offering though! I can definitely get back to you in the future, after I finish some of the roleplays I've already started.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.